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Chapter 1: A Public Spanking in the Courtyard
Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:30pm

Blondie and Sam, much to their humiliation and shame, had come under the thumb of a gang of six girl bullies. Sheila, the leader of the pack, gathered her friends and cornered the two frightened lads at the end of the school day.

"Starting tomorrow," ordered Sheila, "Neither of you will be allowed to wear your little boy underpants any more. I want you both to borrow a pair of your sisters' frilliest panties, and from now on you will wear them to school every day." Blondie flushed brightly, his jaw dropping, while Sam tried to offer some verbal resistance.

"But..." started Sam, and he was immediately rebuked.

"And since you are protesting, Samantha, you can add a matching bra to your outfit. And rest assured, we'll be doing spot checks on you both beginning tomorrow morning." The two lads stood in stunned silence as the giggling girls shuffled away.

"Oh my God," Blondie finally said to his friend. "Do we really have to do this?" A resigned Sam could not allay Blondie's fears.

"I'm afraid so, Blondie. I'd hate to see what they would do to us if we refused. You remember what happened last week in the courtyard." A recollection of the incident Sam was referring to sent chills through Blondie's spine.

The following account of that fateful day in the courtyard should benefit the reader by helping to understand how the two most unfortunate lads have been put into such a compromising and submissive position:

The six bullies noticed Blondie and Sam hanging together, as the two friends were wont to do. Sheila opined that the two made a pretty couple, and asked if the two lovebirds would like to give each other a kiss. Horrified at the prospect, the two boys tried to make a run for it, but they were quickly surrounded by the gang and were easily overmatched. A handful of onlookers looked on with keen interest. "Let's teach the little girly-boys a lesson," said Sheila. “I think a good spanking should get their attention. Pull their pants down.” Sheila’s five subordinates were more than happy to oblige, and they swarmed on the horrified Blondie and Sam. Hard as the frantic lads fought, it was less than a minute before their pants were collected at their knees. The girls held each of the ill-fated boys fixed while Sheila continued her charge. "Underpants too," she dictated, much to the consternation of the helpless captives. The grinning girls lowered the boys' underpants to their knees with minimal effort. "Lift up their pretty little asses for me," directed the smiling Sheila, “And push their shirts up their backs so I can have a good look.” When the deed was done, Sheila looked on approvingly. "Oh, how precious," she said as she eyed a pair of smooth bottoms twitching invitingly in front of her. Sheila leered at what for her was a most delectable sight, made even more pleasurable by the high-pitched sounds of distress emanating from the the owners of the two naked rear ends that she had complete control over. “So soft and smooth,” she cooed as she ran her hand up and down one of Blondie’s quivering cheeks and patted it softly, almost lovingly. She smiled devilishly as Blondie yelped in trepidation. "I own you guys now," she said softly, almost to herself. But the boys heard her, and much to their chagrin, they knew all too well that she was right.

As she slapped the four cheeks with a firm and steady volley, her amusement and titillation sent waves of pleasure throughout her being as she relished the sight of the increasingly reddening derrieres and the sounds of the laughing spectators accompanied by the squeals of her victims. "Okay, girls, you can let them go," declared Sheila, who was completely satisfied that she had the two lads right where she wanted them. As the crimson-faced boys furiously scrambled to replace their clothing, Sheila had one last directive before walking off into the sunset with her cohorts. "Next time I ask you to jump, I expect you to ask me how high." As she walked away, she said, "Bye-bye, my little pets! Such smooth little girly buns you have. Maybe we should dress you up in a pair of panties!” As the laughter gradually subsided, the two lads were still shaking, both in response to the humiliating, harrowing experience, and to no lesser degree to the apprehension of what potentially lay ahead at the hands of the dreaded Sheila and her gang of six.

A week later, as they pondered the latest request---er, command---by the ruthless Sheila, Blondie and Sam were under no illusions that they had any say at all in the type of underwear they would be wearing from that point forward, or for that matter, how long it would be before said underwear would be inspected by six leering girls and ogled by however many amused, unsuspecting bystanders that happened to be about.

Their acute sense of dread would prove to be validated.

  • Gang of SixBlondie., Sun Nov 20 1:29pm
    • Chapter 2: Bra and Panty HumiliationBlondie., Sun Nov 20 1:34pm
      It was the morning after Sheila’s decree that Blondie and Sam were to wear their sisters’ panties to school from that day forward. Sam was seated near the back of the school bus when Blondie entered... more
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        “All right, my little Samantha, let’s see how pretty you look underneath those boy clothes of yours. You can start by taking your shirt off.” Sam just stood there, momentarily frozen in place.... more
        • Great story, so humiliating!rickkink, Sun Jan 25 1:15pm
          Blondie, I'm enjoying this story so much! I'm eager for the next installment. I have one idea for you to consider. In Chapter 1, there was a line "...asked if the two lovebirds would like to give... more
          • Kiss vs. Oral SexBlondie., Mon Jan 26 5:18pm
            You probably have something there, Rick. Face to face, tongue on tongue---indeed, pretty damn humiliating for a couple of straight guys. I'll definitely keep it in mind whenever I find the time to... more
            • i agree, full-on tongue-on-tongue, drooling wet French kissing would be excruciatingly humiliating for poor Blondie and Sam. Especially with girls watching. Especially if it's their first actual... more
              • Great IdeasBlondie., Fri Feb 3 10:26am
                Thanks, pixiemuledonkey (can't help but smile as I type that) for the great ideas. You make me want to continue this story. Some time down the road, I hope! I agree, being forced to handle each... more
            • Kiss vs. Oral sexsammiboyduchams, Tue Jan 27 8:05am
              Doesn't have to be an either or situation! Straight sissy (a) takes a loaded mouthful from a Jock's big dick and transfers it straight to straight sissy (b) in a long wet french kiss. It's good to... more
        • blondieKraftty3, Wed Dec 17 7:00pm
          i hope more chapters are coming soon!! I have ha dmore than one runin with domme girls while in school!! thanks for the great stories paull
    • Chapter 1: A Public Spanking in the Courtyard — Blondie., Sun Nov 20 1:30pm
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