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Chapter 1: The First Session
Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:49pm

“I don’t know what comes over me when I do this. I guess I just can’t help myself, Dr. Withers. I mean, once I made the poor girl take her blouse off, there was no stopping me, like there was a driving force or something.”

“Go on, Monica. Tell me all about it. And please don’t spare any details,” encouraged Dr. Withers.

Carolyn Withers clicked on her small recording device and laid it on the table next to her. She looked up at her new patient and jotted down some clinical information in her notebook. “Strong propensity towards enforced humiliation,” were the exact words. She smiled slightly to herself, recognizing that she shared this strong tendency with her patient, a tendency that she fully intended to exploit. Again she looked up at her unsuspecting subject and smiled wider, prompting a noticeable blush to appear on her patient’s cheeks, much to the psychiatrist’s delight. She continued staring at the twenty-six year-old high school teacher, seemingly mesmerized by her beauty. Monica was taller than average, slender, with short, stylish blond hair. Her innocent, strikingly beautiful face reminded one of the actress Tea Leone. Carolyn marveled at how someone so innocent and naïve looking could be capable of carrying out the dirty deeds she had been convicted of.

Monica flushed and shifted nervously in her seat when she noticed the leering grin on her psychiatrist’s face. There was something about this doctor that she didn’t trust, but she had no choice but to spill her guts to her. It was that or most assuredly she would end up behind bars.

Earlier, Monica’s stomach churned as she turned the doorknob to enter the reception area of Dr. Withers’ office. She took a deep breath and walked in boldly with feigned confidence.

“May I help you?” asked the pretty receptionist.

“Yes, Monica Prescott to see Dr. Withers.”

“Oh yes, I was just putting your file together.” Monica thought she detected a slight smile forming on the receptionist’s face, which added to her discomfort. The receptionist stuck out her right hand. “Hi, my name’s Tina. It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.” Monica reluctantly shook her hand. She was speechless, and quite chagrined that this layperson was familiar with her case. Also, the lack of professionalism troubled her. “Please have a seat. Dr. Withers will be with you shortly.”

While the receptionist brought the file in to Dr. Withers, Monica nervously sat down. She squirmed in her seat when she heard laughter emanating from the two ladies through the open door. The receptionist returned to her desk, smiling at the increasingly uncomfortable Monica. This wasn’t starting out well at all, from Monica’s point of view.

As the two sat in the ever-so-quiet reception area, the receptionist would occasionally look up at Monica, and Monica swore she saw a smirk on her face. After ten excruciating minutes, Dr. Withers’ voice came over the intercom.

“You can send Miss Prescott in now, Tina.”

Monica didn’t wait for instructions as she bolted from her chair, thankful to put the scene in the reception area behind her. She walked briskly past the receptionist without looking at her. She opened the door to the office and was greeted by a woman of medium height, somewhat plump but with pleasant features. She looked to be in her early thirties.

“Hi, Monica, I’m Dr. Withers. Please have a seat.” She gestured with an open palm to a rather plain chair in the middle of the spacious office. Monica sat down, and was disappointed that the chair had no armrests. She folded her hands on her lap, nervously wringing them together.

Conversely, the doctor sat facing her a few feet away in a comfortable, padded easy chair. There was an in-table directly to her right. No furniture separated the doctor from her patient. Dr. Withers opened up a manila folder labeled “Monica Prescott: State Mandated Consultation.” She sat there silently for a few minutes poring through several pages of information. She secretly took pleasure in her patient’s obvious uneasiness and allowed the awkward silence to continue. Satisfied, she closed the file, laid it on her table and looked up at her subject.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you, Monica,” stated Dr. Withers. Monica was relieved that there was finally a break in the silence, even though she dreaded her own inevitable participation.

“Yes,” she answered simply, gulping.

“Why don’t you tell me, Monica.”

Monica took a deep breath. Her voice quivered as she spoke. “I, uh…uh…I was a substitute high school teacher, and, uh, I was working at the St. Augustine’s School for Girls. I…um…I…punished one of the girls in a way that was…well, it was perceived as improper. You see, Doctor, I believe in punishment through humiliation. Two years later someone complained, and I guess the authorities disagreed with my methods, so here I am.”

“This was not your only offense, was it, Monica?”

“Um, no. The…um…the state did a background check after the complaint and they found out that I had done something…something similar to this before.”

“I’m guessing, Monica,” answered Dr. Withers, “that you have done this on other occasions and gotten away with it. Is that safe to say?”

