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Chapter 2, continued
Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:35pm

“All right, my little Samantha, let’s see how pretty you look underneath those boy clothes of yours. You can start by taking your shirt off.”

Sam just stood there, momentarily frozen in place. “I…I…couldn’t find…”

“I hope you’re not trying to tell me that you didn’t do what I told you to,” interrupted Sheila, who was secretly hoping that the young lad was foolish enough to defy her.

The petrified Sam scrambled for an explanation. “I…she didn’t have a matching…set.”

“She didn’t have a matching set for your panties so you disobeyed me and didn’t wear a bra to school today?” Sheila barked.

“Y-yes, I…I’m sorry.”

“Oh, you’ll be sorry, all right. And so will your little boyfriend here. You are a couple and anything wrong one of you does means both of you will be punished.” She looked at Blondie and was pleased with his frightened expression. She turned back to Sam. “I thought I told you to take your shirt off.” Sam hesitated, and Sheila got in his face and snapped, “Now!” Sam quickly pulled his shirt over his head. Sheila plucked the shirt from his grasp and tossed it to one of her gang. She looked at Blondie. “Hold your hands way up high for me.” Blondie, taken aback by the turn of events, obliged and watched Sheila once again pull his shirt from his trousers. “I really enjoy undressing you,” said Sheila as she raised his shirt up his torso and pulled it from his arms. She tossed the shirt to her expectant comrade. Blondie started to lower his hands, but Sheila stopped him. “Keep your hands behind your head, please. I like looking at your hairless underarms.” Blondie locked his hands behind his head, while his face flushed brighter. “You look so CUTE when your face turns so red,” she teased. The anguished Blondie somehow turned even redder, keeping his eyes downcast while Sheila delighted in his embarrassment. She turned to her other distressed victim. “Put your hands above your head, Samantha,” ordered Sheila. Sam complied, and Sheila took note that he was growing some hair under his arms. She looked back at Blondie. “You’ve got some catching up to do in the puberty department, don’t you, little boy. How old are you, anyway.”

“F-fourteen,” answered Blondie, now totally under duress.

“Fourteen, going on twelve,” laughed Sheila. “Boy, am I going to have some fun with you this year.” Sheila paused while looking at the distraught, red-faced Blondie. She inched closer to him and said, in a soft, sexy voice, “Maybe someday I’ll have you walk around naked for me. Won’t that be fun?” She grinned at his wide-eyed reaction and promised herself that she would make that fantasy come true. As Blondie wallowed in his mortification and dread, Sheila turned to her other distressed victim.

“Samantha, Samantha. Did you honestly think you could go against me and get away with it?” There was no response, not that Sheila expected one. Not only that, you made things so much more difficult for your little boyfriend over there. She looked over at Blondie and had an inspiration. “Blondie, come over here, please,” she ordered. When he did, she said, “Do Samantha and me a favor, Blondie, and pull his pants down.” The shirtless boy knew all too well that he had to do her bidding, whatever the command. He went to work on Sam’s belt. “Ahh, isn’t this cute,” taunted Sheila. “One lovebird undressing the other.” She noticed one of the gawkers capturing the video on her camera phone. “Please,” she called out. “Come closer, get a better shot.” Blondie continued, under the watchful eye of Sheila and the camera. Sam stood helplessly as Blondie pulled down the zipper and, grasping the sides of his pants, started them down. “All the way to his ankles, please,” directed Sheila.” I want him practically naked.” Blondie did so, and stepped away. Sam stood there gloomily, his pants around his ankles with his sister’s white, nylon panties on full display. There was a hint of lace on either side. Once again, the laughter echoed throughout. Sam instinctively crouched down with both hands over his crotch. Sheila allowed Sam to maintain his classic humiliation pose for a few moments (mainly for her own enjoyment) before readjusting him.

