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Chapter 2: Naked in the Car
Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:42pm

Ushered to the Car in Tighty-Whities

The next morning I wake up and the guys are putting their clothes on. “Let’s go, Blondie,” Bruce says. “Tammy’s taking us all to the grocery store to buy some food for breakfast.” I look around hopefully, but my clothes are still missing.

“Where are my clothes?” I ask Bruce.

“Don’t worry about it, you look just fine as you are,” replied Bruce.

“But I can’t go outside like this!”

“Ah, but you can, Blondie boy…well, actually you don’t have to if you don’t want to. In fact, you have a choice. Either you come out willingly dressed as you are or you can refuse, in which case we’ll yank off your underpants and drag you out there bare-assed.” Everyone laughs at the prospect. Tammy and Donna are standing at the doorway of the room with their coats on, grinning widely. I suddenly realize that one of my worst nightmares could well come true. “So it’s your call, Blondie,” continues Bruce. “Are you coming with us in your tighty-whities are or are you coming with us nude?”

“I hope Blondie keeps this up,” Donna offers. “I want to see him naked.” Amidst the giggling I muster up the nerve to get out of bed, realizing that I have to go along with their unsavory scheme or risk much greater humiliation. Everyone is leering at me with smiles on their faces as I follow them out of the room. It is a very naked feeling as I walk down the stairs in the middle of the pack, clad only in my underpants while everyone else is fully dressed, coats and all. The walk from the front door to the car is dreadful, as the cold air sends shivers up and down my near-naked body. I’m directed to the back seat of Tammy’s parents’ old station wagon, where I’m sitting in between Bruce and one of the other guys. Tammy is driving and Donna is in the passenger seat. As we pull out I can’t believe I’m on the road in this state of undress. It is a fifteen-minute drive to the store, but it seems much longer. Donna frequently turns around to look at me, and smiles widely each time. “Are you sure you don’t want to take off your undies, Blondie?” she teases during one of her many glimpses back at me. “I’d really LOVE to see you sitting there naked…totally nude, all embarrassed and squirming around..." She is grinning at me while I blush profusely. I see Tammy catching quick looks at me in her rearview mirror. It is obvious that both girls are fully enjoying my humiliation. Bruce teases me mercilessly, and twice he runs his hand up and down my bare, hairless thigh. I want to just die on the spot.

The Teenyboppers

When we reach our destination, Tammy finds a parking spot right in front of the store. She rolls down all the electric windows before taking the keys out of the ignition and putting them in her purse. I have goose bumps all over my body from the chilly air. “We don’t want you to get too hot,” she says to me with a smile while they all pile out of the car.

“If you do, you can always just take your underpants off,” Donna teases as she exits the car. Everyone laughs heartily.

“Sit up straight, Blondie,” cautions Bruce. “And don’t even think about ducking down behind the seat. I’ll be able to see you from the store, and if I don’t see your head right where it is then I’m coming back out here and bringing you back in with me.”

The doors to the car slam shut. I hear them laughing and joking as they walk away. A few of them turn back and look at me as they enter the store.

I am absolutely miserable. Here I am in a cold car stripped to my underpants, and am really dreading whatever might be in store for me when my “friends” return. Then, to my horror, a car pulls up in the parking spot next to me. The driver, an attractive woman in her mid to late twenties, lightly hits her door against the station wagon as she gets out. It is all I can do to keep from ducking down, but Bruce has already checked on me from the store window at least twice. I am breathing heavily. Though I’m almost sure she will spot me, miraculously she doesn’t. When she closes her door and walks towards the store, I breathe a huge sigh of relief. Despite the cold, I feel the perspiration under my arms, and beads of sweat have formed at the top of my forehead.

I barely have a chance to recover from the scare when there is cause for even greater concern. Three teenyboppers, certainly no older than thirteen, emerge from the store. They are walking slowly, talking and giggling amongst themselves, and they’re headed in my direction! I tense up, and feel like I’m ready to break out into a cold sweat. There is an open parking space on my immediate left, and it appears they will be using that space as a passageway. I seriously consider ducking to the floor of the car. I look to the store window and see Bruce’s smiling face surveying the scene. The girls are now approaching the front of the car. I don’t know how they can miss me, but I’m hoping beyond hope that they do. “Oh, God, please,” I whisper out loud. They are walking next to the car now, engaged in conversation one would expect from young teens.

