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Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball Player
Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:05pm

When Tommy turned away from Karen to make his ill-advised but understandable escape attempt, Betty Richards wasted no time. She reached for her cell phone, and while giving Sister Ruth a knowing wink, she speed-dialed her anxiously awaiting niece. Carlene, who was outside the building doing deep knee bends, managed to answer before the first ring tone was completed. “Aunt Betty?” she said breathlessly?

“Yes, dear, it looks like the little culprit indeed is making a run for it,” said Miss Richards. “If you could intercept him and return him to the gymnasium, we would all be grateful.” Betty Richards smiled to herself, knowing that the recipient of her phone call was quite grateful herself.

“I’m on it!” shouted Carlene excitedly.

“Excellent. The girls just caught up with him, but I’m going to release him to you. Call it a reward for waiting so patiently. Now if you hurry, you might catch him as he’s coming out the door. He’ll be the one in his underpants. And if he gives you any trouble, feel free to use any means necessary to control him.”

“YES!” screamed Carlene while closing her phone. Laughing with pleasure, she made a beeline for the building while her teammates watched her in bewilderment. Carlene pointed at an exit door as she ran by it. “Watch that door!” she yelled back to her teammates. “If a boy comes out, don’t let him get away!” She ran a few more steps, and yelled back once more. “He’ll be in his underpants!” Carlene heard the animated reaction and laughed heartily to herself as she sped towards the school entrance.

A Short-Lived Escape

Meanwhile, Tommy had mixed emotions as he shoved open the door to exit the gymnasium. He felt a strong sense of relief, having narrowly escaped the forfeiture of his underpants at the hands of the devilish Karen and her eager coeds. But he wasn’t out of the woods yet. After all, he was nearly naked, and his clothes were inside the gymnasium, a place he had no intention of revisiting any time soon. Also gnawing at him was the question of why Miss Richards ordered the girls to let him go. Was it a moment of compassion? It seemed unlikely to Tommy, as he observed first hand how much enjoyment his sadistic teacher was deriving from his humiliation.

But Tommy had more immediate concerns. Foremost on his mind was finding something, anything to cover his near-nakedness. He flashed on an old pair of overalls he spotted on the shelf in the cloakroom in the back of his classroom. He saw them earlier that day, during that excruciating experience when he had to strip down and get into the nightgown at Sister Ruth’s behest. Yes, the overalls would be just fine, thought Tommy.

The gymnasium door clicked shut behind him, leaving him alone (or so he thought) in the long, L-shaped hallway. There were only two directions Tommy could go: to the left, which led to an outside door, or to the right, which led to the classrooms. Tommy pulled the pink bow from his head, uprooting at least a couple of hairs. As he threw the bow against the gymnasium door, he made a beeline to the right. [Yes! Home free! I did it!] Feeling liberated, he increased the pace of his barefoot gallop. The splat-splat sound of his feet hitting the hard floor resonated throughout the otherwise quiet hallway. His classroom was right around the corner.

But when he reached the corner and turned left, he ran smack dab into a wall of flesh.

An Amazonian Antagonist

“Going somewhere, little boy?” came the voice more than half a foot above his head.

The stunned Tommy looked up to see a derisively grinning sixteen-year-old girl. The auburn-haired Carlene was nearly six feet tall and athletically built, and to Tommy she looked positively Amazonian. Her volleyball uniform consisted of extremely short, tight, spandex shorts, and a matching crop top that was more like a sports bra. Tommy backed off and stared at her, as he was momentarily mesmerized by her size, her beauty, and mostly by the expanse of exposed skin.

Carlene broke the silence. “Want to take a picture?” she joked. She started walking towards Tommy, holding out her hand. The leery Tommy, still staring at her bare midriff, backed up, matching her step for step. He instinctively covered the small protrusion in his underpants with both hands. Carlene smiled, both at the ineffective attempt at modesty, and at the improbable, somewhat surrealistic scene. “Here, take my hand,” she said. “We need to go see Miss Richards. She is not happy with you for ditching her class.”

It was all Tommy needed to hear. With a terrified look on his face, he turned and ran as fast as he could. It was just the reaction Carlene expected—and hoped for.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” she yelled after him while slowly, confidently walking in his direction. Tommy passed by the gymnasium door and raced towards the exit. “I’m warning you!” cautioned Carlene. “You’ll be sorry.” But Tommy was ready to take his chances with his only logical alternative. He pushed open the door leading outside…and stopped in his tracks. There, standing and facing him not more than ten feet away, were at least a dozen grinning high school girls, all dressed exactly like the girl he was running from.

“Let’s get him!” shouted one, and they collectively made a move towards the door.

