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A Bare-Bottomed Spanking, Part 2
Thu Feb 7, 2008 4:33pm

Nicky Baldini’s self pep talk did not allow for the removal of any of her clothing. Her sense of self-assurance had taken a beating, and her attempt at an outward appearance of composure was being compromised. She felt her face flush brighter as she began unbuttoning her white blouse. “This will make it much easier for me to administer your punishment, Nicole,” offered Miss Davenport while the troubled student miserably went about her task. “When I have you over my knee, I won’t have the hem of your blouse to cope with.” Nicky was down to the last button. “This way your bare bottom will be on full display, practically inviting a good slapping.” The increasingly anxious Nicky slipped her blouse off and stood holding it over her chest. “You can lay it down on my desk,” instructed Miss Davenport.

As her entertained classmates looked on, Nicky took the few agonizing steps, dropped her blouse on the desk, and returned to face her teacher. She felt her face and neck flushing brighter as she stood with her arms folded across her chest. She shivered as she considered that her present attire had been reduced to a white bra, the checkered blue and green skirt that was part of the uniform, and a pair of white panties that would undoubtedly be coming down in short order. She desperately wanted to just get the spanking out of the way and be done with it, as the whole ordeal was dragging on much too long. She was tempted to just throw herself over Miss Davenport’s lap to move things along.

“Can we just get this done, please, Miss Davenport?” she asked.

Her teacher did not take kindly to Nicky’s insolence. She looked up at her and frowned. “I will decide how your punishment will transpire, Miss Baldini. How DARE you have the audacity to think otherwise.” Miss Davenport stared up at her student, and the abashed Nicky immediately regretted her brazenness.

“S-Sorry, Miss Davenport,” she said meekly while staring down. Miss Davenport ignored her apology and continued.

“I’ve been trying to decide how we’re going to handle the baring of your bottom,” she said while staring at Nicky’s skirt. “There are at least two options that we have.” Nicky thought to herself that “we” weren’t going to decide the matter. “We could lift your skirt up your back, in which case, if you’re thrashing about during your spanking—which I fully expect—then there is the possibility of your skirt shifting downwards and getting in my way. Or we could pull it downwards, but then it will hamper you while you are kicking you legs about.” She looked up at Nicky’s anguished expression and said, “So I’m sure you can appreciate the dilemma we have here.” Nicky, now truly under duress, looked on wretchedly without speaking. “Yes, I can see that you do,” said Miss Davenport with a wry smile. “So here is what we are going to do. I think we should simply remove your skirt completely, for both of our benefits.” Nicky listened to the gasps of delight behind her as her jaw dropped once again.

“Please, Miss Davenport,” she pleaded. “I won’t…I won’t move around if you…if I…if we just…just pull it up.” But Miss Davenport had clearly made up her mind.

“No,” she responded resolutely. “Let’s not take that chance. Much easier just to be gone with it altogether.” She pointed at Nicky’s skirt and said, “Let’s go, off with it. Chop, chop!” Nicky stood transfixed, and Miss Davenport warned her. “Don’t test me, Miss Baldini. If I have to, I’ll ask for volunteers to forcibly remove your skirt. I’m sure Miss Gardinstock and a few of her friends would be more than willing to lend a hand.” The last thing Nicky needed was for her classmates to become actively involved with her humiliation. Especially Pammy Gardinstock. Grudgingly, she unzipped her skirt and stepped completely out of it, exposing her nylon panties. She held the skirt against her lower belly while her audience behind her giggled freely. Miss Davenport pointed towards her desk and directed, “You can set it down on the desk, next to your blouse.” Nicky did so, walking rather briskly, trying to complete her walk of shame as quickly as possible. As she returned and stood in her underwear in front of Miss Davenport, any semblance of poise and self-assurance had all but evaporated.

“Excellent, Miss Baldini,” said Miss Davenport as she looked her semi-naked student up and down. “This will make your spanking so much more efficient, don’t you think so?” No answer was forthcoming, and Miss Davenport was ready to move on. For some reason unbeknownst to Nicky, but cause for her concern, her teacher fixated her stare on Nicky’s chest, then looked back in the direction of one of the students, then again back at Nicky’s chest. Nicky squirmed uneasily with her arms folded across her breasts. “Drop your arms to your sides for me, please.” She did, and Miss Davenport looked intently at her chest. Nicky was becoming ever more uncomfortable. “What bra size do you wear, Nicole?” she asked curiously, still gazing at her chest.