Monica fidgeted in her chair. No answer was forthcoming, which prompted the psychiatrist to reprimand her patient.

“Okay, Monica we’re going to set some ground rules now. As you know, the prosecution wanted to send you to prison. You were fortunate to have a sympathetic administrator from the school, who thought—correctly, in my opinion—that rehabilitation might be better achieved through other means. The administrator expressed her opinion to the judge, who, though seemingly skeptical, turned you over to me. You are scheduled for several sessions here, at which time I am to make the decision on whether or not you are a candidate for rehabilitation through psychotherapy. If I decide that you are not a candidate, they will send you to prison for a period of not less than one year. Now, although I don’t think prison is the proper alternative, I will not hesitate to recommend to the authorities to have you locked up if I decide that you are not being open, honest and cooperative with me. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Monica subserviently.

“You don’t want to go to prison, do you, Monica?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Do you have any idea what would happen to a pretty girl like you in the state prison? Do you understand that the prison dykes will be falling over each other to have their way with your young, slender physique?”

Monica shuddered, not only at the image of being molested in prison, but also at her psychiatrist’s unprofessional reference to her body and the usage of the work “dyke.” “Yes…please…please don’t make me go to prison. I promise I’ll cooperate with you.” She was quite uncomfortable with the psychiatrist’s approach.

“Very well, then.” Carolyn Withers was pleased that her planned lecture had the desired effect. There was no doubt in her mind that Monica Prescott would do whatever she had to do to stay out of prison. A warm feeling of delicious anticipation came over her. It was much like the feeling she had when the case was fortuitously dropped in her lap. At the time she felt it was a gift from the heavens, and now her source of anticipation was coming to reality. “Now, answer my question. You have done this sort of thing on several previous occasions, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” confessed Monica.

“That explains why you’re a substitute teacher, and why you’ve moved around a bit.”

“Yes.” Monica stared down at her shoes.

“We’ll get into all of your transgressions in future sessions. Let’s focus today on the one that put you in your present predicament. Tell me about the incident at the girls school.”

“I don’t know what comes over me when I do this. I guess I just couldn’t help myself, Dr. Withers. I mean, once I made the poor girl take her blouse off, there was no stopping me, like there was a driving force or something.”

“Go on, Monica. Tell me all about it. And please don’t spare any details. Start from the beginning. What was the girl’s name?” Dr. Withers leaned back in her chair, eagerly awaiting Monica’s account. Her interest was anything but professional; in fact, it was quite prurient.

“Her name was Lana. I was teaching the sophomore class. One day she forgot to bring in her homework. Truth be told, I was just waiting for a good reason to punish her.”

“What did Lana look like?” Dr. Withers interrupted.

Monica shot her a curious glance, wondering why this detail was meaningful. “She was tall for her age and on the skinny side. She looked younger than her actual age of fifteen. Anyway, I asked her to stand up, and told her that she must be punished. I explained to her that I have a somewhat unusual punishment practice, in that I utilize punishment through humiliation. Now I must tell you, Doctor, that I took great pleasure in the anxious look on her face. ‘You will kindly remove your blouse, Lana,’ I told her. The alarmed look on her face was absolutely delicious. She just stood there dumbfounded, like she thought I was kidding or something. I can be very forceful when I want to be, and I let her know forthwith just how serious I was. I walked towards her and slammed a yardstick on her desk. She jumped at the sound. ‘Now!’ I screamed at her. She started fumbling with her buttons. I knew I had her.”

Monica paused to catch her breath. Dr. Withers listened intently, gradually becoming stimulated as Monica detailed the enforced stripping. Monica was becoming flush in the face, and it was obvious to her psychiatrist that she was enjoying the recollection. Little did she know that her doctor was, also. “Please, go on,” prodded Dr. Withers.

“I stood over her as she deliberately undid the buttons. Gosh, the look on her face when she peeled off her blouse and I grabbed it from her…just priceless. She was blushing beautifully and had her arms crossed over her chest, covering her bra.”

“What color was her bra?” asked the devious doctor. Monica was now too caught up in the story to wonder what clinical relevance this question had.

