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Chapter 4: Anatomy Lesson
Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:40pm

The Reluctant Model

There was no way out for Tommy now. Resigned to his fate, but with an extreme sense of dread, he slowly turned around and faced his fellow students. It was an excruciating moment for the lad, as he felt every eye in the room focusing on his genitals. He listened to the merry laughter from the entertained boys and girls. He had to stand there and take in all the stares from his spellbound audience. Many of the girls had never seen a naked boy before, and those that had certainly hadn’t under such extraordinary circumstances. The boys were enjoying the spectacle for its sheer entertainment value, and they were ever so grateful to be spectators and not the victim.

Sister Ruth was ready to pounce on her prey. “Class, Laura brought up an interesting point a few moments ago when she said…I believe her words were, ‘I never knew it was so tiny.’ I think that while we have a live naked model standing naked before us, we can use this golden opportunity to learn a little bit about the male anatomy.” She reached under her desk and produced a twelve-inch high footstool. She placed it at Tommy’s feet. “Please step up here, Tommy, so the class will be able to see our demonstration a little better.”

The wretched Tommy stepped up on the stool. His enthralled classmates looked on wide-eyed. Sister Ruth walked to the blackboard and picked up a pointer from the ledge. She stood next to Tommy and addressed the class while pointing the pointer at his penis. “This is a penis, class. It comes in many different sizes. Laura is right; this penis is quite small—much smaller than most penises of boys his age. As you can see, because of its lack of size and weight, it is pointing straight out instead of dangling down. This is highly unusual for a thirteen-year-old boy, and I’m sure it is a major source of embarrassment for Tommy.”

The girls were giggling and the boys were snickering. Tommy was beside himself in his mortification while enduring the staggering humiliation. Sister Ruth was enjoying herself immensely. She moved the pointer towards Tommy’s testicles. “This sac is called a scrotum, and inside the scrotum are two testicles. Testicles also come in different sizes, and I must say that these are quite small for someone Tommy’s age. The size of his testicles is proportional to his tiny penis. It would not be a stretch to say that his genitals are comparable is size to those of a three or four-year-old boy’s.” Tommy squirmed anxiously while being subjected to his teacher’s biting remarks and the giggling of his fellow students, but somehow he held his ground. Had he not been naked, he probably would have bolted straight out of the room. “Sometimes the testicles hang down lower than this. As you can see, Tommy’s are quite shriveled up at the moment.”

Sister Ruth noticed a hand had risen in the far corner of the room. It belonged to Danny, a boy with whom Tommy had recently gotten into a schoolyard fight. The two boys did not like each other. “Yes, Danny?” asked Sister Ruth, somewhat annoyed with the interruption.

“Sister,” said Danny, “Tommy’s penis and testicles are so tiny, I can’t see them from way back here. Would you mind if I borrowed his seat so I can see those little things?”

“Certainly, Danny. Tommy won’t be needing his desk for a while, anyway.”

While Tommy grimaced, Danny sauntered up to the front and sat at Tommy’s desk. He exchanged amused smiles with Cindy, looked Tommy up and down, and grinned wider.

“Thank you, Sister,” he said. “This is perfect.”

“Very well.” She wielded the pointer in a circular motion around Tommy’s genitals. “Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed the complete absence of hair in this entire area.” She paused while Tommy grimaced. A couple of snickers could be heard. The teacher had the students’ rapt attention. “In fact, Tommy is as bald down here as he was the day he was born.” Amidst the tittering, she raised the pointer to the area slightly above Tommy’s penis. “When puberty starts you’ll see hair start growing in this region.” She pointed back to his testicles. “Also here. I’m sure most of you boys have already started puberty, but I don’t see any sign at all that Tommy is anywhere close; it appears to me that Tommy is quite a few years away from growing any hair on his body at all.” Tommy, blushing crimson, closed his eyes, as his humiliation was nearly unbearable. Sister Ruth continued. “As boys get older, they also start growing hair in this area.” She stroked Tommy’s armpit with the tip of the pointer, and he reacted to the tickling sensation by momentarily lowering his elbow to his side. The wicked nun smiled to herself, and stroked his other armpit for her own amusement, eliciting the same reaction. I would not be a bit surprised if his underarms remained hairless all through high school.”

A Review, and Some Degrading Questions

Sister Ruth looked at Tommy's crimson face and beamed with pleasure. She pulled a small hand mirror from her pocket and held it up for Tommy to see. “My, my, Tommy, you are positively glowing, aren’t you?” teased the nun. Tommy’s jaw dropped slightly, as even he seemed taken aback by the sight of his profusely blushing face. Sister Ruth smiled freely as replaced the mirror to her pocket before continuing with the relentless humiliation of her student.

“Okay, class, let’s review.” She pointed her pointer at Tommy’s penis. “What do you call this? Everyone.”

