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Gentle Nudge to Write More
Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:35am

When last we spoke you said you had very little free time but hoped to add more to this marvelous story at some point.

Well it's been 7 months and I am hoping that things have cleared up a bit for you. Here's a gentle nudge to let you know that there is still interest in seeing this story develop.

Great story premise!

  • Chapter 5: The Second SessionBlondie., Sat Dec 22 11:47am
    Dr. Caroline Withers stared at her computer monitor, smiling, as a wave of satisfaction swept through her being. She watched and listened as her star patient ever so reluctantly began unbuttoning her ... more
    • Re: Chapter 5: The Second Sessionhufan, Sun Mar 13 9:54am
      Too bad this story ends just when it gets really brilliant - right in the middle of everything.
      • Hopefully NotBlondie., Mon Mar 14 1:19pm
        Well, I hope it hasn't ended, and rather is in the midst of a looooong hiatus. I have the desire, just not the time. I just checked and there is an average of 355 visitors per day at this site. I'm... more
    • Gentle Nudge to Write More — Hooked6, Mon Jul 29 3:35am
      • Agree with Hooked6rickkink, Sat Feb 15 3:34pm
        Hi Blondie, I'm a long-time lurker at this site. Okay, my bad, but I do love the stories. In real life, I adore women with small breasts, even as small as Monica's. I think tiny boobs are so sexy!... more
        • Re: Agree with Hooked6Blondie., Sat Feb 22 4:32am
          Thanks a lot for your comments, Rick. Positive feedback does give the writers incentive to produce more. My problem isn't lack of incentive so much as just not being able to find the time to do... more
      • Re: Gentle Nudge to Write MoreBlondie., Wed Jul 31 8:31am
        Wow, I can't believe it's been 7 months. Unfortunately, life is getting in the way of my writing time. And when I finally do find a little time, I feel I should try to finish the Tommy's Debasement... more
        • Re: Gentle Nudge to Write MoreSteam Train, Tue Dec 9 3:01am
          Hi Blondie A plot line I love. Humiliation is always my main theme and you do it so well. Any progress at all on Tommy? Also you have mentioned that you had written a Tommys Revenge. Was this ever... more
          • Working on ItBlondie., Tue Dec 9 10:10am
            Thanks for the nice feedback, Steam. Recently I have indeed started working on the final chapter or two of Tommy. I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished this month. Life events... more
    • Re: Chapter 5: The Second SessionVillage248, Wed Dec 26 11:35pm
      Hi Blondie, Thank you so much for this latest chapter. Looking forward to more soon. Monica will require years of therapy no doubt. It occurs to me that Monica will need re-enforcement outside the... more
      • IndeedBlondie., Thu Dec 27 4:25pm
        Thanks for your comments, Glenn, I do appreciate them. Rest assured that down the road Monica will be taking a "field trip" outside the confines of Dr. Withers' office. The chances are pretty good... more
        • Re: Indeed Village248, Thu Dec 27 7:57pm
          That sounds wonderful and I'm hopeful Monica will have a huge orgasm on that field trip. It is also interesting that she is attracted to her fellow flat chested cohearts masked as punishment. Dr.... more
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