“I think Johnny’s a hunk,” I hear one of them say. They are strolling next to my window. Terrified, I sit as still as a statue, holding my breath so as not to make a sound or move a muscle.

“Yeah,” answers one of her companions. “He’s got the cutest ass, doesn’t he?” They all are giggling. Amazingly, they have passed my window. I’m just about to let out another huge sigh of relief when I hear the ominous words.

“Wait a minute…Melody! Heather! You’re not going to believe what I just saw!”

I’m crushed. I let out my breath and brace myself for a fate that is now almost certain. Sure enough, within seconds the girl is peering in my window. We make eye contact. She is agape, and at first is unsure how to react. When she takes in my red-faced, submissive expression she breaks into a wide grin.

“What? What is it, Wendy?” one of the other girls calls out.

She motions excitedly for her friends to join her. Within moments there are three wide-eyed, grinning teenyboppers staring at me through the open window. “Oh, my God!” screams one in amusement. When she recovers from her surprise, she says, simply, “Why are you sitting here in your underpants?”

“Please…just go away!” I plead.

“Oh, I’ll bet his mother is punishing him,” speculates Wendy. They all giggle. “Is that right, is your mommy punishing you for being a bad little boy? Is she going to take you over her knee and give you a bare-bottomed spanking when you get home?”

“No…please, just leave me alone.”

“I think his mommy should make him take off his underpants, too,” declares Wendy. They are all laughing now. I am close to tears. My knees are clenched together and my hands are tucked between my thighs. I look up and Bruce is still taking in the scene from the store window. He is laughing hysterically. One of the girls runs around to the other side of the car. I am now being gawked at from both sides. I wish I could crawl through a hole in the floor of the car and never resurface.

“My name’s Heather,” says the girl who is solo at the window. “What’s yours?”

“Please…I don’t want to talk. Please, just leave me alone.” Heather has certainly figured out that I am in a compromised position. I am about to discover that the little devil has a mean streak.

“We’re not going anywhere, little boy, until you cooperate. Now what’s your name?”

“Blondie,” I reply uneasily without looking up. This brings giggles from all.

“Hi, Blondie,” laughs Heather. “Nice to meet you.” She sticks her hand through the window. I shake it meekly. She points to her friends. “This is Wendy, and that’s Melody.” I’m forced to shake hands with them, also.

“Please,” I try again. “I’m begging…please just go away.”

“Hmm, I’ll tell you what,” answers Heather. “We’ll go away and leave you alone. But first you have to do something for us.” I don’t answer. I know whatever she has in mind cannot bode well for me. Then, to my horror, she opens the car door and gets in, planting herself right next to me. The other girls follow her lead, and Melody gets in on my other side while Wendy opens the front door and slides into the front seat. She is on her knees facing me in the middle of the bench seat. She is grinning broadly as she looks me up and down.

“We just want to see what you’re sportin’ under there,” says Heather while reaching for my underpants. I grab her wrist to fend her off. Giggling, she says, “All you have to do is pull your underpants down, let us have a look-see, then we’ll be on our merry way.” The interest level among the girls has taken a sudden, dramatic turn upwards. I sit there helplessly, blushing crimson.

“No…please don’t…” I’m interrupted by Wendy.

“Make him do it, Heather, make him do it!” urges Wendy excitedly.

“See those girls over there, Blondie?” says Heather while pointing to a group of five or six teenaged girls standing in front of the nearby drug store. “If you don’t pull down your underpants right now I’m calling them over here.” I sit frozen, petrified. Wendy reaches back and honks the horn. The girls in front of the drug store look our way.

"Okay! Please! I'll do it!" I surrender.

I really have no choice. The thought of lowering my underpants for these fiends is horrifying, but in no way do I want any more witnesses to my already-humiliating condition. I fight back the tears as I prepare myself for the dirty deed. I place my hands on the waistband of my underpants and take a deep breath. The tension is palpable as the girls look on in gleeful anticipation. I clench my eyes shut and quickly yank my underpants down to my upper thighs. Just as quickly I yank them back up.

