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Chapter 5: The Second Session
Sat Dec 22, 2012 11:47am

Dr. Caroline Withers stared at her computer monitor, smiling, as a wave of satisfaction swept through her being. She watched and listened as her star patient ever so reluctantly began unbuttoning her blouse, under the watchful eye of her trustworthy receptionist and two youngsters who were recruited for the occasion. She pushed a button near her keyboard and nodded approvingly as the camera zoomed in on the object of everyone's attention. She pushed another button that captured a picture of her profusely blushing victim. Satisfied, she zoomed back out, with the knowledge that she could---and most certainly would--revisit the recording at a later time for further enjoyment.

When the Monica Prescott case fell into her lap---a gift from heaven, in Caroline's estimation---a few weeks prior, one of her first priorities was to improve on her surveillance system. As the loyal reader has probably ascertained, the depraved psychiatrist's motive for this maneuver had very little to do with surveillance and everything to do with prurient interest. She cut no corners (and no cost, for that matter) in procuring a state of the art system, with several high-definition cameras hidden and strategically placed in both the reception room and the office she presently sat in. In her appraisal she had already gained a tidy return on her investment, that return being the hours of pleasure (both physical and mental, if one must know) she has already experienced while watching the footage from Miss Prescott's previous visit. She owed a debt of gratitude, she thought, to Tina Minsky, as her favorite scene took place in the reception room after the appointment, when the receptionist veered from the planned script and persuaded the half-naked patient to stand on a chair and assist in changing a light bulb. A display of brilliance! Or so thought Dr. Withers. Tina was doing her proud, and Caroline was pleased to observe that Ms. Minsky wasn't exactly going about her new duties regarding the new patient with any reservations; indeed, she seemed to be thriving on the experience.

Caroline watched the young lady squirm in her chair for a few more minutes before turning off her computer and picking up the intercom line. "Tina, could you please send Miss Prescott in now?" she asked.

"Okay, will do," came the reply. The doctor wasn't a bit surprised to see her door open almost instantly. She chuckled to herself, knowing that her patient was quite eager to escape her previous situation.

"Good afternoon, Monica" greeted Dr. Withers pleasantly. She held out her palm, motioning for Monica to be seated. Monica sat in the same chair as in her first session. The chair had no armrests. Dr. Withers sat in her easy chair directly across from her. Again, no furniture separated doctor and patient. It was not a comfortable setup for her patient, but of course that is exactly what Dr. Withers had in mind. She wasted no time in exacerbating Monica's state of discomfiture.

"Do you know why I had you come in here stripped of your coat and blouse?"

Monica impulsively crossed her arms over her chest. "I...I don't know, Dr. Withers." Dr. Withers looked at her sternly without responding. Monica felt obliged to try a different tact. "All part of the therapy?" she tried, using a phrase Dr. Withers had used in the previous session. Dr. Withers smiled.

"That's true, Monica, it most certainly is. But more specifically, and please correct me if I'm mistaken...wasn't it one of your favorite punishments to have your victim remove their top?" She had intentionally used the word "victim," knowing that was exactly how Monica perceived them. It was her way of getting her warmed up, hopefully to get her in character as a teacher.

"Yes, I thought this was a very effective form of discipline," said Monica, somewhat enthusiastically. "I've had very few second offenders."

"You utilized this form of discipline on several occasions, didn't you, Monica."

"Yes, I did," replied Monica while nodding her head.

"Tell me about it, Monica," said Dr. Withers. She purposely was being vague, wondering where Monica would go with it.

"Well, the student would misbehave, and..."

"How would the student misbehave?" interrupted Dr. Withers.

"Oh, she would either talk in class, or she would not do her homework. Usually something like that, nothing serious."

"So a minor offense warranted taking action with your 'punishment through humiliation' practice."

"Well, it depends on what you consider 'minor offense.' Again, I thought it was very effec..."

"You have used the word 'she' when describing the students you punished. Did you ever have the occasion to punish the boys?"

"Oh, yes, I absolutely did." Monica chuckled slightly. "I once made a boy take his clothes off and I put a dress on him." Monica grinned at the recollection. "I don't think I've ever seen a boy turn redder than he did. It was really something."

"You say you made him take his clothes off to put the dress on. Did you make him strip naked before ?" Dr. Withers' interest was growing by the minute.

