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Chapter 3: Nude and Spanked at Breakfast
Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:44pm


After being escorted into the house, I am guided into the kitchen. I again shiver as my feet hit the cold linoleum floor. I’m still covering my crotch, and to this point nobody has really seen my small, hairless cock and balls. But then Bruce tells me to go stand in front of the sink. There is a small stepstool there and I’m told to stand on it. The group stands in a semi-circle around me and Bruce tells me to raise my hands as high in the air as I can. I cower on the stool, still holding my privates. “Please, don’t make me do this!” I plead. But my pleas go unanswered. Tammy holds up her cell phone and takes a picture of me. Everyone huddles around the phone and looks at the picture with amusement. Bruce holds the phone up to me.

“Would you like me to send this to your sister?” he asks.

I need no further prodding. Resigned to my awful fate I slowly raise my arms until they’re fully extended. Needless to say, it is a staggering humiliation. For the first time in memory someone is seeing me exposed completely naked, and it is under most humiliating circumstances. The girls laugh so hard they lean into each other with one hand over their mouths and one pointing between my legs. The guys are wide-eyed and in a state of hilarity.

“He looks like he’s eleven years old!” someone exclaims.

My face feels like it’s on fire. Tammy snaps another picture. I remain in this position for a few more seconds until I can take no more and again cover myself with my hands. Bruce grabs me by the wrist and pulls me from the stool. “Okay, Blondie, here’s the deal,” Bruce admonishes. “If you try to cover up one more time, then these pictures are going to be sent not only to your sister, but everyone at school.” The grinning Tammy holds up the phone so I can see her latest photo op. I cringe at the picture of my naked, prepubescent body. It hits me that there is no turning back now, and that I’m completely at their mercy. In a state of total despair, I drop my hands to my sides. Te feeling of nakedness and vulnerability is excruciating.

Tammy and Donna start preparing breakfast and the guys take a seat in the dining room. I’m standing naked in the middle of the kitchen. “Self-conscious” can’t begin to describe how I feel, as I stand there not knowing what to do, fighting to keep my hands at my sides. The girls move about the kitchen, looking at me and smiling every chance they get. Their conversation as they go about their business exacerbates my humiliation.

“Can you believe we’ve got a naked little boy in my kitchen?” asks Tammy.

“I know,” answers Donna. “Actually he’s a teenager, but he sure looks like a little boy.” She looks me up and down, grins and adds, “Maybe more like a little girl.”

“No shit,” laughs Tammy. “Who’s he kidding with that hairless little clitty between his legs.” Both girls are now in a giggling fit while I stand there, my face so hot it is pulsating from shame.

The Naked Servant

“Well don’t just stand there, Blondie,” says Tammy. “Make yourself useful and go set the table.” She grins fiendishly at me as she opens the silverware drawer. I see Bruce and a couple of the guys peeking at me through the door from their seats in the dining room. I wince and pull out enough silverware for nine place settings. Donna pats my naked ass before I make the excruciating walk to the dining room. My nightmare gets worse as I lay out the silverware in front of each seat. I’m sure most of the guys can’t believe what is transpiring. I feel everyone's stares, especially Bruce’s. His setting is the last, and as I turn to walk away from him towards the kitchen I feel his fingers pinch my butt cheek. I cringe as everyone at the table bursts out laughing.

Tammy instructs me to continue setting the table, showing me where the napkins and glasses are. It doesn’t get any easier for me as I have to make several trips back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. All the while I feel all eyes on me from the occupants of both rooms. It is especially tormenting when I have to bend over to lay the glasses down, and I picture in my mind the sight of Bruce’s hard-on, which sends a shiver down my spine.

When I’m done setting the table, Donna hands me a can of concentrated orange juice and instructs me to make it up. I stand at the counter naked, stirring up orange juice with a girl on either side of me, both visibly amused at my condition. Tammy drops a spoon on the floor right at my feet, and both girls bend down to pick it up. They purposely linger while they’re down there, their eyes inches from my crotch. They blatantly stare for a few seconds, and then look up at my face and start giggling like little schoolgirls. They stand up and Donna playfully pinches the right side of my burning face. “Don’t feel bad, little boy,” she teases. “You’re almost as big as my ten-year-old brother.” Both girls break into hysterical laughter. I feel emasculated as I stand there and soak up the biting ridicule. It seems my humiliation will have no bounds.

“Well what are you waiting for, Smoothie, the boys are waiting for their orange juice,” says Donna. I’m blushing brightly as I enter the dining room and proceed from seat to seat, pouring from the pitcher into each glass. While I pour into Bruce’s glass, to my horror I feel his fingers tickle my balls. Startled, I squeal out loud and spill some juice on the table. Hearty laughter rings in my ears as I turn to go get a towel to clean up the mess. The boys are thoroughly entertained as my degradation continues.

