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Chapter 16: A Sibling Spanking
Sat May 14, 2011 1:52pm

Confrontation With Miss Richards

The sound was almost deafening as the tall, athletic high school volleyball player entered the gymnasium hand-in-hand with the slender, red-faced, seventh grade student. One was grinning freely, while the other most certainly was not. Both of them were scantily clad, but only the seventh grader appeared embarrassed by his attire. The star volleyball player had heard the cheers before. For the red-faced boy, it was the first standing ovation he had ever received. Of course, at least from his standpoint, it was for all the wrong reasons.

To much less fanfare, but not without a certain degree of fascination, twelve female high school students followed the twosome into the gymnasium. They were dressed similarly to the girl holding the hand of the underwear-clad boy, and they carried similar grins on their faces. They took their seats near the makeshift stage in the middle of the gym, directly in front of the seventh and eight grade students.

As the twosome neared the platform on which Miss Richards was standing, Tommy slowed his step. Carlene felt the resistance, and tugged on his arm. Tommy noticed the threatening look on her face and grudgingly picked up his pace. He shivered as they reached the front of the platform and looked up at the dance teacher, who stood with her hands on her hips. Though her expression was an angry one, both Tommy and Carlene thought they detected a slight smirk forming on the corners of her lips.

“What in heaven’s name were you thinking, young man?” questioned Miss Richards. “Do you think you can waltz out of my class any time you feel like it?” There was no response from the angst-ridden lad below her. The large room was deathly quiet; the students had taken their seats and were eagerly absorbing every word of the chastisement. “Answer me!” demanded the teacher.

“I…I…n-no,” mustered Tommy as he bowed his head and looked down at his bare feet.

“No you can’t!” shouted Miss Richards, sounding convincingly outraged. “I’ve a good mind to pull you up here, take down your underpants and spank the daylights out of you.”

“I’ve already taken care of that,” chimed in the smiling Carlene. She grinned widely when the giggling emanated behind her. She looked down on her blushing victim and beamed while giving his hand a couple of tight squeezes.

“Yes, I’m sure you have,” responded her aunt, who now was also grinning noticeably. She turned her gaze back to the lad below, who was using his free hand to cover the slight protuberance in his underpants. She delighted in his state of extreme discomfiture. “I’ll deal with you later, young man. I have a very interesting punishment in store for you. Without giving away the surprise, let’s just say that you’ll be up here providing the entertainment during the last portion of our dance class.” She paused for effect. Tommy flushed brighter, and Carlene experienced what she previously described as “that tingly feeling.” Miss Richards smiled to herself, quite satisfied with the way the events were transpiring. “In the meantime, I do believe that Karen…before you rudely interrupted her…was in the midst of carrying out your earlier punishment. She has been waiting patiently for your return, so I think we’ll continue where we left off. Karen, would you please stand up?” Karen exuberantly sprang to her feet. “Carlene, this is Karen,” introduced Miss Richards while pointing her open palm towards the excited eighth grader. “If you would be kind enough to escort our misbehaving culprit up the stands so Karen can proceed with his shame punishment.”

Another Escape Attempt

“My pleasure, Aunt Betty,” responded the grinning Carlene. She turned towards the still-standing Karen and, eager to find out exactly what type of shame punishment was in store for the wretched lad, she now had an extra bounce to her step. Tommy, not nearly as enthusiastic, reluctantly responded to the pull on his hand and followed Carlene up the stands. But he took one glance at the grinning faces of Karen and his sister Sally, and his apprehension increased considerably. It was when he looked at the derisively grinning Cindy—a girl with whom he had an unrequited infatuation with—that he decided, once again, that he could not bear to face his impending fate. He broke free from the grasp of the unsuspecting Carlene and made the now familiar run towards the exit. Carlene recovered sufficiently from the surprise and gave chase after the fleeing lad. She had no problem closing the gap and she caught her prey just a few yards shy of the exit, which by then had already been blocked by three of the volleyball players. Tommy had no chance.