“It was white. All the girls were required to wear white bras. Their uniform was white blouse and bra with the pleated, blue skirt. Then I laid the zinger on her. ‘I’ll take your bra now, Lana,’ I told her. She was shattered, and couldn’t move, the poor dear. I slammed the yardstick on her desk again and she jumped and began undoing the bra behind her back. I have to admit to you, Dr. Withers, that I was in my glory over this wonderful scene. I looked around the room and the other girls had these incredulous looks on their faces. I think some of them were enjoying it, too. Lana was kind of the snobby sort and I’m sure the girls were delighting in her shame. Anyway, when her bra was undone I snatched it away before she knew what hit her. What a sight, her standing there with her arms clinched tightly across her bare chest…and she was red as a beet from her forehead down to her breasts.”

“Tell me about her breasts, Monica.”

“They were TINY!” answered Monica without hesitation. “That, I’m sure, added considerably to her humiliation.” The psychiatrist nodded to herself. It was becoming clear to her why the teacher chose this particular student as her unfortunate victim. The doctor smiled slightly, realizing that she would use this knowledge in her devious plan.

“But you didn’t stop there, did you Monica?”

“Well, no, like I say there was no stopping me. It’s hard to describe the feeling, but I was deriving considerable gratification from putting this poor girl through her paces.” Dr. Withers knew exactly what she meant.

“So what happened next?”

“Then I went back to my desk, took my chair and placed it in front of the classroom. I ordered Lana to come to the front of the room. She obeyed, her arms still clinging to her chest. I ordered her to stand on the chair. She looked like she was about to cry. I slapped the back of her legs with the yardstick to move her along. She climbed onto the chair and I made her face her classmates. ‘Now I want you to reach for the sky, Lana,’ I told her. ‘Reach as high as you can, and hold it there.’ She was reluctant, so I threatened her. ‘I’ll be forced to remove your skirt if you remain obstinate with me, Lana,’ I told her. That was all the nudging that was necessary. She raised her arms. ‘Higher!’ I commanded. She reached as high as she could, and I must say that this posture not only exposed her tiny breasts but it caused them to contract. It looked like she was as flat as a boy! Some of the girls were giggling, which was wonderful because it undoubtedly added to her torment. Oh, it was really something! After a few minutes of this treatment I decided to escalate her humiliation. I guess this is when I took things a little too far.” Dr. Withers smiled to herself, finding humor in the fact that Miss Prescott didn’t think she had gone too far already.

“I read the report. You must be referring to the fondling.”

“Yes, I don’t know where I came up with the idea, but I was on a roll and wanted to take it to another level. ‘Which one of your breasts would you like to fondle for us, Lana?’ I asked her. I remember the delectable, horrified look on her face, and there were some audible gasps from the girls. ‘Let’s play a game,’ I said…” Dr. Withers cut her short.

“Yes, I read the transcripts about the game. We’ll come back to that, Monica, but we only have a few minutes left and I would like to begin your treatment before you leave here today. First, though, tell me…earlier you said that you were hoping to find a reason to punish Lana. Why did you choose Lana as your victim?” Monica hesitated, seemingly averse to answering. “I know why you chose her, Monica. I just want to hear it from you.” Monica remembered Dr. Withers’ warning about being open, honest and cooperative. With the threat of prison out there, she knew it was in her best interests to be truthful.

“Well, um, I…Lana had very small breasts, and I…her, um, body type is very similar to mine. I have to admit that the idea of exposing myself like that is incomprehensible, and…well, as you know I have this weakness…this strong desire to see someone humiliated, and I figured that if Lana was like me she would be extremely self-conscious about her body. And I must say that I was right, judging from how red the poor girl…”

“Okay, Monica,” interrupted Dr. Withers. “We need to begin your therapy, or your treatment, if you will. I think it would be most therapeutic for you to experience the same feeling of humiliation that Lana felt that day.” She paused, pleased with the wide-eyed look on her comprehending patient’s face. “Maybe in the future, if you have these strong inclinations, you’ll remember what it feels like. Hopefully this knowledge will act as a deterrent and you would resist the urge to satisfy your desires.” Monica was already shaking her head from side to side, ready to protest. Dr. Withers was not to be denied. “Please remove your blouse for me, Monica.”

Monica Prescott bolted upright in her chair. Her session had taken a sudden, drastic turn, and for her it was a living nightmare. “No, please, Dr. Withers. I promise…”

Dr. Withers pressed on her intercom button and spoke into the speaker. “Tina, would you please get Miss Prescott’s parole officer on the phone for me?”

“No! Okay, I’ll do it! Please!” cried Monica.

“Cancel, that, Tina.”

Dr. Withers leaned back in her easy chair, smiling smugly.

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