“Stand up straight, hands on head!” she ordered. “We all want a good look at your pretty panties.” The miserable Sam complied, and Sheila said, “Now twirl around slowly in a circle so all your fans can enjoy you.” Sam did so, much to the amusement of the onlookers. The collection of pants at his ankles hindered his movement, which only added to the hilarity. “Excellent, my precious one,” said Sheila. She took her own slow tour around the completely red-faced Sam (though he did not glow quite as much as his buddy). Then, much to Sam’s surprise and dismay, she pulled open the front of his panties and peered inside. “Hmm, not much to look at, but at least you have some hair,” chuckled Sheila. She looked over at Blondie. “How about you, Blondie, do you have any hair down there?” she asked while fixing her gaze directly below his belt before looking him in the eyes. Blondie impulsively took a small step backwards and flushed yet again. “I think I know the answer to that,” grinned Sheila. She winked at the profusely blushing Blondie and turned back to her victim of the moment.

“Let’s see, we need to get you a matching bra now, don’t we, Samantha.” It wasn’t really a question. She looked up at her crew. “Any of you wearing a white bra?” asked Sheila as she looked each of them in the eyes. The girls’ countenances turned suddenly from joviality to uneasiness. None of them wanted to be a victim of Sheila’s humiliation rampage. Getting no response, Sheila, always the perceptive one, sensed considerable apprehension from one of the group.

“Francine, what color is your bra?” called out Sheila.

“Please, Sheila,” pleaded Francine. “It’s white, but…”

“Well why didn’t you say so?” asked Sheila, who was a bit irritated with her friend’s lack of compliance. “Samantha is in dire need of a white bra here, and you’re holding out on me?” She paused while considering how to proceed. Francine fidgeted nervously. She had seen firsthand more than once that it does not pay to challenge their fearless leader. She has shown that she has no problem dishing out a dose of humiliation to friend and foe alike if she sees fit. “I was going to let you slip off your bra from under your top, but under the circumstances you deserve to be punished.” Francine gulped, dreading whatever was coming next. “Take your top off and hand it to Suzie for me,” she commanded. The frazzled girl obediently unbuttoned her top, pulled it off and handed it to her friend, as directed. Indeed, she was wearing a white bra, and a lacy one at that. “Now take off your bra and bring it down here, please.” Of course, Francine was not a bit surprised at the demand. Flustered, she fussed with the clasp on the back of her bra before undoing it. She pulled it off and covered her chest with her arms, the bra dangling from her fingertips. She looked around and noticed a few males in the gathered crowd thoroughly enjoying the scene. It should be noted that most, if not all of the females were also taking pleasure in the events. Now, if they were pressed, they probably couldn’t tell you why this was so. Call it prurient interest, guilty pleasure, or maybe it can be best described by the word “Schadenfreude,” a German word meaning “pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.” In any case, the students who stopped to watch were not there out of pity; quite the contrary.

Ah, but I digress. Back to the matters at hand. Sheila snatched the bra from the clutches of Francine and told her, “Thanks, Francine, this will be perfect. Your tits are pretty small, just like Samantha’s here. Is this an A-cup?” Francine nodded embarrassingly. “Nice,” said Sheila. “Okay, you can go back, now. You can have your top back when we’re done here with Samantha and Blondie.” Sheila watched the troubled Francine take her place in her group, pressing her arms over her breasts. Sheila noticed that Francine was conveniently standing directly under a branch of the tree. “I’d like you to take both hands and hold onto that branch above your head until we’re done here,” Sheila shouted out. Francine reluctantly obeyed. “Perfect, Francine, now we all can see your tiny little titties. Suzie and Marianne, could you please move back a little bit? I don’t think the gentlemen by the blue car have a clear view of Francine’s little breasts. Thank you.” Sheila smiled. She was pretty sure that Francine would not step out of line again anytime soon. “My, my,” she said to nobody in particular. “Her face is almost as red as Blondie’s.”

She turned back to the ever-anxious Sam. “Okay, Samantha,” continued Sheila. “Time to get you dressed for the party.” She pulled the cups over Sam’s chest and clasped the bra from the back. “Such a lovely ensemble you’re wearing now, Samantha,” teased Sheila as she pulled both straps over Sam’s shoulders. Sam’s facial expression could not possibly have ever looked more miserable than it did right then and there.