"Not this particular one, though on other occasions I did just that. To tell you the truth, I didn't have any interest in seeing him naked. He had too much hair on his body. I just wanted to embarrass him. Guess I succeeded in that!" Monica was smiling widely now. "Anyway, I preferred the boys that hadn't started developing yet. They were much more self-conscious, so the humiliation was more intense."

"Indeed," responded Dr. Withers. She wanted to hear more details, but chose to stay on the present topic. "We'll get back to the boys some other time. Tell me about making the girls strip their tops off. Did you enjoy doing that?"

"Oh yes, Dr. Withers," replied Monica excitedly. Dr. Withers smiled to herself. Her patient had let go and was caught up in her humiliation escapades. "The look on the girls' faces when they come to the realization that they are going to have to strip...oh, it is just precious!" Dr. Withers noted that Monica was talking in the present tense, as if she was reliving the moments. "And then, when they understand how serious I am...and when they reach for that top button, I know I have them. And this warm feeling of satisfaction comes over me." Even Dr. Withers was astonished by the woman's passion. She let her continue unprompted. "And I watch them slowly, methodically get towards the bottom. Sometimes they're fighting off tears---once a girl was bawling out of control; I really didn't care for that---and their faces get redder and redder as they feel the humiliation coming on. Then when I take the blouse from their hands---sometimes they'll hold on to it as I'm pulling on it. I kind of enjoy that. What, do they think I'm going to change my mind? I don't think so! Then, when they finally relinquish the blouse, and their bra is exposed, and they wrap their arms across their chest in absolute mortification....what a delicious sight!" Monica was so engrossed in her reminiscences that she hadn't realized that just a few minutes before she was doing just that in the waiting area. Dr. Withers smiled at the irony.

"Tell me about the girls that you punished, Monica. Did they have anything in common?" Monica replied without hesitation.

"The best girls to punish this way are the flat-chested ones. They're SO embarrassed to expose their double A's, or even their triple A's, if I'm fortunate enough to get one of those." Monica, who was already a little flush in the face from excitement, blushed deeper as she momentarily contemplated her own 34AAA cup bra that was on display. Dr. Withers got her back on track.

"How long do you wait before giving them their blouses back?"

"Oh, it varies. Depends on how much fun I'm having with them, I guess," Monica said, followed by a giggle. "I usually a have them sit in their chairs like that until the end of the lesson. If I'm so inclined, especially if they're extraordinarily embarrassed about their exposure I might have them come up to the front of the class. The first couple of times I did this I had them read from a textbook. That was okay, but they tended to cover their little chests with the book. So I had to try something different. I might have them come up and recite their favorite poem. Or I would quiz them on the latest chapter from whatever we were studying at the time. They would be required to fold their hands behind their backs all the while. They just hated that. One of them tried to puff out her chest to make it look bigger, but come on, she was probably a double A, who was she kidding? I'm sure she got teased by the other kids for the rest of the year." Monica paused and caught her breath. "One of my favorite was when I made one absolutely pancake-flat girl---I mean, if I didn't know better, she could have been a boy---come up and sing for us. She kept on trying to cover her bra with her arms. It was more like a training bra, and she was sixteen years old! She was so humiliated... it was a wonderful thing. " Monica paused and smiled, seemingly picturing the ill-fated girl in her mind." Anyway, it was during the Christmas season, and I had her sing 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.' So she was up there for a long time. Oh, and every time she got to the part where you have to draw out 'five golden rings' I had her hold her arms out like this." In spite of herself, Monica stood up and demonstrated by stretching her arms out and partway up, with her palms facing the entertained doctor. Monica caught herself, and, blushing, quickly sat back in her chair, arms folded.

"Tell me about the girl at Crestview High." Dr. Withers had done her homework, having thoroughly poured through all the documents pertaining to the Prescott case. "It looks like you only substituted there one time."

Monica had pulled back into the reality of being Dr. Withers' subservient patient. "I...that was a while ago..."

"I believe her name was Ginger," prodded Dr. Withers.

"Yes, that is correct," answered Monica while focusing on a carpet fiber in front of her.

"What did Ginger look like?

"Um...she was tall, very pretty. Very nice body type. Had beautiful red hair. I guess that's where she got the name Ginger."

"How big were her breasts, Monica?"

