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Chapter 14: Prelude to a Stripping
Sat May 14, 2011 12:53pm

“That’s right, Tommy. You’ve given me no choice but to take your punishment to the next level. It’s time to render you completely………..and totally…………..nude.” She emphasized the word “nude” with a longer than normal “ooh” sound, her lips pursed and her eyes gleaming. Grinning wickedly, Miss Richards paused to take pleasure in her blushing, most apprehensive victim. “Only I thought it might be a little more interesting—and certainly more shameful for you—if I let one of your female admirers have the honor of pulling down your underpants—and removing them, of course.”

The hapless lad cringed while the rest of Tommy’s giggling classmates, in eager anticipation, postured themselves for the best possible view of what promised to be a very entertaining spectacle.

“Class, do I have any volunteers?” Immediately several hands shot up in the air, most of them from the group of girls in Tommy’s vicinity. “My, my,” teased Miss Richards. “You certainly have a lot of fans, Tommy, and they all seem quite intent on relieving you of your underpants.” She paused for effect. “Lets see…Karen, you seem quite enthused, and I’ll bet you’d be quite adept at carrying out Tommy’s punishment. Would you like to divest Tommy of his underpants, Karen?”

Karen could not believe her stroke of good fortune. “Yes, Miss Richards, I would love to take off Tammy’s-er-Tommy’s underpants for him. That way, I’ll get a close-up view of his little wee-wee,” she grinned. The laughter from the students was effusive.

Thank you, Karen. Tommy, would you please turn and face Karen?”

[Oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so…so stimulated!…I think I’ve made the perfect choice…he’ll be so much more shamed to have young Karen do the…the unveiling …I don’t know how he’ll be able to stand it! …I wonder how she’ll go about it?…will she do a slow, excruciating take-down of his undies, or will she just yank them down for the shock effect?…either way, the humiliation should be out of this world …then, when she’s done with him…I’ll give her a few minutes to make the most of his naked shame …when she’s done I’ll have him come down here and prance around on the dance floor …to force him to put on a show by dancing naked for us…that might be the ultimate humiliation…oh, just the image of that in my head…his little penis bobbing about while I make him shake his hips…he’ll have an all-time blush going…oh, Betty…I think you’ve died and gone to heaven! ]

Karen Takes Charge

Tommy slowly, grudgingly turned to his left to face his nemesis. He was at the depths of his humiliation, and his anxiety was turning to outright fear. He was about to be stripped naked in front of the whole seventh and eighth grade classes; on top of that, a girl in the eighth grade class who was thrilled with the prospect would do the dirty deed. Plus, his sister and Cindy were barely an arm’s length away, relishing every moment. He looked under the stands, wishing he could just slide down and disappear.

The titillated Karen was certainly going to make the most of her extraordinary opportunity. “Tammy, would you please come over here and stand in front of me?” Tommy stayed put. Karen was not a figure of authority, and he did not feel compelled to obey her. Miss Richards intervened.

“Tommy, I’d like you to follow whatever instructions Karen gives you. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to discipline you properly, and I want you to consider anything she says to be coming from me. Is that clear?” Tommy nodded disconsolately. “Good. Now Karen, I’m giving you complete control. Be aware that I am a firm believer in shame and embarrassment as an effective means of punishment. Take your time, and feel free to use any measures you wish if you feel it may enhance Tommy’s embarrassment.”

“You can count on me,” replied the grinning Karen.

The beleaguered Tommy had no doubts about the veracity of Karen’s words.

“Come here, Tammy,” said the newly charged Karen as she took Tommy’s wrist and pulled him in front of her. Tommy stood between Karen’s knees with his hands by his sides. His eyes were at the same level as his adversary. Cindy eagerly plopped into the seat to Karen’s left, while Sally leaned in directly over Karen’s shoulder to attain a better view. Linda slid into the space vacated by Tommy. Everyone in the gymnasium gave the twosome their undivided attention. Many students were standing to get an unobstructed view. The gymnasium was completely silent, as no one wanted to miss any of the exchange between the tormentor and her victim. Karen would not disappoint them. “Tammy, I’d like you to look me in the eyes as I speak to you.” Tommy nervously raised his eyes to meet hers, and he could see the expression of absolute enjoyment in her face. She took Tommy’s hands in each of hers. “I’d like you to ask me very politely if I would please take off your underpanties. And please use my name when you address me.” Guffaws and giggles rang throughout the gymnasium. Miss Richards and Sister Ruth looked at each other and grinned in appreciation. Karen was doing them proud. Tommy hesitated; he wasn’t quite ready to partake in his new debasement. “Don’t keep me waiting, Tammy; I’m already becoming impatient with you. Now ask me, and ask me very nicely. And everybody better be able to hear you.”

Tommy relented, much to his shame. “Karen, would you p-please take off…my underpants?”

“That’s not what I said, Tammy,” scolded Karen. I asked you to say ‘underpanties.’ Just for that, you can call them ‘panties.’” She paused, allowing the ignominious command to sink in. “Now that I think about it, with that pretty pink bow on your head, your silky-smooth legs, and your hairless underarms, ‘panties’ is more appropriate anyway. Now let’s try it again. What would you like me to do, Tammy?”

The students giggled, then quieted. Tommy took a deep breath. He looked in Karen’s eyes and said, “Karen, would you please take off…take off…my p-panties?”