“No, no, no, not good enough!” squeals the giggling Heather. “Pull them down to your ankles and keep them there so we can get a good peek.” Again I sit there motionless, temporarily unable to do their bidding. “Now, bad little boy, or I’m calling them over.” Wendy makes a motion towards the horn. I know what I have to do. Again I reach for my underpants, and this time I lower them all the way down. My hands immediately cover my modesty. “Move your hands!” shrieks Heather excitedly as she grasps my right arm with both hands. Simultaneously Melody seizes my other arm and they are pried apart. My knees are clenched together tightly. "Spread your legs!" commands Heather. When I hesitate, Melody honks the horn again. I pull my knees apart. Three sets of eyes are focused between my legs as I am momentarily exposed. Melody snaps a picture with her cell phone. Overwhelmed with mortification I quickly break free from their grasp and re-cover myself with my hands.

“Blondie, you have visitors!” I hear Tammy hollering. I look up and see the whole group coming towards the car, with Tammy leading the charge. The three giggling teenyboppers quickly evacuate the car and scamper away, squealing with delight.

“Did you see it? Did you see how tiny it was?” one of them shouts.

“I saw it, and there was no hair!” cries another. "And I got a picture!" The sounds of their gleeful laughter resonate in my ears as they disappear from sight. I hurriedly reach down and pull up my underpants, feeling utterly violated by what has just transpired.

“Blondie, you little pervert!” taunts Tammy. “You guys missed it,” she tells the rest, “But I think our little friend here was playing ‘show and tell’ while we were gone. Did they get a good look, Blondie?” I stare downwards without answering, while everyone gets in the car and we start pulling out of the lot.

“What was he doing?” asks Donna eagerly.

“The little perv had his tighty-whities pulled down!” exclaims Tammy. “He was covering up for dear life, but still…”

Forced to Strip

As we pull out of the parking lot Donna gets on her knees in the front seat and faces me with a mischievous grin. “So Blondie,” she says. “How ‘bout putting on a little show for US?” I shake my head briskly from side to side. “Oh, come on, Blondie, won’t you pull down your little undies for us like you did for your little girlfriends?” She reaches over her seat and strokes my thigh. The level of interest among everyone around me is increasing. I push her hand away. I am becoming quite nervous at the direction this is heading. “Tell him, Bruce,” persists Donna. “Tell him to pull his underpants down for us.” Bruce flicks the bottom my underpants with his index finger. His words fill me with terror.

“Take ‘em down, Blondie,” is his simple command.

“Please, you guys, don’t do…”

“Pull over, Tammy,” he interrupts. Tammy pulls over to the curb in front of a coffee shop. I notice several people sitting idly in their window seats. Bruce opens his door and pulls on my arm. “Come on, Blondie, let’s go for a walk,” he says.

“No! Okay! Okay, I’ll do it!” I scream. Bruce releases his grip on my arm and closes the door. He nods to Tammy, who pulls back onto the road.

My heart is beating a mile a minute. Everyone is silent. I look up, and Donna is grinning at me in eager expectation. Tammy adjusts her rearview mirror so she can watch my every move. I sit there in trepidation, delaying the inevitable. Donna, ready to exercise her control, breaks the silence. “Now, Blondie! Do it! Take those undies down. NOW!” I lift my hips and lower my underpants to the tops of my thighs. In the same motion I cover my crotch with my hands before anyone can see my gonads. I feel myself shivering. “More, Blondie!” commands the highly energized Donna. I use one hand to push them to my mid-thigh. I am miserable. “Keep going, Blondie!” Donna is nearly out of breath in her excitement. Reluctantly I advance them to my knees. “All the way down. Down to your ankles,” she says quickly, her words running together. I sit motionless.

“No, please…” I am on the verge of tears.

“NOW!” I reach over and slide them down to my ankles, being ever so careful to keep myself covered with my free hand. “Good boy, Blondie. Now strip ‘em off!” I shouldn’t be surprised to hear the words, but they make me flinch in my seat.

“Please…I can’t…please don’t…” My desperate entreaty is interrupted by a stern warning from Donna.

“Strip off your undies, now, or you’re going outside just like you are.” I hesitate. “That does it; pull over, Tammy, he’s going out.”

“Okay! Oh, God,” I moan as I reach all the way down and pull off my underpants, one leg at a time. It is just an awful, defenseless feeling to slip them off my feet, a feeling of doom, and the sense that there will be no turning back from this point forward. The exuberant Donna immediately reaches down and snatches my underpants from my grasp.

I am now completely naked.

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