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Tsupandurwei Raewrednu
Fan arts
Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:10pm

Hello Blondie!
I read the Tommy's saga and I really enjoyed it.
Thank you for your amazing work.
These are some fan arts I did after read.
I love this chapter in particular. X3


  • Chapter 13: Depantsed AgainBlondie., Sun Jun 8 11:42am
    The Shuffle Tommy continued to go through his steps at the guidance of Miss Richards, much to the amusement of his audience. His tee shirt was tucked into his white briefs, and his pants were... more
    • Uh oh just underpants??!!toastershout, Mon Jan 23 7:35am
      I love the moment when he's in just his underwear and he feels her starting to tug his T shirt out of his briefs ... he knows that soon he's going to be stripped to just his underpants in front of... more
    • Fan arts — Tsupandurwei Raewrednu, Sat Jul 26 1:10pm
      • Re: Fan artsTsupandurwei Raewrednu, Sat Jul 26 2:15pm
        • Re: Fan artsBlondie., Mon Jul 28 8:51am
          Thanks. Nice to have some nice artwork to go with the story.
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