Carlene lifted him up and, much to the entertainment of the energized students, she hoisted him over her shoulders and determinedly started trudging back towards the stands. The overmatched Tommy was upside down, held effortlessly at the back of his knees by Carlene’s left arm. As he desperately tried to reach back and free himself from her grasp, his legs flailing wildly, he found himself face to face with Carlene’s bare midriff. Adding to his consternation (and to the great amusement of the onlookers), her every step caused his face to bounce up and down against her flat stomach, and in turn his lips continuously paid involuntary homage to her deep bellybutton.

Carlene, now intent on delivering the goods, broke into a trot, galloped up the stands, and before Tommy could say “extreme mortification” he found himself amidst a group of seventh and eighth grade girls. They were very excited to see him, and more than a bit irritated with him. That combination of emotions would lead to regrettable consequences for the anxious Tommy.

“Lay him right here, over my lap!” directed Sally. “We’ll make sure he doesn’t try to run away again.”

“My pleasure,” answered Carlene as she laid Tommy face down over his sister’s lap. Tommy continued to struggle mightily and managed to free himself and come to his feet.

“You might need to hold him down,” said Sally. “He’s quite the feisty one.”

Cindy, Karen and Linda made a move to grab Tommy’s arms and legs. “I’ll handle this!” shouted Carlene. Within seconds Tommy was in a familiar position, his head securely fixed between Carlene’s muscular thighs. This time, though, it was a bit more uncomfortable, as he was face up with his feet flat on the floor of the stands. He desperately tried prying the clenching thighs open, to no avail. Carlene took hold of Tommy’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and squeezed as hard as she could. For Tommy, the pain was intense.

“Ow! Ow! Please! Stop!” he screamed.

“Are you going to be a good boy and not try to run away again?” asked Carlene.

“Yes! Ow! Please! Oh! Stop! Stop!”

For good measure, Carlene continued pinching Tommy’s nipples for a few more seconds before releasing him. Tommy, breathing heavily, stood up and clasped his hands over his nipples as a rush of pain swept through his body, as if he was jolted with electricity. “Oh! Oh!” he cried as he massaged his throbbing nipples with the palms of both hands.

Over Sally’s Knees

“Come to mommy now,” cooed Sally as she patted her lap. The beaten Tommy submissively laid himself over his sister’s knees, much to the amusement of the giggling students around them. “That’s a good boy,” teased Sally as she playfully patted her brother’s behind. She tilted her head towards the beleaguered Tommy to address him directly. “Doesn’t this feel familiar, Tommy? Remember how mommy used to do this to you when you were a naughty little boy?” Tommy laid quietly, his shame increasing by the second. The girl with the underpants-clad boy over her lap had the rapt attention of everyone in the gymnasium. “Yes, I’m sure you do,” she continued. “And I’m about to give you a good spanking, just like mommy used to. Only it’ll be just a little different this time.” Sally paused and looked about the gymnasium. Her face was beaming, as she clearly was enjoying the moment. She spoke louder as she addressed her spellbound audience. “You see, our mother used to take Tommy over her lap, just like this. I used to watch, and to tell you the truth I enjoyed it, because he was usually being punished for doing something mean to me. But she always let him leave his pants on, and I always wished that she would pull them down…along with his underpants……and give him a bare-bottomed spanking. So much more embarrassing that way, don’t you think? .” Sally looked back down at the cowering boy on her lap. “What do you think, Tommy? Wouldn’t it be much more embarrassing to have your underpants pulled down and get a spanking on your bare bottom?” The only response from Tommy was heavy breathing. Sally looked over at Cindy, who was eagerly taking in the proceedings. She had taken a position at the front of Tommy’s head, her legs straddling the bench seat. “I’ll leave it up to your…your heartthrob . What do you think, Cindy, should I pull down Tommy’s underpants and spank his bare little bottom?”

“Oh, most definitely, Sally,” responded the smiling Cindy. “We need to teach the little rascal a lesson, and if you pull down his little underpanties in front of all of us I think he’ll be so ashamed that he wouldn’t dare try to test us again.” Cindy bent at the waist and faced Tommy. They were nearly touching noses. “That’s right, Tommy. Sally’s going to pull down your little underpants and spank your naked little bottom, yes she is!” she said while taking hold of Tommy’s profusely blushing cheek and tweaking it back and forth. She looked up at Sally and nodded.

