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Re: Blondie
Fri Jul 5, 2013 8:02pm

I do need to re-write the last chapter (or two, not sure yet). I really will finish this some day.

I wrote the revenge story (entitled "Tommy's Retribution") long ago, and at some point I might post that, again with some revisions. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, as Tommy uses a supernatural power (time stop) to gain his revenge on all his tormentors. I will post it if the interest is there.

  • Re: Blondiearron.litchfield, Thu Jul 4 4:05pm
    I didn't realise that 'Tommy's Debasement' was finished. Please finish it Blondie, it was so fantastically written that I'm sure we would all love to see where else that fantastic story goes.... more
    • Re: Blondie — Blondie., Fri Jul 5 8:02pm
      • Re: Blondiearron.litchfield, Sat Jul 6 3:24am
        Oh trust me buddy, the interest is there, lol. We've read so much of Tommy's torment that we would happily read his revenge. After the end of his torment of course, otherwise the continuity takes a... more
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