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Chapter 3: The Devilish Receptionist
Thu Dec 6, 2012 7:49pm

Monica Prescott shivered noticeably as she exited the subway station into the chilly air of the Chicago suburb. It should be noted that her pent-up anxiety was as much a factor in the cause of her tremors as was the wintry air. Her dreaded second session with the intimidating Dr. Withers had come due, and only two blocks separated her from a doctor's office where undoubtedly a most unpleasant experience awaited her.

In no small way, a contributory factor to her dread was her impending, unavoidable confrontation with Dr. Withers' receptionist, the catty Tina Minsky. As Monica entered the building and approached the elevator, she reluctantly recalled the god-awful scene in the reception area following her agonizing session with Dr. Withers. As the reader may recall, the bashful young patient was stripped bare to the waist when her session ended. The white skin of her slender frame contrasted sharply with her black skirt, stockings and shoes. Following the instructions of Dr. Withers, Tina Minsky had (much to the chagrin of Monica) taken Monica's blouse and bra into the reception room. Upon her dismissal, the overwrought Monica opened the door to the reception area, took a deep breath and, after scanning the room to verify that there was no one out there other than the receptionist, she closed the door and hastily scurried to the reception desk. Tina Minsky was engrossed in a telephone call, and did not look up at the frantic, half-naked young lady standing before her. With her peripheral vision she noted with controlled amusement that her self-consciousness was evident in the way she clenched her arms tightly over her chest.

"Could I have my clothes, please?" asked Monica, her desperation evident. Tina looked up ever so briefly before continuing with her call.

"Sure, I'd love to meet you for cocktails and dinner sometime. Tell me, how are you and Brian getting along these days?"

Monica's exasperation increased. "Please, can you just give me my clothes?!" demanded Monica in a loud, high-pitched voice.

"Hold on one second," Tina said to the other voice on the line. She laid the cradle on her lap and addressed the frazzled patient. "As you can see, Miss Prescott, I am in the middle of an important phone call. Please have a seat and I will try to address your needs when I'm finished here." She put the phone back to her ear. "Sorry, about that, Sonia. There is a lady here that keeps interrupting me because she's embarrassed about her wardrobe. Can you believe the nerve of some people?" With that Tina looked up at Monica and grinned derisively. Monica, now under the realization that she was completely at the mercy of the fiendish receptionist, retreated subserviently to a chair in the waiting area. Tina took the opportunity to add salt to the wound. "You might want to check out the Talbots catalog, Miss Prescott," she called out. "They have some beautiful blouses that might interest you." Chuckling to herself, she returned to her phone call.

Meanwhile, within a few moments Monica recoiled in her seat when she heard someone enter the outside door to the reception area. Frenetically she snatched the Talbots catalog, opened it up and held it in front of her in such a way that she hoped her state of undress would not be discovered. Much to her consternation, the housekeeping man appeared in her view. He was there to empty the garbage! Monica sat nervously, alternating her gaze from the catalog to the housekeeping gentleman, who was in the process of emptying Tina's garbage bin. Coincidentally, the catalog was indeed opened to the blouse section that Tina had referred to. At that moment, Monica thought that she would be willing to spend at least ten times the price listed for the expensive blouses if she could only be wearing one. Then, to her horror, she noticed the trash can right next to her. It would only be a matter of time before the man entered her space. She had to do something! At that moment the man's back was to her, so Monica quickly picked up the trash can and placed it on the other side of a curve in the wall. She glanced at Tina, who was still on the phone and grinning freely at Monica's predicament. It was all Monica could do to restrain herself from running up there and wrapping the phone cord around her neck.

Eventually the housekeeper finished his business and left the room. Monica, whose heart had been racing a mile a minute, exhaled a big sigh of relief. Tina finally hung up the phone, and Monica bounded from her chair and approached the desk.

"I'm begging you, could you please give me my clothes now?" Tina, without a word, nonchalantly pointed at a closet to her left. Monica darted for the closet door, but the knob would not turn. "It's locked!" she screamed back at Tina. Tina smiled at her coyly while holding up a small key.

"I'll be happy to open that for you, Miss Prescott. But first let's set you up for next week's appointment." It was plain to Monica that her tormentor was going to drag out Monica's ordeal as long as she could. Monica flinched when she heard voices in the outside hallway. The voices gradually subsided, and Monica turned her attention back to the receptionist.

"Please, can we just make this quick?" pleaded Monica.

"Absolutely, Miss Prescott," responded Tina. She clicked her computer mouse a few times without looking up. Monica looked anxiously at the door when more voices emanated from the hallway. "Still checking," said Tina calmly while Monica shifted her weight nervously. Tina looked up and said, "I don't know why you keep covering your chest, Miss Prescott. From what I've already seen, you really don't have much to hide." She giggled to herself as she stared at her monitor while scrolling with her mouse. "Okay, here we go," she said finally. I'll put you down for one week from today, same time, same place." Tina diligently wrote the information down on an appointment card for Monica, but, much as she'd like to there was no way she would be able to forget.