"They, um...they were quite small."

"Were they as small as yours, Monica?" She stared at her patient's chest while asking this, and took pleasure when Monica again covered her bra by crossing her arms over her chest, while blushing yet again.

"I guess...I mean maybe. They were very small."

"Like yours."

Monica squirmed in her chair. "Yes."

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, her breasts...her breasts were very small, just like mine."

"Very good, Monica, you are cooperating very admirably. Now tell me how you disciplined Ginger. First of all, what was her offense?"

"She wasn't listening to my lecture. She was staring out the window. She obviously had other things on her mind."

"And I guess you managed to get her attention."

Monica smiled. "Yes, I most certainly did."

"Did you make her take her top off?"

"Oh, yes. And I must say I really enjoyed this one."

"Was there something special about Ginger?" Monica was stepping back into her element, to Dr. Withers' delight.

"There was. I can't put my finger on it..I mean, she was extremely flat-chested and undoubtedly quite self-conscious about that, which always makes it pleasurable for me. But there was more to it than that. Just the incredulous look she had when I suggested that she might be a little more focused if I took possession of her sweater. And the terrified look in her eyes when she realized that I was dead serious. When she hesitated, I told her she could take it off herself, or I would do it for her, but either way her sweater was mine for the rest of the period. She was sniveling a little bit when she reached for the sweater. She was wearing a black turtleneck---just tight enough to see the outline of her wee little breasts---and a pair of tight jeans. She looked marvelous, especially when she was blushing crimson when I pulled her sweater from her grasp and she was standing there in her little black bra. At that moment I decided I was going to make her parade around in her underwear. I knew it would be such a delectable sight. And I was a just a little curious to see if she was wearing matching black panties---she was, by the way, and flat chest or not, she looked quite sexy, I must say---but then the bell rang. Well, I was having way too much fun to let THAT get in my way. Fortunately, it was the last period of the day. Ginger looked at me ever-so expectantly, but I informed her that she was to stay after school because I wasn't quite done with her yet. That elicited another delectable expression on her face. She had to be wondering what else I could possibly have in store for her, the poor dear. Anyway, I decided we needed some spectators---mainly for Ginger's benefit, of course." She paused and looked to Dr. Withers for approval.

"Of course," she responded. "Much more humiliation that way."

"Exactly!" said the now animated Monica. "So I asked for three volunteers to stick around and assist with Ginger's punishment. I'd say more than half of the class raised their hands. I guess I wasn't the only one who was enjoying Ginger's humiliation." Monica giggled.

"I read the transcript. You chose two girls and one boy. What reasoning did you use to pick the three you did?

"Well, the two girls seemed to be enjoying the spectacle just a little more than the others. I thought it would add to the disciplinary session if we had fellow students who were smiling, or even laughing at Ginger's plight. And as far as the boy goes, well, I can guarantee that she abhorred having a boy watch her strutting around in her underwear like that. And I noticed this particular boy was wide-eyed in amazement when Ginger pulled off her sweater, like he'd never seen a girl in a bra before. And he had this innocent, boyish face...I don't know, I just thought he would be perfect."

Dr. Withers decided that this would be a good time to cut her off. "Thank you, Monica, you can stop now." Dr. Withers stood up and walked towards her desk. "Do me a favor, please, and set your chair right next to mine, if you would." Monica, a bit confused, carried out the doctor's request by setting her chair to the right of Dr. Withers' easy chair. Meanwhile, Dr. Withers had wheeled her desk chair over and set to the left of the easy chair. The psychiatrist then grabbed yet another chair and set it next to her patient's chair. She arranged the chairs into a semi-circle, facing the vacated area where Monica had been sitting. Monica's perplexed expression gradually changed to one of fretfulness as the apparent intentions of the evil doctor started to sink in. "Is this pretty much how the chairs were arranged that day, Monica?" asked Dr. Withers. Monica was now open-mouthed in horror.

"Oh God, please no, Dr Withers," begged Monica. "Please, I'll..." Dr. Withers had already pressed the intercom button.

"Tina, could the three of you come in here, please?"

"No!" screamed the anguished Monica. But within seconds she heard the doorknob turn.

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    • Chapter 5: The Second Session — Blondie., Sat Dec 22 11:47am
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        Too bad this story ends just when it gets really brilliant - right in the middle of everything.
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