After I lay out platters of eggs, pancakes and sausages on the table I’m instructed to take my place at the head of the table. Someone has put a barstool there that is higher than the table, so I will be on display during the meal. I take my seat to the sounds of chuckling and giggling. Bruce instructs me to place my feet on either side of the stool, thus furthering my exposure. Everyone is in a positively giddy mood, as I sit forlornly and start nibbling at my food without looking up from my plate.

Introducing Rhonda and Gail

I stiffen in my seat at the sound of the doorbell. Everyone looks at the door, then at me, wondering what would transpire. Tammy gets up and peeks through the curtain of a side window to see who it is. I’m all set to bail upstairs when Tammy turns back with a sly grin on her face. “Blondie, would you get the door, please?” I can’t move, I’m so horrified. The doorbell rings again and Tammy pulls me by the arm off the barstool.

“Please!” I plead with Tammy. “I can’t open the door like this!” She gives me a stern look and spanks my ass with one hard slap that rings across the room, eliciting guffaws from all. She points at the door.

“You go answer that door right this minute!” she orders. “And don’t try to hide behind the door. Just open it wide and greet our guests.” I’m shaking and my ass is stinging as I walk towards the door. I know a red mark is materializing at the point of the slap, and I can sense that everyone is watching it change color. I hear the laughter and excitement behind me as Tammy whispers to the others, probably informing them who the guests are. I have my hand on the doorknob for a few seconds, close my eyes, build up the nerve and swing the door open. I know better than to cover up, so I’m standing there in the doorway, naked as the day I was born, and look at the faces of two attractive sixteen-year-old girls. They’re friends of Tammy and Donna who have shown up unexpectedly. I’m completely mortified as at first they have a look of total shock. Then they look me up and down as I stand there like a naked boy statue. My face is pulsating from shame. They both break into convulsive laughter, alternately looking at my anguished, bright red face and my undeveloped, hairless genitals.

When one of them finally catches her breath she says, “My, oh my, where are your clothes, little boy?” She is wide-eyed, both in disbelief and amusement.

Tammy appears in the doorway and says, “Well come on, Blondie, invite our guests in from the cold,” she instructs.

“Won’t you come in?” I respond subserviently, and this gets another hearty laugh.

“Blondie, I’d like you to meet Rhonda and Gail. Rhonda and Gail, this is Blondie. He's fourteen, believe it or not." Both of them drop their jaws and gaze at my hairless penis. "He had no idea you’d be coming by today, so excuse him if he seems a little underdressed.” Tammy laughs exuberantly at her own joke. The two new arrivals are grinning from ear to ear as they stick their hands out and I shake them.

“Pleased to meet you, Blondie,” says Gail as she looks in my eyes and then down at my crotch. “How’s every little thing with you?” I don’t answer this cutting remark as Rhonda shakes my hand. She is laughing so hard, she is speechless.

“I’m so glad you could make it by,” says Tammy as she leads us into the dining room. “You’re just in time for breakfast. There’s plenty of food, would you like to join us?”

“Well, we just had breakfast, but if you don’t mind we’d love to sit down with you and get to know your little friend,” answers Gail, her eyes still glued to my naked form.

Gail and Rhonda take their seats at the table and exchange greetings with the rest of the group. The level of excitement has increased, as the newcomers are incredulous at what they’re seeing. Wasting no time, Tammy puts me into action.

“Blondie, would you be a good boy and get two glasses and pour our new guests some orange juice?” requests Tammy. I retreat to the kitchen, feeling the stares from everyone. I return with two glasses and dutifully fill them from the pitcher of orange juice.

“Thank you, Blondie,” says Gail. “You’re such a little sweetie.” She playfully tugs at my cheek with her thumb and index finger. As impossible as it might seem, I feel my face turn yet redder.

I take my seat at the barstool, literally shivering from the overwhelming humiliation, while the two new arrivals leer at me with grins on their faces. They can’t believe the situation they happened upon, and they seem quite delighted that they have. Everyone is talking and joking during breakfast. Everyone except me, that is. I don’t say a word, but Donna is bent on including me in the conversation.

“So, Blondie, I think you should tell our new visitors about your…interesting day you’ve had. I’m sure they’re dying to hear the details on how you got to be our nude little servant.” Everyone seems to sit up in their seat a little. They are looking at me expectantly. I decline to answer and continue to poke desolately at my scrambled eggs. “Hey, I’m talking to you, young man!” Donna persists. I sit there in silence, unwilling, or, more accurately, unable to do her bidding.

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