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A Bare-Bottomed Spanking, Part 3
Thu Feb 7, 2008 4:35pm

Nicky clumsily—there was no graceful way to go about it, especially with her panties stretched out around her ankles—draped herself over Miss Davenport’s lap. Awkward didn’t begin to describe how she felt; her legs dangled, but she had to keep them spread out for fear of her panties falling off her feet. She struggled to find a place for her hands, and eventually settled on grabbing onto the legs of the chair. She snuck a fleeting peek towards the students, who were collectively looking on with wide-eyed, open-mouthed amusement. She took a deep breath and clenched her eyes shut, bracing herself for the onslaught. She made a mental note to do her best to stay quiet throughout the spanking, no matter how painful it might be. She knew that would be difficult; Miss Davenport was a rather stout woman who could probably administer a pretty good thrashing, she thought.

Nicky would prove to be correct in that assessment. She heard the sound of the first slap before the pain registered, but when it did, it sent a jolt throughout her body. The slaps followed rapidly and furiously. Miss Davenport didn’t utter a sound, but it was plain to see that she was resolute in her endeavor to carry out a thorough disciplinary session. It was only after a few strokes that Nicky started kicking her legs. Hard as she tried to resist, it wasn’t long after that that she began emitting sounds vocally.

“Oh!” she cried out. “Please!” But the slaps kept coming. “Ow! Oh, please! No more!” Miss Davenport did not waver, and Nicky began thrashing about wildly on the teacher’s lap. She tried reaching back with one of her hands to deflect the blows, but Miss Davenport simple grabbed her wrist with her left hand and slapped yet harder with her right. “Please! Miss Dav…Oh! Oh, God! Ow!” she screamed. The relentless spanking continued until Nicky was reduced to tears. It wasn’t until Miss Davenport heard Nicky whimpering that she was satisfied. Breathing hard from her exertion, she finally stopped and allowed the thoroughly shamed student to come to her feet. Nicky, much to her added consternation, had managed to kick her panties completely off during her struggles. She found them near her teacher’s desk and with tears streaming down her face she feverishly stepped into them and pulled them all the way up. That priority out of the way, the intense pain in her backside grabbed her full attention. Momentarily forgetting that she was facing her classmates with her breasts exposed, she clutched her buttocks with both hands and jumped up and down in pain. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she howled while her breasts jiggled up and down, much to the unbridled glee of her audience.

The riotous laughter finally brought her back to her senses. “Oh, shit!” she squealed aloud to herself when she realized the exhibition she was putting on. She quickly covered her breasts with her arms and turned back around. She jumped up and down a few more times until the sharp, throbbing pain diminished somewhat to a steady, more tolerable stinging sensation. She started to reach for her skirt and blouse on the desk, but then thought better of it. “May I please put my clothes back on?” she implored while looking at Miss Davenport.

“I think we should leave that decision up to Miss Gardinstock, under the circumstances,” she answered. She addressed Pammy Gardinstock. “Pamela, I’m leaving you in charge of Miss Baldini for the final hour of class today. Her state of attire for the next hour will hinge on whether you think she has been punished sufficiently for her offense.” Miss Davenport paused to let her words sink in. Meanwhile, Nicky, still facing her teacher, turned back to look at her adversary, who was smiling smugly. “You have a couple of options, Pamela,” continued Miss Davenport. “She can put her clothes back on and return to her desk, or, if you think her punishment should continue, you can give her some corner time dressed as she is, to allow her to reflect on her behavior.” Again the teacher paused for effect. “It’s entirely up to you, Miss Gardinstock. As I say, you have full control of Miss Baldini’s fate over the next hour.” Again Nicky looked back at Pammy Gardinstock, this time with a pleading expression on her face. Pammy looked at Nicky and smiled wickedly, and Nicky was not the least bit surprised at her response.

“Well, Miss Davenport, I really think that an hour of corner time will go a long way towards Miss Baldini’s rehabilitation,” Pammy decided. Miss Davenport smiled to herself at the student’s choice of words.

“Very well, then. You heard the decision, Miss Baldini. Go put your nose in the corner,” she said while pointing to the unobstructed corner in the front of the room. “Your clothes will be returned to you at the end of the school day.”