“Be careful not to let us see his little wee-wee yet,” interjected Karen, who was waiting in anticipation for her key role in Tommy’s shame punishment.

“Don’t worry, Karen,” smiled Sally. “I’m just going to expose his little tushy right now. I’ll let you take care of the really fun part .” Tommy felt the small fingers inside the back of his waistband. He flinched noticeably, his body becoming more rigid. “Let’s go back to when you were about six years old, Tommy. Pretend you’re a naughty little boy, and mommy is carrying out your punishment. Now let’s get these down so mommy can give your little bum-bum a niiiiiice little paddling.” Sally calmly drew the back of Tommy’s underpants down to the tops of his thighs, fully exposing his buttocks. “Well, lookee here!” exclaimed Sally. “My, my, how red your bottom is!” Sally looked up at the smiling Carlene while the surrounding students stood wide-eyed and open-mouthed, craning their necks to see the object of everyone’s attention. “I see you’ve already been punished for your naughtiness. But apparently not enough, since you tried to run away again. I’ll make sure that you don’t entertain any more ideas about trying to get away from us. Let’s see…Cindy, how many spanks do you think our red-cheeked little boy deserves?”

“Hmm…quite a few, I would say. How old is he? Six, right?” The grinning Sally nodded. “How many times did he try to run away? Twice here in the gym, and once during lunch. That’s three. So three times six seems like a fair punishment.”

“Excellent!” agreed Sally. “What’s three times six, Tommy?” There was nothing but silence. “No answer? Well, I guess I’ll just have to take these all the way off,” said Sally as she took hold of Tommy’s underpants and feigned like she was going to pull them down. She was reasonably sure that it wouldn’t be necessary, and she was right.

“No! Eighteen!” came the anguished cry.

“Eighteen?” repeated Sally. “You say you want eighteen spanks on your bare bottom? I think we can accommodate that.”

“Shall we have him count?” interrupted Cindy.

“What a great idea!” approved Sally. “Tommy, why don’t you count out loud for Cindy and me while you’re getting your spanking. It’ll be fun to have you actively involved in your punishment . Okay, ready or not, here we go!” Sally, flushed with excitement, administered the first slap. It was hard and precise, and the slapping sound resonated throughout the gymnasium. She paused momentarily, waiting for her victim’s response. Hearing nothing, she slapped again, and then again. “I can’t hear you, Tommy. I guess I’ll have to start over.” She slapped again, with a little more verve.

“Four!” came the somewhat muffled comeback from Tommy.

“No, I said we were starting over. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll have you completely nude in a heartbeat, and you’ll never see your little underpanties again. Now let’s start over again.” Slap!

“One!” shrieked Tommy.

“Louder!” commanded Sally as she slapped again.

“Two!” shouted Tommy as he began wiggling around under her attack.

“That’s a good boy,” said Sally, whose soothing voice was in contrast to the ruthlessness of her next strike.

“Three!” cried Tommy as he braced for the next smack.

“Four!” Then another.

“Ow! I mean five!” Tommy was squirming noticeably.

“Oh, my, look how much redder your little fanny is getting! And we still have a ways to go! What number are we on, Tommy?” Slap!

“Six! Oh!”

“Good boy, Tommy,” teased Sally as she continued her assault. She alternated from cheek to cheek, being careful not to miss any area of Tommy’s exposed buttocks. “For a six-year old, you count very well,” she teased while executing the next stroke.

“Seven!” Tommy thrashed about, and nearly slid off Sally’s knees. She repositioned him before taking dead aim and slapping again.

“Eight! Please, no mo…” But the next one hit authoritatively.

“Oh! Nine!” cried the anguished lad.

“So cute, how you’re shaking your little booty for us, Tommy .”

An Unwelcome Erection

Meanwhile, Cindy had crouched down and was face-to-face with the howling Tommy. Both were showing teeth, Cindy with a grin and Tommy with a grimace. “What comes after nine, Tommy?” asked Cindy in a sweet, soft voice immediately before she heard the next slap.