Nicky, flustered, answered her question. “It’s uh…it’s a 36. A 36B.”

“Hmm, interesting. This just might work.” Miss Davenport rose from her chair, saying, “Give me a moment.” Nicky immediately crossed her arms back over her chest. All eyes were on Miss Davenport as she strolled to her desk and opened up her top drawer. She pulled out the snipped bra that belonged to Pammy Gardinstock, then scrutinized the tag on it. She nodded her head in satisfaction before placing it back in the drawer. When she sat back down she said, “As luck would have it, Nicky, it turns out that you and Miss Gardinstock wear the same size.” She stared at Nicky, whose confounded expression gradually turned to one of comprehension, followed by one of distress. “Yes, Nicole, you do need to make restitution to Pamela for her clothing that you ruined. Now please remove your bra.”

Nicky couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her bare-bottomed spanking, which certainly would have been shameful enough, was turning into the humiliation of a lifetime. “Miss Davenport…please…can I just bring it in tomorrow?” she pleaded desperately.

“I don’t think so, Miss Baldini. Miss Gardinstock will probably want to wash it tonight before wearing it tomorrow. And, since you are standing up here conveniently stripped to your underwear, it will be more practical for us to handle the matter on the spot. Now hurry along. Off with your bra so we can get on with your spanking.”

Nicky, devastated, knew what she had to do. To the amazement and merriment of her classmates, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She slipped it off, and crossed her arms over her chest. Her bra dangled from her fingertips.

“Now take it back and hand it to Miss Gardinstock, please,” instructed the teacher. Another look of horror crossed the face of Nicky Baldini.

“Oh, God,” she whispered to herself. She turned, facing her classmates for the first time since her dreadful humiliation began, giving them a peek at her now crimson cheeks. Pammy Gardinstock sat in the second row, sixth desk back, so Nicky had a fair amount of territory to traverse. While taking in the sounds of snickering and giggling, Nicky walked very briskly down the second row, keeping her arms crossed over her bare chest throughout. Nicky avoided eye contact, though she couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of Pammy’s ear-to-ear grin. She dropped the bra on Pammy’s desk and, in an effort to escape from the midst of her classmates as quickly as possible, she actually trotted back to her place in front of Miss Davenport. She was breathing rapidly, and her face felt like she had just stepped into one hundred and twenty degree heat.

Miss Davenport wasted no time before moving onto the next phase of Nicky’s punishment. “Okay, Nicky, I’d like you to lower your panties down to your ankles.” She spoke in an ordinary tone, as if she was asking her to read from her history book. Nicky was not quite prepared to do her bidding, as she had envisioned laying over Miss Davenport’s lap and having the teacher lower her panties for her. And certainly not all the way down to her ankles. But nothing in the whole god-awful sequence of events had gone as she had imagined. No, it had been much, much worse.

Nicky opened her mouth and was about to protest, but no words were forthcoming. It was almost impossible to maintain her self-will while standing near-naked in front of her teacher and classmates, waiting to be spanked like a little girl. She decided that her total submissiveness might allow for the swiftest end to the whole miserable experience. Just take her spanking, get dressed and try to put it all behind her as quickly as possible.

Nicky resignedly hooked her thumbs into the elastic band of her panties. Turning sideways, so as not to give her classmates an eyeful of all her charms, she then slid her panties all the way down her legs. She moved one of her hands from her chest to cover her sex before turning back to face her teacher. The noise level behind her had risen considerably; it bordered on being raucous, and Miss Davenport did nothing to curb the enthusiasm of her students. Nicky made a motion to advance to Miss Davenport’s lap, but the teacher held her palm out.

“Hold on, Miss Baldini,” she interrupted. “There is one more matter we need to take care of before we put you over my knees.” Nicky lowered her chin to her chest and clenched her eyes shut while wondering what other possible degradation she would have to submit to. “I think you owe Miss Gardinstock an apology,” she continued. “I’d like you to turn around and tell Pamela how sorry you are for what you did to her.” Nicky started to reach down to pull up her panties. “Leave your panties right where they are,” came the predictable command from Miss Davenport. The dispirited Nicky took a deep breath and, while covering herself as best she could, she turned around and addressed the grinning Pammy Gardinstock.

“I’m sorry I cut your bra,” she said before quickly turning back to face her teacher.

“That was a lukewarm apology at best, Miss Baldini,” chided Miss Davenport. “We’ll revisit Miss Gardinstock after your spanking. Now come, child, over my knees you go.”

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