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Chapter 2: Naked in the Car, continued
Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:43pm

Underpants Gone With the Wind

I watch desolately as Donna gleefully waves them back and forth in the air. “Blondie’s naked, Blondie’s naked,” she sings merrily. Everyone is applauding and laughing. Donna, her face flushed with excitement, is staring me up and down with a wicked smile on her face. She rolls down her window and while securing my underpants with the crook of her finger she stretches her arm out the window. For the next few minutes we drive on, watching my underpants flap in the wind, much to the joviality of my tormentors. Then, she turns to look at me. “Say ‘Bye-bye, my precious undies,’” she orders. I remain glumly silent. “Say it, Smoothie. ‘Bye-bye, my precious undies.’”

“Bye-bye, my precious undies,” I submit, my voice cracking.

"Say, 'I'm really going to miss you, my dear, sweet underpants,'" she says amongst giddy laughter.

"I'm really going to miss you, my dear, sweet underpants," I say, sounding as if I’m about to cry.

The laughter is boisterous as Donna chimes in. "Bye-bye, Blondie's underpants!" she squeals as she lets go of the material. It is a totally helpless feeling as I follow the flight of my underpants as they sail past my window, never to be seen again. There is raucous cheering and laughter throughout the car. Tammy stops at a stop sign and turns back to check me out.

“Oh my goodness, Blondie,” she teases. “Look at you! You’re naked!” She pauses and looks me up and down with a devilish grin. “My, my, look how red your face is! And why are you covering up your goodies? You’re quite the bashful one, little boy, yes you are.” As she says the last three words she reaches back and playfully squeezes my burning cheeks between her thumb and index finger. I flush yet brighter.

The laughter continues. To my horror and disgust I notice with my peripheral vision that Bruce uses his hand to adjust his erection. As the car continues on the journey home, I’m completely mortified and again I consider that if I could, I would choose to die on the spot. I spend the rest of the trip hunched over in my seat, covering my naked crotch. Bruce runs the tips of his fingers up and down my back a couple of times, actually touching the top of the crack in my ass, much to my revulsion. Donna has turned back around in her seat, but she steals frequent glances back at me. I hear her and Tammy laughing and giggling like little schoolgirls. Everyone is having a marvelous time over my humiliation.

The car pulls back into the driveway. There is lots of chattering and amusement as everyone gets out. I sit there, not being able to muster up the courage to go outside in my naked state. “Let’s go, Blondie, Donna and I need your help serving breakfast,” laughs Tammy. Bruce reaches in and pulls on my arm. I reluctantly slide out of the car and follow the group into the house. Everyone is looking back at me as I walk hunched over, both hands on my crotch.

“See, I told you we’d get to see Blondie walk around nude,” says Bruce. He is obviously enjoying himself immensely, as I can’t help but to look at the hard-on he still has. I shudder. What an unbelievably naked feeling it is to be walking around outside in a forced state of submission. I pray silently for the terrible ordeal to end, but instincts tell me that my humiliation is only beginning.

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