The beleaguered Tommy turned back inside and pulled the door closed. It automatically locked from the inside, so he had at least temporarily dodged a bullet. But he turned around to face the fleshy Carlene, who was twenty yards or so away, walking towards him and smiling menacingly.

Tommy turned back toward the exit. He put his ear to the door, and could hear the girls right outside, still giggling at what they had just witnessed. He turned back to Carlene, who was slowly but surely gaining ground. Unsurprisingly, reacting like a trapped animal, he charged towards his pursuer. Hoping to somehow squeak by her, he faked to her left and veered to her right. It was child’s play for the athletic Carlene. She grabbed Tommy by the right ankle, and he went sprawling, hands first to the floor. Tommy jumped up, and Carlene, toying with him like a cat with a captured mouse, grabbed his ankle just as Tommy got going. Again he fell to the floor. Tommy tried crawling away, and the giggling Carlene grabbed the back waistband of his underpants. For Tommy, it was the second time in less than five minutes that a girl controlled him by grabbing onto his underpants. His movement forward naturally caused his underpants to be pulled halfway down his buttocks. Tommy, now desperate, was ready to fight tooth and nail. He stood up and started flailing madly at his antagonist.

“Oh, you’re quite the feisty one,” laughed Carlene as she effortlessly fended off Tommy’s wild swings. While she had hold of his wrists, Tommy kneed her in the thigh, temporarily jarring her, allowing Tommy to break free. “F_ck! That’s gonna bruise!” screamed Carlene, while Tommy reached back to pull up his underpants and started running in the direction of the classrooms. “Alright, you’ve pissed me off now, you little shit.” Within a matter of seconds, Carlene closed the gap, wrapped her arms around Tommy’s chest from behind, and pulled him to the ground. Tommy continued kicking and struggling, but he was no match for Carlene. In short order Tommy found himself on his knees in a scissors lock, his head securely fixed between Carlene’s muscular thighs. Carlene was standing up, facing Tommy’s back, with a firm grip on both of his wrists. “Are you ready to go back to the gym now?” she asked.

“No! Please, let me go!” came the muffled response. She squeezed her thighs together a little tighter.

“Last chance, little boy. Are you ready?”

“No! Let me go!”

It was music to her ears. “Okay, time to teach you a lesson.”

Spanked Into Submission

Carlene lowered her knees to the ground, maintaining her hold on Tommy’s head. She then inched her way towards Tommy’s backside, keeping his torso clinched between her thighs. When she reached his mid back, she lowered her weight to a sitting position. Tommy braced himself with his elbows to the ground to keep his face from mashing into the floor, while his backside jutted out prominently. He tried using one hand to push her away, but his efforts were fruitless. Carlene grinned, knowing that she was free to do whatever she wanted to her captive, and that he was totally helpless to prevent it.

Carlene licked her lips in anticipation, and without a word she hooked her thumbs under the back of Tommy’s waistband and ever so slowly started lowering his underpants. “No! Please!” cried the embattled Tommy as he was introduced to yet another humiliation. Even though the experience was becoming all too familiar, for Tommy the humiliation effect was no less severe than before, especially with a new person involved. Tommy struggled mightily, but with Carlene’s weight and leverage advantage, there was no stopping her. She continued with the slow but steady descent of his underpants, until she reached an impasse with his knees on the floor.

“Lift up your right knee.” Tommy sat motionless, and Carlene simply reached around Tommy’s back with her dominant left hand and squeezed his nipple as hard as she could. Tommy cried out in pain and lifted his knee. When he did so, Carlene shoved the right portion of his underpants under his knee. “Now the left one,” she commanded. Tommy needed no further prodding, and he lifted his knee while Carlene slid the other side of his underpants to his shin. “That’s a good boy,” she teased. She silently, slowly slid his underpants down his leg, then over his heels. She left them scrunched up near his toes, precariously close to coming completely off. She heard a muffled yelp from her victim.

[Yes! I’ve got him right where I want him…now let’s get these underpants down…oh, yes, this is just awesome!…look at him struggle while I pull them down…he’s just hating this .…so cute, he’s so smooth and white…his little cheeks won’t be white for long .…oh, Aunt Betty, I owe you, big time!…talk about a fantasy come true…I’m getting that tingly feeling again, only it’s better than ever…I’m think I’m actually getting damp down there, I can’t believe it…okay, let’s get your knee up…oh, he won’t do it willingly…he’s hanging on to his little undies for dear life .…a pinch on the nipple oughtta do the trick…yes, there we go…now the other knee…excellent…just slide these aaall the way down…I’ll leave them just over his toes…give him something else to worry about while he’s getting a spanking .…oh, listen to him, he’s positively frightened…I would be, too, if I were you, my little friend .]

