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Chapter 4: The Sordid Game
Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:46pm


After the dishes are done we all retire to the living room. They are all sitting around talking and joking, and the electricity in the air is palpable. Everyone is in a festive mood, at the expense of my extreme humiliation. The TV is on, and a couple of times I’m asked to get up and adjust the volume or change the channel. At no point does my embarrassment diminish—in fact, it is about to escalate.

Not surprisingly, it is Donna who comes up with a suggestion. “Hey, I’ve got a great game we can play,” she exuberantly declares. I cringe, remembering how, when she stripped off my pajama bottoms she wanted to strip me naked and make me put on a “nudie show.” I fear that is about to take place. “Here’s how it works,” she says. “We take turns getting up in front of everybody. The person on your right writes on a piece of paper something that you have to imitate. For example, if you have to imitate a violin player you would go like this.” Donna then imitates a violin player by holding an imaginary violin under her chin and playing it with an imaginary bow. “You have five minutes to successfully get any of us to guess what you are. If no one guesses then you have to pay a penalty. Let’s see, we won’t make it too harsh…tell you what, if anyone loses they have to run around the block.” At this point Donna looks at me and smiles. “Blondie, you’d better be good at this game. It’s a little too chilly for you to be running around naked out there.” She pauses momentarily while everyone giggles. She purposely looks down at my penis. “If you do, your tiny little wee-wee might just disappear completely!” There is raucous laughter now as my face pulsates with shame. I shudder at the thought of playing the game, and even worse, losing and having to run around the block naked. Everyone is in a festive mood as I’m directed to a seat on Bruce’s right.

The game starts with Tammy. She is a volleyball player, and it takes only a few seconds for someone to guess correctly. Then she writes on a piece of paper and hands it to Bruce. He acts out a juggler. Of course this is so easy he’s sitting down within five seconds. Then he writes on a piece of paper and hands it to me. It says “a basketball player.” I make my obligatory walk to the center of the room, obviously feeling extremely self-conscious as my audience watches my every move with amusement. As much as I dread acting this out, I figure it will be quick and easy to demonstrate. I fake a dribble and a shot. I feel my little penis bouncing up and down, much to everyone's amusement, I'm sure.

“You’re a doctor,” someone facetiously guesses.

“No, you’re a squirrel,” chimes in another. It is quite obvious that they are going to draw out my part as long as they can. My face is turning redder by the minute. The timer is down to two minutes as I go up for a jump shot. I feel my genitals bouncing around and hear the constant laughter. Finally somebody guesses correctly and I’m allowed to sit down.

Crawling on All Fours

The game continues as we go around the room. Everyone gets very easy mimes and no one is up for more than thirty seconds. Clearly they’re all gearing towards my next turn. Inevitably it comes very soon and just as Bruce is about to write on a piece of paper Donna whispers in his ear. They both laugh and Bruce scribbles something and hands me the paper. It says “Donna’s little puppy dog.” I groan and get down on all fours in the middle of the room. My humiliation increases as I crawl back and forth. I can imagine how laughable I look and feel very naked with my ass, probably still pink, sticking out for all to see, not to mention my small balls hanging down. I crawl up to Donna and do my best to pant like a dog. Of course, no one comes close to guessing what I am.

There are less than two minutes left when Donna says, “Your time’s running out, Blondie; you’d better get a little more demonstrative.”

“Arf! Arf!” I bark at Donna desperately. Still no one guesses. I get up on my knees and start licking Donna’s hand. She laughs and strokes my crimson cheek with the back of her fingers, but still no one offers a guess. There is less than a minute left. Donna then takes off her slipper and throws it all the way across the room. It is obvious what I have to do. I crawl as fast as I can to fetch the slipper, and then I lean down and pick it up with my mouth. As I’m bending over I feel the crack in my ass open up for all to see. Everyone is laughing hysterically now. I turn around and on the way back I crawl even faster, much to the entertainment of the onlookers. My face is burning as I clench Donna's smelly slipper tightly between my teeth. I crawl over to Donna and drop the slipper in her lap. She pats my head.

“You’re my little pet puppy dog, yes you are,” she says with delight.

Lap Dancing

I am allowed to take my seat. The laughter takes a while to die down as I sit there with my face flushing ever so brightly. I’m hoping they have had enough of the sordid game, but evidently they want to go around one more time. Again it takes only a few short minutes to get around to my turn. Bruce hands me another piece of paper and watches my horrified reaction as I read, “Bruce’s lap dancer.” I can’t believe this is happening to me. I look at Bruce, who is sitting on an armless chair he has brought in from the dining room. He gets up and puts on some music. It can best be described as “grinding” music. As Bruce sits down I stand up and temporarily cover my face with my hands, wishing I could die on the spot. I try to think of a way out of the awful predicament, but there is none. To shrieks of shock and amusement I straddle the expectant Bruce and lower my naked body onto his lap. He is wearing loose black sweat pants and to my revulsion I feel his hard cock as I grind back and forth. Everyone is so blown away by the scene that nobody even ventures a guess. I’m forced to continue servicing my tormentor. He has placed my hands on his shoulders and has his hands on my hips, guiding me in a circular motion to the beat of the music. I can’t believe I’m performing this most distasteful act, and I’m sure everyone is incredulous at what they are witnessing. I glance at Bruce’s face and see that his eyes are glazed and his mouth is open. His breathing is getting faster and heavier and he is squeezing my hips and moving them at an increasingly rapid pace. To my repugnance I feel his cock start to pulsate, and I wince in disgust as I feel dampness around my perineum and realize that I have made him cum in his pants. He continues guiding me and pulls me harder against his throbbing cock. When it looks like he’s thoroughly satisfied someone yells out, “You’re a lap dancer!”

Completely debased, I take my seat. I presume the last act has to be the “climax” to my dreadful ordeal. But as I am about to discover, the humiliation gods are not nearly done with me yet.

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