Karen grinned from ear to ear. “Why, yes, Tammy, I would LOVE to take off your little panties for you. You know I’ve been waiting all day to see your little wee-wee that everyone is talking about. But I think you should get permission from Cindy first.” Karen let go of Tommy’s hands and gently guided him towards Cindy by pushing on his hip. “Now stand in front of Cindy, look her in the eyes and ask her very nicely if I can take off your panties for you. And make sure you call her by her name.”

Teased and Tormented by Cindy

There was no turning back for Tommy now. He stood in front of the young girl with whom he was infatuated. He looked up woefully at her twinkling eyes. “Cindy, would it be okay…”

“Come sit on my lap, Tommy,” interrupted Cindy. She put her knees together and helped the tormented Tommy onto her lap, facing her. “That’s a good boy.” She reached down and took Tommy’s ankles, pulling him towards her. Sally, ever the helpful one, took Tommy’s ankles from Cindy’s grasp and pulled as far as she could. Tommy was forced to grab Cindy’s shoulders to keep from falling backwards. His groin was now up against Cindy’s midsection. Sally held onto Tommy’s ankles while the giggling Cindy rested her hands at the very tops of Tommy’s thighs. To Tommy’s chagrin, he felt her fingers delve just inside the leg opening of his underpants. Tommy, in quite an awkward position, maintained his balance by reaching around Cindy and holding on to her back, near her clavicles. Cindy, basking in her newfound position of power, grinned at her submissive subject. She opened with a bombshell. “I hear you have a crush on me, Tommy,” she said. Tommy’s eyes widened, and he blushed a deeper shade of red. He glanced furtively at his grinning sister, and rued the day he confided in her in a moment of weakness. “Yes, Sally told me,” continued Cindy. “Sally tells me everything. She told me how shy you are about your body…how you won’t even go swimming because you don’t want anybody to see you in a bathing suit. Is that true, Tommy? Are you bashful about showing your body to us?” Tommy didn’t respond. “Answer me, Tommy. Are you shy about your body?”

“No…I mean…I don’t know…maybe…please, I…”

“I understand if you are, Tommy. I mean, you’re thirteen years old, you’ve got these pretty little legs…” Cindy took her right hand and ran her fingers up and down Tommy’s leg before returning her hand to the top of his thigh. This time she ran her hand all the way up Tommy’s thigh, under the leg opening of his underpants. Her fingers protruded through the waistband. The beleaguered lad flinched, and Cindy followed suit with her other hand. She inched her hands toward each other, resting them ever so close to Tommy’s genitals. She smiled at Tommy’s look of anxiety before continuing with her banter. “You haven’t grown any hair at all on your body. I mean, your skin is silky smooth like a little girl’s.” Cindy strummed her fingers playfully along Tommy’s midsection. “And I’ve seen your tiny little pee-pee .” As she said “tiny little pee-pee” she took hold of Tommy’s…well, his tiny little pee-pee. She jiggled it back and forth with her thumb and her index finger. Tommy nearly jumped out of his underpants at the intrusion. “ So …God, it’s so tiny I could barely find it!……so it’s perfectly understandable that you’d be uncomfortable about anyone seeing your body.” She looked Tommy up and down, grinning. “Now here you are, stripped to your underpants in front of all these people, sitting on the lap and at the mercy of a girl you probably want to make a good impression on. Can you appreciate the irony of that, Tommy?” Tommy couldn’t respond. Cindy had moved her other hand over and gently cupped Tommy’s testicles. He fidgeted his hips nervously, unsuccessfully trying to extricate himself from her grasp. He fixated his gaze to a dark opening in the bleachers below. “Look at me, Tommy.” When he did, Cindy smiled at him and said, “Now, what was it you wanted to ask me?”

Tommy took a deep breath. After a long pause while he tried to gather himself, he blurted out the requisite question. “C-Cindy, would it be okay if Karen took off my und…my p-panties?”

Cindy feigned surprise. “What, you want Karen to strip you completely naked? Tommy, I’m shocked! You’re so self-conscious about your prepubescent body that you won’t even wear a bathing suit in public, and now you want to put this little wee-wee of yours (she jiggles it again) on display in front of all these people? Well okay, Tommy, if that’s what you want, you have my permission. Let Karen take off your little undies, and let everyone laugh while they watch your hairless little pee-pee bobbing around. But first you’d better see if it’s okay with Sally.” Cindy, grinning derisively, planted a big, wet kiss on Tommy’s lips before placing her hands under his armpits and helping him off her lap.

The shattered Tommy stood transfixed before collecting himself. He looked up at his beaming sister and said, “Sally, is it…is it…is it okay for Karen to take off my p-panties?”

Sally, who was having fits of convulsive laughter throughout Cindy’s taunting, could barely speak, such was her state of hilarity. “Well, sure, my dear little brother, it’s okay with me, if that’s what you really want. But maybe you should check with Linda first.” Tommy was forced to continue his humiliating charade by asking Linda, then Nancy the same question.

It seemed that they were all in full agreement that Karen should take off Tommy’s underpants.

  • Chapter 14: Prelude to a StrippingBlondie., Sat May 14 12:52pm
    Tommy’s Debasement, Chapter 14: Prelude to a Stripping The Pink Bow As Tommy made his tortured trek up the gymnasium stands he spotted a little opening next to one of his friends. Trying to avoid... more
    • Chapter 14: Prelude to a Stripping — Blondie., Sat May 14 12:53pm
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