At that moment the five-minute warning bell resounded throughout the school. Like a silver lining in a very dark cloud, it was like music to Samantha’s and Blondie’s ears. But unfortunately for them, their ordeal was not quite over.

“Oh, what a shame,” said Sheila. “We’ll have to continue where we left off sometime soon.” She paused to work out her last line of attack. “Okay, so here’s the deal, my little girly-boys. I saw you get off the bus and try to go your separate ways. That’s not how it works. You are an adorable couple and are inseparable. I’d better not see one of you without the other here at school ever again. Blondie, if you have to go to the bathroom, Samantha goes with you. I want to be able to play with both of you whenever I see fit. Now Blondie, come over here and take Samantha by the hand.” The wretched Blondie grudgingly and tentatively took Sam’s hand in his. Sam reached down in an attempt to pull his pants up. “No, I don’t think so, Samantha,” admonished Sheila. “The two of you will walk hand in hand to homeroom just as you are. Samantha, you can pull your pants up when you get there, and Blondie, you can have your shirt back if you hold Samantha’s hand the whole way. Otherwise your pants are coming down, too.” Blondie took a firmer grasp of Sam’s hand after the not-so subtle warning.

It was a humorous sight for all (with the exception, of course, of two crimson-faced, utterly miserable fourteen-year-old boys) as Blondie and Sam walked hand in hand through the corridor amidst uproarious laughter. Their agonizing trek was slowed considerably, as the bra and panty-clad Sam was forced to do a comical shuffle, his gait rather impeded by his pants gathered around his ankles. For both, it was the longest and most tortured five minutes of their lives.

When they finally reached the door to their homeroom, Sheila, grinning broadly, tossed Blondie his shirt. Sam quickly pulled up his pants and looked longingly at Sheila, waiting for his shirt.

“Not for you, Samantha. You can show off your pretty bra for awhile. When your teachers ask, you can tell them you lost a bet. Come find me in the courtyard at lunchtime and I’ll see what I can do for you. And make sure you bring your pretty little boyfriend. I have big plans for him. Ta-ta!”

As traumatic as the school day had started for Blondie and Sam, it certainly didn’t seem like it was going to improve.

  • Chapter 2: Bra and Panty HumiliationBlondie., Sun Nov 20 1:34pm
    It was the morning after Sheila’s decree that Blondie and Sam were to wear their sisters’ panties to school from that day forward. Sam was seated near the back of the school bus when Blondie entered... more
    • Chapter 2, continued — Blondie., Sun Nov 20 1:35pm
      • Great story, so humiliating!rickkink, Sun Jan 25 1:15pm
        Blondie, I'm enjoying this story so much! I'm eager for the next installment. I have one idea for you to consider. In Chapter 1, there was a line "...asked if the two lovebirds would like to give... more
        • Kiss vs. Oral SexBlondie., Mon Jan 26 5:18pm
          You probably have something there, Rick. Face to face, tongue on tongue---indeed, pretty damn humiliating for a couple of straight guys. I'll definitely keep it in mind whenever I find the time to... more
          • i agree, full-on tongue-on-tongue, drooling wet French kissing would be excruciatingly humiliating for poor Blondie and Sam. Especially with girls watching. Especially if it's their first actual... more
            • Great IdeasBlondie., Fri Feb 3 10:26am
              Thanks, pixiemuledonkey (can't help but smile as I type that) for the great ideas. You make me want to continue this story. Some time down the road, I hope! I agree, being forced to handle each... more
          • Kiss vs. Oral sexsammiboyduchams, Tue Jan 27 8:05am
            Doesn't have to be an either or situation! Straight sissy (a) takes a loaded mouthful from a Jock's big dick and transfers it straight to straight sissy (b) in a long wet french kiss. It's good to... more
      • blondieKraftty3, Wed Dec 17 7:00pm
        i hope more chapters are coming soon!! I have ha dmore than one runin with domme girls while in school!! thanks for the great stories paull
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