Monica took the card and looked toward the closet in expectation. But the evil receptionist had other ideas. "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me with something," she said. Monica looked at her wide-eyed, wondering when the hell she was going to regain her blouse. Tina pointed to a light fixture on the ceiling. It had a chrome brace and a glass bowl-shaped fixture covering two light bulbs. One of the bulbs was apparently burned out. "That bulb needs to be changed, and unfortunately the maintenance department for this building is on strike. I really hate to bother Dr. Withers, and you're so nice and tall, and you have such long arms. It's really a two-person job. I would need you to hold up the glass cover while I unscrew the brace." Tina took note of the distressed look on Monica's face and smiled. "Please, it will only take a few moments, then you are free to go home."

"P-please, I can help, but...just...just let me get dressed first."

"Ah, but Miss Prescott, don't you see? Your blouse and bra are my bargaining chips. If I give them back I'm not sure I can trust you to stay and help me." She paused and smiled at the miserable Monica. "Besides, it's so much more fun this way!" With that she turned and placed a straight-backed chair under the light fixture, then another chair right next to it. Light bulb in hand, she climbed on one of the chairs and motioned Monica to step on the other. Wretchedly, she complied. "Great, now hold onto the bowl while I unscrew it." Monica reached with her left hand. "Two hands, silly girl. Can't have it fall to the floor and break now, can we?" Monica felt like she had to extricate her right arm from her chest. She slowly reached up until she was holding the fixture with both hands. For the first time since leaving Dr. Withers' office, Monica's breasts were out in the open. And, incredibly, for the second time that day she was standing topless on a chair with her arms outstretched toward the ceiling. Her face flushed brightly as Tina, who was only about a foot away, grinned unreservedly as she unabashedly stared at Monica's undersized chest. "You must be incredibly embarrassed, Miss Prescott," said Tina while looking her straight in the eye with a devilish smile. Monica blushed yet brighter, much to Tina's delight.

Monica Prescott eventually recovered her bra and blouse on that ill-fated day a week before. As the elevator door opened, she tentatively stepped into the hallway and eyed the door with the nameplate "Dr. Caroline Withers: Clinical Psychiatry." As she turned the knob, she was unable to fend off an involuntary shudder.

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      • Re: Chapter 5: The Second Sessionhufan, Sun Mar 13 9:54am
        Too bad this story ends just when it gets really brilliant - right in the middle of everything.
        • Hopefully NotBlondie., Mon Mar 14 1:19pm
          Well, I hope it hasn't ended, and rather is in the midst of a looooong hiatus. I have the desire, just not the time. I just checked and there is an average of 355 visitors per day at this site. I'm... more
      • Gentle Nudge to Write MoreHooked6, Mon Jul 29 3:35am
        When last we spoke you said you had very little free time but hoped to add more to this marvelous story at some point. Well it's been 7 months and I am hoping that things have cleared up a bit for... more
        • Agree with Hooked6rickkink, Sat Feb 15 3:34pm
          Hi Blondie, I'm a long-time lurker at this site. Okay, my bad, but I do love the stories. In real life, I adore women with small breasts, even as small as Monica's. I think tiny boobs are so sexy!... more
          • Re: Agree with Hooked6Blondie., Sat Feb 22 4:32am
            Thanks a lot for your comments, Rick. Positive feedback does give the writers incentive to produce more. My problem isn't lack of incentive so much as just not being able to find the time to do... more
        • Re: Gentle Nudge to Write MoreBlondie., Wed Jul 31 8:31am
          Wow, I can't believe it's been 7 months. Unfortunately, life is getting in the way of my writing time. And when I finally do find a little time, I feel I should try to finish the Tommy's Debasement... more
          • Re: Gentle Nudge to Write MoreSteam Train, Tue Dec 9 3:01am
            Hi Blondie A plot line I love. Humiliation is always my main theme and you do it so well. Any progress at all on Tommy? Also you have mentioned that you had written a Tommys Revenge. Was this ever... more
            • Working on ItBlondie., Tue Dec 9 10:10am
              Thanks for the nice feedback, Steam. Recently I have indeed started working on the final chapter or two of Tommy. I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished this month. Life events... more
      • Re: Chapter 5: The Second SessionVillage248, Wed Dec 26 11:35pm
        Hi Blondie, Thank you so much for this latest chapter. Looking forward to more soon. Monica will require years of therapy no doubt. It occurs to me that Monica will need re-enforcement outside the... more
        • IndeedBlondie., Thu Dec 27 4:25pm
          Thanks for your comments, Glenn, I do appreciate them. Rest assured that down the road Monica will be taking a "field trip" outside the confines of Dr. Withers' office. The chances are pretty good... more
          • Re: Indeed Village248, Thu Dec 27 7:57pm
            That sounds wonderful and I'm hopeful Monica will have a huge orgasm on that field trip. It is also interesting that she is attracted to her fellow flat chested cohearts masked as punishment. Dr.... more
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        Hi Blondie, It is so great to have your back writing again and my favorite story of yours no less. The year long dry spell was worth it if this is the result! More soon PLEASE!! Glenn
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        Blondie, This this is the work of a master of which you surely are and a classic in the making in the vein of 'Bare Bottomed Spanking'. Thank you so much! Do you have plans to add more chapters soon? ... more
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            Well, I'd rag on you terribly for starting another story before you've finished one, but then I'd be a hypocrite. I check in from time to time to see what's new, what's added to, what's newly started.
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