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Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:51pm

For the rest of the Easter break I stay within the confines of my room, trying to mentally recover from the devastating ordeal I have experienced. I feel a little better as each day passes, although I know it will be a long time, if ever, before I fully get over the trauma. Friday morning I get out of the shower and decide to face the day. I get dressed and go downstairs, ready to venture outside. I pick up my phone and, much to my apprehension there is an e-mail from Bruce. In the subject box is written "To My Naked Slave." I cringe as I reluctantly open it up. Attached are three pictures. One is a close-up of my tiny, prepubescent genitals. Another is a full body shot of me dancing naked, and the third is a perfectly timed shot of sperm shooting out of my little four-inch hard-on. My mouth is wide open and my eyes are clenched shut—the classic expression of someone in the throes of orgasm. In the text of the message, Bruce writes that he is pretty sure I wouldn’t want any of the pictures to be sent to my sister and her friends. His parents are to be out of town for a while, and he is hoping I could come over Friday night and spend the long three-day weekend with him. He says I "owe him" for jacking me off the other day and that he has some wonderful ideas on how I can repay him. His sister and her best friend will be at the house, but he doesn't expect them to get in our way all that much. He goes on to say that he has derived considerable pleasure throughout the week with the visual aid of the attached pictures, and that he thinks it will be much more enjoyable if I can assist him with his pleasure “in the flesh.” He adds that the pun is intended. Also included in the text are the phrases “private nudie shows,” “sensuous lap dances,” "naked videos," and “cute little sex slave.”

I am given explicit instructions: I am to borrow one of my sister's bras and a pair of her panties. It should be a matching set, and he says I would look adorable in pink and sexy in black. He also says "virgin white" would be appropriate for me, but if I choose white it should have lots of lace. If my sister doesn't own a set in any of those three colors then I would have to purchase my own. I am to put them on under my regular clothes before walking the three blocks to his house. When I arrive at his house (at precisely 6 p.m.) I will see a trash can out by the sidewalk. I am to take off all of my boy clothes (including shoes and socks) and deposit them in the trash can, since I won't be needing them anymore. I am to clasp my hands behind my head and walk very slowly down the long walkway. He says the three of them will be enjoying the scene from an upstairs window, and that there is a slight chance that his next door neighbor would see me if she happens to be near her window, but that she is a nice lady and most certainly would be entertained by the spectacle. He says not to worry about the dog, that he won't bite but will probably sniff my pantied crotch while I walk, and that I'm to make sure my hands remain clasped behind my head until I reach the door. I'll ring the doorbell, and the two girls will answer. Maybe not right away, but wait patiently; they will eventually be there.

Evidently he has shown his sister and her friend the pictures and they are big fans of mine. They can't wait to meet me in person and are very much looking forward to capturing a video of me dancing naked for them, and that they'll be sure to share the video with me. They think it will be quite amusing to watch my "hairless little pee-pee" bobbing around when we watch the video later that weekend on their big screen, and that watching in slow motion mode would really add to the fun. They promise to leave us two "lovebirds" alone for the night after I dance around in my bra and panties for awhile, perform a striptease, then dance naked for them. He says that it goes without saying that once the girls have the video in hand that I will be at their mercy forever, and that knowing them they will not hesitate to take full advantage of their new-found leverage over me and will make me cater to their devious whims whenever they pleased. He added that I shouldn't worry, that he would only allow this to happen on days I wasn't busy entertaining him, and that when we all get together we can work out a fair schedule.

Bruce says that after my performance I'm to spend the rest of the weekend completely nude, and that the three of them would be delighted if I could cook and serve their meals. He says the girls have never had a naked boy serve them before, and that they were very excited and giggly when they came up with the idea. They told Bruce to tell me not to fret, that I won't feel so naked since they have a pretty, frilly maid's cap for me to wear while serving them. He adds that he is getting hard just imagining the visual, and that when he finishes writing this e-mail he will probably pleasure himself while fantasizing about my naked servitude.

Finally, he says he is especially looking forward to teaching me the fine art of administering the perfect blowjob after I get him all horny with my sexy, naked dances He is quite graphic, saying he is certain that he can show me how to use my mouth and tongue just the right way, that I can start by licking and sucking his balls until he is "really worked up." Then he'll teach me how to "lick his cock all over," how to caress it with kisses from my "sensuous lips," and how my "cute little mouth" will envelop his "throbbing love tool." Yes, he actually wrote that. He'll also show me how to lovingly stroke his balls with my "dancing fingers" while I'm busy sucking his cock. For the grand finale, he knows I will thoroughly enjoy swallowing his "love juices" when I bring him to a screaming orgasm.

Suffice it to say, that much to my repugnance I would probably be willing to do just about anything to keep those pictures from going public.


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