“Very good!” laughed Cindy. She winked at Sally. “How old were you when you first had a crush on me?” she asked while adjusting the pink bow on his head. Slap!

“Eleven!” bellowed Tommy. His face was as red as a tomato.

“Is that right? And how old were you when you finally stopped wetting the bed?” Slap!

“Twelve! No! Ple…”

“How old were you when you first started playing with your little pee-pee?” Slap!

“Thirteen! Oh! No!”

It was during the fourteenth slap that Cindy reached underneath Sally’s thighs and Tommy felt her fingers slide into the front of his underpants, and to his horror, take hold of his penis.

“Four…aah! F-fourteen! Oh!” Tommy tried to pull away, but Sally, well aware of what was transpiring, held him firmly. She temporarily paused the spanking to allow the moment to play out.

“I can see you’re not as excited as I am, Tommy,” said Cindy. “Your pee-pee is as tiny as ever. Just like a six-year-old’s.” Cindy’s giggle was one of many who were witnessing the most unusual spectacle. She then grasped the front waistband of Tommy’s underpants and freed up his genitals by wedging the underpants between Sally’s and Tommy’s thighs. Tommy flinched, and Cindy put her mouth to his ear. “What’s the matter, Tommy? Don’t you want your little goodies out there where the girl of your dreams can play with them?” she said while lowering her fingers to his testicles. Much to the chagrin of the wide-eyed lad, she began stroking his scrotum. “Such cute little balls,” she cooed. “And so smooth .” Then, while continuing to tickle his balls with her fingers, she used her thumb to stroke the underside of his penis. Though for Tommy the circumstances were dire, there was no getting around the fact that indeed, the girl of his dreams was intimately fondling him. He had never experienced anything close to his present state of physical and emotional stimulation; masturbation was no comparison. Hard as he tried to resist, Tommy felt himself starting to become erect.

“Oh no,” whispered Tommy to himself. Again he tried to squirm free, but Sally had leaned forward and had one arm pressing down on his mid back and her other on his buttocks. As a precaution, Carlene had taken hold of his ankles. Tommy wasn’t going anywhere.

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        The Reluctant Model There was no way out for Tommy now. Resigned to his fate, but with an extreme sense of dread, he slowly turned around and faced his fellow students. It was an excruciating moment... more
      • Chapter 4: Anatomy LessonBlondie., Tue Apr 1 9:48pm
        “Sister Ruth, I have a question about the total lack of hair.” She addressed Tommy, who was now in the throes of wretchedness. “Sorry, Tommy, I noticed your face turned even redder... more
    • Chapter 3: Naked in the ClassroomBlondie., Tue Mar 11 6:50pm
      Nightgown Stripped Off Tommy walked briskly back to his desk and sat down. He sensed the grinning gaze of Cindy on his left, but he avoided eye contact with her. Sister Ruth began the history lesson... more
      • Chapter 3: Naked in the ClassroomBlondie., Tue Mar 11 6:53pm
        Tommy cowered before his teacher, looking straight down at the floor, his hands over his crotch. He knew that Cindy was just a couple of feet behind him. He shivered slightly as he considered the... more
    • Chapter 2: Nightgown Up, Underpants DownBlondie., Sun Mar 9 3:11pm
      Taunted in the Nightgown Back in the cloakroom, Tommy could hear the buzzing emanating from the students. With considerable trepidation he poked his red face out and saw the faces of thirty-five... more
      • Chapter 2: Nightgown Up, Underpants DownBlondie., Sun Mar 9 3:12pm
        Underpants Hauled Down Sister Ruth turned Tommy back around so he was facing her again. “I think we’ll proceed with our English lesson now, class,” Tommy heard her say. It appeared... more
    • Chapter 1: Shame ClothingBlondie., Fri Mar 7 5:22pm
      Sister Ruth’s Propensity It started out as a normal school day in Sister Ruth’s seventh grade classroom. The first hour was devoted to English, and the nun was droning on about... more
      • Chapter 1: Shame ClothingBlondie., Fri Mar 7 5:24pm
        [My, the look on his face when I pulled out the nightgown…like a frightened kitten …oh, he won’t take it…I’ll show him…I hate to slap him, but he needs to know... more
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