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Stripped by Friends
Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:39pm

The following is applicable to all chapters of “Stripped by Friends”:

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For ages eighteen and older only.

    • Chapter 1: Stripped of PajamasBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:40pm
      The Attack Let’s go back a few years to when I’m 14 years old and a sophomore in high school. I’m small for my age, and a very late developer. All the other guys in my class have developed bodily... more
      • Chapter 2: Naked in the CarBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:42pm
        Ushered to the Car in Tighty-Whities The next morning I wake up and the guys are putting their clothes on. “Let’s go, Blondie,” Bruce says. “Tammy’s taking us all to the grocery store to buy some... more
        • Chapter 2: Naked in the Car, continuedBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:43pm
          Underpants Gone With the Wind I watch desolately as Donna gleefully waves them back and forth in the air. “Blondie’s naked, Blondie’s naked,” she sings merrily. Everyone is applauding and laughing.... more
          • Chapter 3: Nude and Spanked at BreakfastBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:44pm
            Exposure After being escorted into the house, I am guided into the kitchen. I again shiver as my feet hit the cold linoleum floor. I’m still covering my crotch, and to this point nobody has really... more
            • The Spanking “All right, that does it!” reprimands Donna. “I’ve had quite enough of your insolence. You get your little ass over here right now!” She stands up, pulls her chair away from the table... more
              • Chapter 4: The Sordid GameBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:46pm
                Charades After the dishes are done we all retire to the living room. They are all sitting around talking and joking, and the electricity in the air is palpable. Everyone is in a festive mood, at the... more
                • Chapter 5: Public Nudity at the Drive-ThroughBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:48pm
                  Lunch There is a brief moment of silence, which is broken by Donna. “Let’s all go out to lunch!” she says. Bruce says he needs to change his clothes first. I squeeze my eyes tightly shut, bracing... more
                  • Chapter 6: Naked Ordeal in the City ParkBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:49pm
                    Chained to the Car Gail looks back at me, still laughing wildly. We follow the group in front of us and pull into a parking space at the curb of the city park. Everyone piles out of the two cars and... more
                    • Chapter 7: Paraded NakedBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:50pm
                      Fire Drill “Okay, Blondie, you can get back in Rhonda’s car,” offers Tammy. “Time to go home. And if you do whatever Rhonda and Gail tell you the rest of the way then we’ll give you back your... more
                      • Chapter 8: Forced OrgasmBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:51pm
                        Bruce’s Overture As Tammy drives us home, the joviality continues. Everyone is recounting the events that just took place. It seems everyone has their own favorite scene, and each would describe it... more
                        • EpilogueBlondie., Thu Apr 25 4:51pm
                          For the rest of the Easter break I stay within the confines of my room, trying to mentally recover from the devastating ordeal I have experienced. I feel a little better as each day passes, although... more
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