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Working on It
Tue Dec 9, 2014 10:10am

Thanks for the nice feedback, Steam. Recently I have indeed started working on the final chapter or two of Tommy. I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished this month. Life events (fortunately all good), especially over the last few years, have seriously impacted my ability to find time for the pleasure of writing humiliation stories.

I do have on file a story entitled "Tommy's Retribution." I had posted it many years ago on a previous board before it went down. I would want to do some serious editing before posting it here. It is not at the top of my priorities, but I would like to tackle it some day. It is not for all tastes, since Tommy utilizes his new-found supernatural power of time-stop to enact his revenge. Obviously the plausibility factor is zero, but it does allow for some pretty tasty humiliation on all of Tommy's antagonists.

  • Re: Gentle Nudge to Write MoreSteam Train, Tue Dec 9 3:01am
    Hi Blondie A plot line I love. Humiliation is always my main theme and you do it so well. Any progress at all on Tommy? Also you have mentioned that you had written a Tommys Revenge. Was this ever... more
    • Working on It — Blondie., Tue Dec 9 10:10am
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