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Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball Player
Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:11pm

Carlene took a few breaths and, quite satisfied with herself, addressed the whimpering lad as she rose. “Stand up, little boy, I want to talk to you,” she ordered. Tommy, keeping his back to Carlene, quickly got to his feet and, while jumping up and down from the pain, he immediately reached down for his underpants.

“Uh-uh-uh,” warned Carlene. She grinned at the amusing scene, and his colorful derriere. “You can leave those right where they are while I’m talking to you. And turn around and face me.”

Forced into subservience, Tommy complied. He wiped a few tears from his eyes and turned around, clutching his privates. Still throbbing from the spanking, and apprehensive about his nudity, Tommy shifted his weight back and forth from foot to foot. Carlene delighted in the scene and smiled, as Tommy’s blush increased by the second. She bent at the waist, put her hands on her knees and her face close to his.

“Now here’s what we’re going to do, little boy. You and I are going to march into that gymnasium and report to Miss Richards,” she said while pointing to the door. “You can walk in willingly, or I’ll carry you in there myself. If you choose to do it the hard way, then your underpants are coming off and you’ll be carried in there stark naked.”

Carlene stood up and continued addressing the miserable lad. “Maybe before that I’ll let my teammates in here so they can have some fun with you first.” Tommy’s eyes widened at the suggestion, bringing a smile to Carlene’s lips. “Well, what’s it gonna be, little boy?” Tommy nodded his head sullenly. Carlene would not let him off easily. “I didn’t hear you. Do we need to remove your underpants?”

“No! I mean…I mean, yes…I’ll…I’ll go…”

“Okay then. Now pull up your tighty whities and let’s go inside.”

[Oh, how funny!…look at him hopping around…this is hilarious, I’m just loving it!…my hand still stings, but it was sure worth it .…those underpants are staying down…I want to see him squirm some more…now I’ll have him turn around…oh yes, how delightful…he’s still bouncing around, and he’s covering his little penis, just like I told Aunt Betty the little boy would do when we talked in the park…and he’s blushing so much…well of course he is…I think I’d just die if I were him right now! .…I can’t even imagine…]

The Dreaded Bow, and a Peek From Carlene

Tommy turned away from Carlene before reaching down and hurriedly yanking up his underpants. The smiling Carlene took Tommy by the hand and led him back down the hallway towards the gymnasium door. The defeated Tommy walked along grudgingly. He gloomily stared at the door as they walked, knowing that once he entered, a most miserable fate awaited him.

“I have a feeling we’re going to make a lot of people very happy, don’t you think so?” asked Carlene. No answer was forthcoming from Tommy, but that didn’t stop Carlene from continuing her banter as she merrily escorted her captive.

“I wonder what kind of punishment Miss Richards has in store for you for cutting out of her dance class? Hmm, let me take a guess…do you think it might involve the removal of a certain article of clothing?” She smiled as she turned and watched Tommy’s face redden. “Do you think she’ll make you dance around naked in front of the whole class? ”

Again she looked down at Tommy, and again she delighted in his increasingly flushing face. “I’d really like to see that.” They reached the door, and the grinning Carlene reached down to pick up the pink bow that Tommy had tossed aside just a few minutes before. “What have we here?” mused Carlene. “I see my Aunt Betty is up to her old tricks.” Tommy flinched at the revelation, but wasn’t the least bit surprised to learn that the two demons were related. Carlene meticulously fastened the bow to Tommy’s head, then leaned back to admire the effect. “Oh, how darling!” she exclaimed while tweaking Tommy’s now crimson cheek with her thumb and index finger. “Aren’t you just pretty in pink?”

Chuckling to herself, she started to open the door, then hesitated when she was hit by an impulse. As she bent down to her knees she said, “Before we go in, I simply must see what you’ve been so desperately hiding from me.” She reached for Tommy’s waistband, and he immediately tried to push her hands away. Carlene grabbed Tommy’s wrists and pulled them towards her. “Put your hands on my shoulders,” she directed. When he did so, she said, “If you dare interfere with me again, I’ll blister your little buns like never before, and I can guarantee you’ll be walking through that door showing off all four of your rosy cheeks.” She smiled at Tommy’s now submissive demeanor. Confident that she could continue unimpeded, she pulled open Tommy’s waistband, leaned forward and peeked inside.