Smiling with pleasure, she said, “Are you ready to find out what happens to naughty boys?”

“No…please…” was pretty much all Tommy could muster at the present stage of his wretched predicament.

“Straighten your legs out…go on, lay down, completely flat…all the way down…that’s it, perfect….now, push your knees into the ground and lift your hips up a little bit…come on, you can do it…there…a little more…excellent, your bottom is sticking up juuuuust right,” she cooed while gently caressing Tommy’s derriere.” Carlene continued stroking the bare behind in front of her. “Such cute little white buns…and so nice and smooth…since you’ve been so naughty, we’ll warm them up reeeal good for you…we’ll turn your little cheeks niiice and rosy, yes we will.” Carlene rested her hand on her thigh and then sat still and quietly, mainly to savor the moment, but also to add to the anguish of her victim. Tommy’s rapid, heavy breathing betrayed his extreme anxiety. A full forty-five seconds went by before Carlene leaned over and gently blew on her intended target for a few seconds. She leaned back and smiled as Tommy clenched his cheeks together. She waited a few more seconds before deciding the time was right.

[Let’s see, I need to reposition him…like he is, his little ass might be a bit too bony…a good spanking should be on some nice, fleshy skin…let’s lay him down flat, see what that looks like…ah, he’s putty in my hands, doing everything I say now .…that’s better, but let’s stick his butt up just a little bit…yes, perfect…it’s ready for me now .…my, what a beautiful sight…oh, feel how smooth it is…it’s so fun to tease him…what must he be thinking right now…can you imagine how nervous, and how humiliated he must feel? .…I can’t wait to tell Aunt Betty all about this wonderful experience…she’ll want to hear all the details, I’m sure…okay, I think I’ll sit back and take this in for awhile…enjoy it…and make him sweat a little bit .…listen to him breathing so fast…what a treat…I’ll wait a little longer…it’s so quiet now, except for his breathing…pretty soon, all hell is going to break loose .…I think I’ll blow on his little buns…a gentle, loving sensation for him before he gets spanked silly .…oh, look at him tighten up when I blow in his crack .…this is too much!…okay, I’m ready…I’ll wait juuust a few more seconds…the calm before the storm.]

The sound of the sudden strike reverberated through the hallway, as Carlene counted ten steady, hard smacks to the left cheek of Tommy’s backside.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

“That was for not taking my hand when I asked you to.” She paused and smiled with satisfaction as Tommy squirmed underneath her. “Keep those hips up!” Tommy lifted his hips, and Carlene continued. “And this is for running away from me.”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Ten more smacks, this time to the right cheek. Tommy bent his knees and kicked his legs throughout, and somehow managed to finagle his underpants safely to his shins.

“Ow! Ow!” Tommy struggled with more intensity, much to Carlene’s amusement and stimulation. She giggled as the traumatized skin reddened before her eyes. But she wasn’t done.

“Hips up!” Tommy complied, and braced himself for another onslaught. “This is for fighting with me after I caught you.”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Again, ten more swats, this time alternating from cheek to cheek. There was only a moment’s hesitation before the next barrage came, in the same fashion, only with more relish. “And this… this is for the bruise!

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

It felt to Tommy like his backside was on fire. “Ow! Oh God! Ow! Ow! Oh! Oh! No more! Please!” Tommy writhed his hips and kicked his legs wildly. Carlene was flush in the face, partially from exertion, but more from stimulation.

[Oh, I’m loving this!…look at him squirm while I’m spanking him…and we’re just getting started…I love the feeling of power…listen to the slapping sounds…it echoes in the hallway…okay, a second dose of ten, this time on the other cheek…get those hips up, little boy…that’s it…ah, his cheeks are turning pink…he’s making noise now, that didn’t take long…he managed to get his underpants to his legs…I see where his priorities are .…here comes another ten…I’ll alternate cheeks this time…oh, they’re getting redder by the second…this is great!…my hand stings, imagine how he feels…okay, these last ten are coming, as hard as I can…whew!…that had to hurt…he’s really thrashing about now…and listen to him…I think I got my point across .…oh, God, that was awesome!]

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            • Re: Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball PlayerTerwiliger, Fri Dec 19 1:36pm
              Wow. Just found this board today and this has got to be one of my favorite stories Ive read. You write REALLY well, cant wait to see how this all pans out
              • Thank YouBlondie., Fri Dec 19 4:40pm
                Thanks so much for the feedback. It is much appreciated.
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                  Up until this point, Karen had been my favorite character, but Carlene is the one who would have been my dream girl in school: nearly six feet tall, auburn hair, athletic, dressed in skimpy spandex... more
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