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Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:25pm

Thanks for your comments, Glenn, I do appreciate them. Rest assured that down the road Monica will be taking a "field trip" outside the confines of Dr. Withers' office. The chances are pretty good (well, about 100%) that her attire (or lack of it) will not be of her choosing, and that Dr. Withers will need assistance from her receptionist, the two teens, and any other character(s) that could possibly be introduced.

  • Re: Chapter 5: The Second SessionVillage248, Wed Dec 26 11:35pm
    Hi Blondie, Thank you so much for this latest chapter. Looking forward to more soon. Monica will require years of therapy no doubt. It occurs to me that Monica will need re-enforcement outside the... more
    • Indeed — Blondie., Thu Dec 27 4:25pm
      • Re: Indeed Village248, Thu Dec 27 7:57pm
        That sounds wonderful and I'm hopeful Monica will have a huge orgasm on that field trip. It is also interesting that she is attracted to her fellow flat chested cohearts masked as punishment. Dr.... more
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