The anguished Tommy felt her hair brushing against his stomach and could even feel her breaths on his most private parts. He listened to her giggle as she continued staring into his underpants for what Tommy thought was an inordinate amount of time. While still holding his underpants open, she put her face close to his and said, “Now I know your little secret…your tiny, little hairless secret.” She grinned as Tommy looked downward and somehow blushed even brighter. Carlene followed Tommy’s gaze and they shared one last look before she finally let the waistband snap back to his midsection. As she stood up she said with a wicked grin, “You’ll just die of embarrassment if they all see that, won’t you, little boy .”

With that, she took Tommy’s hand and started to open the door to the gymnasium.

[Yes, I’ll take him by the hand and walk him back to my aunt and all of his classmates…I’m sure they’ll be happy to see him(giggle) .…oh, look at him blush while I tease him…especially when I brought up dancing naked .…wouldn’t that be fun to watch…I hope Aunt Betty has that in her plans…ah, look at the pink bow…he must have taken it off…one of my aunt’s favorite punishments…now I get the pleasure of pinning it on his pretty little head…wow, I see what she means…he’s blushing even more while I do this .…this is so precious !…look at him squirming around…the boys must really hate this…I must say, it looks kinda cute on him .…he has such soft features…I could make him look like a pretty girl…if I only had some lipstick…and some little panties .…maybe Aunt Betty will let me borrow him for an evening…I’d really have fun disciplining him…I’d have him prancing around in my little sister’s panties…and her training bra .…what do they call that?…oh yes, “petticoat punishment,” I believe…I love the idea…he’d look adorable…and I’d let my little sister join in the fun…she’d be all over it….we’d really have him blushing crimson.…oh, here I go again…I’m letting my dirty little imagination run wild…and I’m getting myself all hot and bothered (giggle) .…okay, back to matters at hand…let’s get you inside…wait…one last humiliation for you before we go in…let’s check out the merchandise .…he’s been so careful to make sure I don’t see it…sorry, pretty little boy, but I’m going to make it happen…oh, he’s pushing my hands away…I’ll give him one warning…touch me again and that last spanking will seem like love taps compared to what you’ll get……not only that, I’ll strip these off and haul you in there stark naked…yes, I thought you’d see it my way .…get your hands on my shoulders…that’s it…clear sailing now…here we go…just pull open this elastic band and peek inside…this should be inter…oh!. .…it’s so tiny!…look at that little thing (giggle, giggle)!.…and it’s bald as a cucumber! .…it’s like a three-year-old’s…oh, this is too much!.…poor boy, no wonder he didn’t want me to see it.…and such cute little balls .…like little marbles…he’ll absolutely die of embarrassment if they all see this…oh, Aunt Betty, strip him naked, in front of everybody…totally naked!...make him dance, and we can all watch his tiny little goodies jiggle around.…I’m sure he’s just hating this .…I think I’ll keep holding his tighty whities open and keep staring, just to make him squirm…it is a cute little thing…cute as a button .…and not much bigger .… my boyfriend’s is at least twice as big…look how it’s so small that it’s pointing straight out, not even hanging down… poor little boy .…you sure got shortchanged in the penis department, didn’t you? .…okay, just a few more seconds…look, he’s moving his hips around…he’s really getting antsy…I’m sure he’s thoroughly humiliated by now .…I’ll look up at his face…oh, yes, he’s red as a beet .…that’s right, little one, I’ve been staring at your hairless little pee pee…oh, he’s looking down there, too…we’ll share one last look…together…oh, that was precious…he knows I caught him peeking…and his face got even redder .…what a treat this is!…okay, my smooth little friend, let’s go show you off to all your admirers ..]

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          • Re: Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball PlayerTerwiliger, Fri Dec 19 1:36pm
            Wow. Just found this board today and this has got to be one of my favorite stories Ive read. You write REALLY well, cant wait to see how this all pans out
            • Thank YouBlondie., Fri Dec 19 4:40pm
              Thanks so much for the feedback. It is much appreciated.
              • Amazonian Antagonistpixiemuledonkey, Thu Aug 11 9:09pm
                Up until this point, Karen had been my favorite character, but Carlene is the one who would have been my dream girl in school: nearly six feet tall, auburn hair, athletic, dressed in skimpy spandex... more
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