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Chapter 3: Nude and Spanked at Breakfast, continued
Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:45pm

The Spanking

“All right, that does it!” reprimands Donna. “I’ve had quite enough of your insolence. You get your little ass over here right now!” She stands up, pulls her chair away from the table and sits back down. I fidget in my seat, horrified at the potential degradation that lies in store for me. “Now!” Donna screams while pointing to her lap with her index finger. I slide off my barstool and with trepidation I approach the sadistic Donna. When I reach her chair she grabs me by the bicep and yanks me over her lap. I hold on to the legs of her chair while my feet are dangling in midair. She wastes no time, and immediately I feel the stings from her barehanded spanking. It is a quick, authoritative and decisive volley, alternating from cheek to cheek in perfect rhythm. The sound of each smack echoes throughout the dining room. Towards the end of the punishment I am kicking my legs furiously.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Now stand up, little boy!” Donna commands. She pushes me off her lap and I scramble to my feet. The stinging has really set in and my backside is throbbing now. I clench my ass cheeks with both hands and jump up and down from the pain. “Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“Oh, God, I’ve always wanted to do that,” proclaims Donna. Her face is flush from exertion, but especially from stimulation. Boisterous laughter fills the room. Tears are streaking down my face, more from the humiliation of a naked, well-witnessed, over-the-knee spanking at the hands of a sixteen-year-old girl than from the pain. “Now get back in your chair,” instructs Donna. “And you’d better be ready to converse with us.” I gingerly retake my place at the head of the table. The barstool feels cold against my newly warmed backside. I wipe the tears from my eyes with the fists of both hands. Everyone at the table is looking at me and grinning widely. My face is extremely hot.

Forced to Recount the Sordid Events

“Now then,” resumes Donna. “Let’s tell Gail and Rhonda all about your day, Smoothie. Start from the time you woke up.” I reluctantly reply without looking up.

“I woke up, we went to the store, and now we’re eating breakfast.”

“I’m warning you, Blondie,” reprimands Donna. “If I have to take you over my knee and spank you again I’ll use a hairbrush and I can promise that you won’t be sitting down for a week. Now we’d like to hear all the details, in your words, and please don’t leave anything out. What were you wearing when you left for the store?”

“My underpants.” Giggling all around.

“Your underpants! Weren’t you cold?”

“Yes. Please, just leave me alone.”

“What did your little underpants look like?”

“They were white. Briefs. Please…”

“You mean ‘tighty-whities,’ don’t you?”

“Yes.” I am staring down at my plate sullenly.

“So then what happened?”

I hesitate. I know what she wants to hear, and I know she won’t stop until she hears it. “On the way home I lost my underpants.” Everyone is very entertained, waiting on every word.

“You ‘lost’ your underpants!” says Donna, feigning shock. “How in the world did that happen?”

I fidget in my seat. Resignedly I answer. “Y-You made me take them off.”

“So then what happened to your little underpanties?”

“You…you threw them out the window.”

“Well that wasn’t very nice of me, was it?” I shake me head quickly. My eyes have slightly moistened with tears. “So then what were you wearing?”


“You mean you were naked?” I nod my head without answering vocally. I am very close to outright bawling.

“Let me hear you say it.”


“Yes, what?” she persists.

“Yes…yes, I was naked.” Rhonda giggles, and Donna addresses her.

“Don’t you just love that word, Rhonda? Especially when you make somebody get naked, and they’re totally humiliated, and you make them say it.” Without waiting for an answer from Rhonda, Donna turns her attention back to me."Tell us again what you were when I made your strip off your underpants, Blondie."

It is becoming unbearable for me. "I.....was naked," I say softly.

The demonic Donna pushes harder. "Louder, please."

"I was NAKED!" I submit.

Donna grins. “How did that feel? Weren’t you embarrassed?”

“Yes,” I respond gloomily.

“Tell us what it felt like to be stripped completely naked in the back seat of a car, watching your underpants flapping in the wind.”

“I…I don’t know…I felt very naked.” The laughter gets louder.

“And what are you wearing now?”

“Noth—I’m still naked.”

“How old are you, Blondie?”


“Fourteen! You’re fourteen years old and you still have a hairless little wee-wee?” Donna is staring at my crotch now, as is everyone else. I don’t answer, and Donna perseveres. “I asked you a question, Smoothie.”


“Yes, what?”

I know what I have to say. “I’m fourteen years old and I still have a hairless little wee-wee.” The laughter is almost deafening.

“Why, yes you do! My eleven year-old brother has a bigger penis than that, and he’s growing some hair!”

The hilarity persists. Finally Donna is done with her torment and I go back to nibbling my food. My face is as hot as it’s ever been before.

When everyone is done I am ordered to clear the table for them while they sit and joke around. “Look, his little ass is still red from your spanking, Donna,” I hear Gail announce exuberantly on one of my trips back to the kitchen. The stinging seems to resurface as I sense all eyes on Donna’s earlier target.

After the table is cleared I am forced to help Tammy and Donna clean the kitchen. During that time they both steal numerous glances at my naked state, producing a wide smile with every glance. Each time my face flushes like a flashing Christmas tree light. I hope beyond hope that they will tire of using me as their form of entertainment.

But I’m afraid that my ordeal is just beginning.

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