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Roosevelt Revenge 5 years latter
Thu Jul 4, 2013 11:40am

Well it's been 5 years since Roosevelt humiliation so I'm thinking that you've decided not to post Roosevelt Revenge too bad I think I would have liked to see what you came up with for that story.

  • Re: Roosevelt RevengeBlondie., Wed May 14 9:23pm
    Nah, sorry to disappoint, but it is purely fiction/fanstasy. But hey, if you have a good imagination, you can see it happening to poor Blondie. As far as revenge goes, I'm afraid that hasn't been... more
    • Re: Blondiearron.litchfield, Thu Jul 4 4:05pm
      I didn't realise that 'Tommy's Debasement' was finished. Please finish it Blondie, it was so fantastically written that I'm sure we would all love to see where else that fantastic story goes.... more
      • Re: BlondieBlondie., Fri Jul 5 8:02pm
        I do need to re-write the last chapter (or two, not sure yet). I really will finish this some day. I wrote the revenge story (entitled "Tommy's Retribution") long ago, and at some point I might post... more
        • Re: Blondiearron.litchfield, Sat Jul 6 3:24am
          Oh trust me buddy, the interest is there, lol. We've read so much of Tommy's torment that we would happily read his revenge. After the end of his torment of course, otherwise the continuity takes a... more
    • Roosevelt Revenge 5 years latter — Cashen, Thu Jul 4 11:40am
      • Re: Roosevelt Revenge 5 years latterBlondie., Fri Jul 5 8:03pm
        This one is probably on the back burner, as I have too many other endeavors. But I would like to go there some day. Thanks much for your interest.
        • Roosevelt revengekinglaharltheterrible, Sat Aug 10 7:53pm
          Please write the revenge, awesome story
    • Revenge StoryBlake, Wed May 14 10:33pm
      I forgot to update the post I made after I saw the disclaimer. Anyways hope to see updates on your new site for tommy and blondie. I would also like to see Ms. Farnsworth get what's coming to her as... more
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