“A penis!” they called out in unison, all too gleefully, at least from Tommy’s perspective.

She pointed a little higher. “What will he start growing here once he finally starts puberty?

“Hair!” came the immediate response.

She pointed below his penis. “What is this sac called?”

“A scrotum!” they answered.

“And what are the two little round things he has inside his scrotum?”

“Testicles!” they shouted even louder.

“Very good, class. Now let’s see if Tommy has learned anything today.” Again she pointed at Tommy’s penis. “Tell the class what this is, Tommy.”

Tommy took a deep breath. “A p-penis,” he said softly.

“We can barely hear, you, Tommy. Yes, it is a penis…but it’s not just ANY penis is it. It’s YOUR penis, isn't it, Tommy?” Tommy nodded sullenly. “Please tell the class whose little penis we’re all staring at, Tommy.”

“M-mine,” he responded, very softly.

“Tommy, you are not being very cooperative, and I’m becoming impatient with you. Surely you must realize by now that when you make things difficult for me I’m forced to step up your punishment.” Sister Ruth paused while considering her next move. “Okay, we’re going to start over. I’m going to point to one of your body parts, and you’re to tell the class, loudly and clearly, exactly what it is. Only you’re to preface each response with ‘my hairless little.’ In other words, if I point here (she points to his navel), you’re to say, ‘My hairless little belly button.’ Do you understand, Tommy?” The embattled lad nodded bleakly. “Good. Oh, and one more thing: If I point to your little penis, you’re to call it a ‘wee-wee.’” Sister Ruth waited for the laughter behind her to die down. “Okay, here we go. What’s this?”

“My…my hairless little belly button,” he said softly.

“Speak up, please. What’s this?”

“M-my hairless little p-penis…I mean…wee-wee,” he muttered.

“Louder!” she said while wielding her pointer and swatting his backside with three swift strikes.

It took a moment for the pain to register, but when it did, Tommy hopped up and down like a jackrabbit. His penis bobbed up and down as he did so, creating a most amusing spectacle for Sister Ruth and Tommy’s fellow students. “My hairless little wee-wee!” he shouted over the boisterous laughter.

“That’s more like it,” said Sister Ruth with a giggle she was unable to suppress. “This?”

“My hairless little tes…testicles!” Tommy writhed his hips back and forth, as he was still stinging from the three blows.

“Good!” said the grinning, titillated Sister Ruth. “This?”

“My hairless little legs!”

“How about…this?”

“My hairless little…underarms!”

“This?” she asked while pointing at his left nipple.

“My hairless little chest!”

She tweaked his nipple back and forth with the pointer. “Can you be more specific for us, Tommy?”

“My little…my hairless little nipple!”

“Good boy! This?”

“My hairless little wee-wee!” Tommy was on the verge of tears.

“Okay, I think you’ve got the idea, Tommy. This has been a very constructive demonstration. Now I think we should open up the floor to questions from your classmates.” She noticed that Laura immediately raised her hand. “Yes, Laura.”

“I was just wondering,” said Laura. “Are you going to make Tommy stay naked all day?” Sister Ruth smiled at the question and the hopeful expression on the young coed’s face.

“We’ll have to see about that,” laughed the teacher. “Either way, after today’s experience I highly doubt that Tommy will be lifting up your skirt ever again, or anyone else’s for that matter. But let’s try to limit our questions to the male anatomy for the time being. Anyone?”

Sally’s hand shot up. She wasn’t going to let a chance to get even with her brother pass her by. “Sally, do you have a question?”

“Yes, Sister Mary Ruth, I do. Actually I have two questions, Sister, if you don’t mind indulging me.

“Not at all, Sally. What’s on your mind?”

“Well first of all, I was wondering…will Tommy always have such an itsy-bitsy little penis or will it ever grow bigger? And second, why are his testicles and ball sac so shriveled up? I can barely see them.”

Sally’s gaze rose from Tommy’s penis and testicles to his face. The two made brief eye contact. One pair of eyes was dancing with delight. The other pair most certainly was not. Tommy turned his flushing face away from his grinning sister.

“Well, it remains to be seen, Sally, if Tommy will always have such a tiny penis. You would hope it will eventually increase in size, and maybe it will—but I’d venture to say that it is quite possible that Tommy will still have a child-sized penis even throughout his adulthood.

“Now as far as his shriveled testicles and scrotum are concerned,” continued the nun while again using her pointer on the subject matter at hand, “This can be caused by several factors, such as fear, cold temperatures, or extreme embarrassment. In this case, I’m quite sure it is the latter. As you can see by Tommy’s extraordinarily red face, his embarrassment is quite acute at the moment. Yes, Cindy, what’s on your mind?”

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      “Sister Ruth, I have a question about the total lack of hair.” She addressed Tommy, who was now in the throes of wretchedness. “Sorry, Tommy, I noticed your face turned even redder... more
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