Nicky, now sniveling perceptibly, trudged to the corner and put her forehead against the wall. She kept her arms crossed against her chest. “Put your nose firmly in the corner,” instructed Miss Davenport. “And clasp your hands behind your back.” She complied, and many students, including Pammy, had a plain view of the profile of her right breast. Nicky had her hands over her backside, which wasn’t quite to Miss Davenport’s liking. “Lift your hands up your back, please……higher, closer to your shoulder blades…….that’s it…now put your face a little lower down in the corner….you’ll have to bend your knees a bit….a little more…..keep your nose firmly in the corner……there, that’s perfect. You’re to maintain that position until further notice. Should you move, we will repeat your punishment tomorrow afternoon. And please stop your whimpering. We need to concentrate on our English lesson, and the noise is quite distracting.”

While her students’ gazes were transfixed on the panty-clad student, Miss Davenport proceeded to read poetry from Ogden Nash. Nicky, her nose pressed to the corner, wallowed in her wretchedness. Her mandated posture caused her stinging backside to protrude prominently, much to the amusement of her audience.

It was a few minutes into the lesson when Nicky’s sobbing, which had become a bit louder, would lead to one last degradation. “Miss Baldini!” warned Miss Davenport, who was genuinely becoming annoyed. She had a special fondness for Ogden Nash, and Nicky was creating a distraction. “I’d appreciate it if you would stop your blubbering.”

Pammy Gardinstock pounced on the opportunity. She raised her hand. “Yes, Miss Gardinstock?” said Miss Davenport with a look of mild curiousity.

“Miss Davenport,” she said. “Would you mind if I try to remedy the situation?”

“Be my guest,” answered the teacher. “Feel free to use whatever disciplinary measures you find necessary to quiet Miss Baldini down.”

As Pammy rose from her desk, everyone in the room was spellbound. What would the young Miss Gardinstock do to “remedy” the situation? One student in the front corner of the room was experiencing a strong sense of trepidation. She was unable to see Miss Gardinstock remove a pair of scissors from Nicky’s desk—the same pair of scissors that was used earlier in the day to snip off the bra of one Pammy Gardinstock—but she definitely could feel someone pull down on the crotch area of her panties. Initially she thought she was being goosed, and she flinched accordingly. But it was only a matter of moments before she realized that it was a fate worse than that, as she heard the unmistakable sound of a snip from a pair of scissors, and immediately thereafter she recognized that her panties were being sheared.

“No!” screamed Nicky. She started to pull away from the corner, but felt a hand pushing on the back of her head.

“You keep your nose in that corner, if you know what’s good for you!” boomed the voice of Pammy Gardinstock. Nicky, who now knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of bullying, was intimidated enough to do just that. Pammy then made a complete vertical cut along the backside of Nicky’s panties, and in one swift motion she yanked them free, rendering the now bawling Nicky Baldini completely nude. Nicky clenched her knees and sphincter muscles together in an effort to keep her genitalia from being on full display to the gawking students. Buoyed by the animated response from her fellow classmates, Pammy began slapping Nicky’s already traumatized rear end while shouting, “Stop your blubbering, you big baby!”

“Ow! Ow! Oh, please, stop!” But before Nicky could pronounce the “p” in “stop,” Pammy had taken advantage of Nicky’s wide-open mouth and shoved her wadded panties into the orifice, effectively muffling her cries. Pammy slapped her one last time for good measure, and before departing she put her mouth to Nicky’s ear and said, “You have the biggest, reddest ass I’ve ever seen.” Returning to her seat to the accompaniment of a laughing ovation, she took a bow before being seated. As she sat down and looked up at the utterly humiliated Nicky Baldini, she felt a wave of pleasure sweeping throughout her body.

Miss Davenport waited for the commotion to die down. She took a look back at the naked Nicky Baldini, and felt rather certain that she had been cured of her bullying ways. She turned back and opened up her book of Ogden Nash poems.

“Very well, then,” she said with a look of satisfaction.


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          Well, one could say that poor Nicky pretty much got what she deserved (and then some), and any more than that could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Then again, one could say that further... more
          • Re: Technicality NotedTabby Enf, Wed Dec 30 3:45pm
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        Blondie, That BB spanking story had just about every fantasy I have about nude/ spanking humiliation. thank you. I self-spank in the shower and sometimes in the summer go out naked in my back yard..... more
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