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Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball Player
Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:20pm

Invasion of the Volleyball Players

Just as Carlene was about to push the door to the gymnasium open, she had an idea. For her, it was a wonderful idea. Her companion, as he would soon discover, would find her idea anything but wonderful.

"How would you like to make some more friends before we go inside, pretty boy?" asked Carlene as she eyed the exit door. Tommy followed her gaze and immediately comprehended what she had in mind. He shook his head vigorously. "That was a rhetorical question, my dear. I'm pretty sure you'll find that my teammates will be very excited to meet you." She punched a couple of buttons on her cell phone. In a matter of moments the recipient picked up.

"Hey Carlene!"

"Paula, are you all still out there?"

"Oh yeah, we've been listening at the door. What the hell has been going on in there? I heard a lot of slapping sounds. Was that what we think it was?" asked Paula excitedly.

"It was," responded Carlene with a chuckle. "My little friend here required a bit of disciplining. But he's completely under control now." She pulled the phone away and addressed Tommy, who state of misery was quite apparent in his expression. "Aren't you, little boy." Tommy looked downward, and Carlene smiled while putting the phone back to her ear. "Anyways, how would you all like to join us?"

"YES!" came the boisterous response from the other end.

The laughing Carlene disconnected the call and looked down at Tommy. "The girls are very anxious to make your acquaintance." She straightened the pink bow on Tommy's head and smiled. "Now do me a favor and go let them in. I'll wait here for you." Tommy, taken aback by the turn of events, stood transfixed. Carlene knew how to move him along.

"I'll give you two choices," she said. "You either go let my friends in right this minute, or I'll do it for you----right after blistering your little bottom again."

Tommy, still feeling the effects of his last encounter with Carlene's left hand, needed no further persuasion. While Carlene watched with considerable amusement, the underwear-clad teenager trudged the length of the hallway. When he reached the door he put his hands on the bar-shaped door release and paused. Recognizing that he was only delaying the inevitable, he pushed the heavy door slightly open. He needed no further exertion, as at least three pair of hands on the other side swiftly pulled the door wide open. Instantaneously a dozen girls were wildly entertained by the sight of a thoroughly embarrassed boy clad solely in underpants. The pink bow in his hair undoubtedly added to their hilarity.

The volleyball players, now shrieking with delight, excitedly invaded the hallway. Tommy, beside himself, wasn't sure what to do as the girls advanced on him. He impulsively covered his groin with both hands, turned around and walked speedily down the long hallway towards the grinning Carlene. The girls were in close pursuit, and at one point Tommy felt a hand pulling on the back elastic band of his underpants. Terrified, he swatted the hand away and broke into a trot. When he reached Carlene he instinctively stood behind her, ironically using his tormentor as a shield from the onslaught. Carlene held up her palms, a sign for her friends to stop.

"Hold on girls," said the laughing Carlene. "You'll get your chance."

Chance at what? thought Tommy nervously as he cowered behind the tall athlete.

Carlene reached back and took hold of Tommy's left wrist, giving it a tug. "Don't be shy, little boy, come out from back there. Let's not be rude to our new guests." She pulled a little harder on Tommy's arm, and he quite reluctantly allowed Carlene to pull him forward. He was now standing in front of Carlene, hands over his crotch, facing an enthralled audience. One of them immediately came forward and extended her right hand.

"My name's Paula, what's yours?" she asked.

There was no response forthcoming until Carlene nudged the boy not so gently on the shoulder. "T-Tommy," he replied softly while giving her a half-hearted handshake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Tommy," replied Paula. "That's a pretty bow you have in your hair." There was no audible response, but the boy lowered his head somewhat and somehow managed to blush a little brighter. His adversary seized the moment. She flicked the band at the front of his underpants, letting them snap back. "And you look so cute in your little undies," chortled Paula.

"Would you like to see what's inside?" asked Carlene. "I did."

"Oh, yes!" grinned Paula. "What do you think, Tommy, will you show me what you're sportin' under there? I'd just love to see what you're hiding from us." Tommy tried to move away but was rebuked by Carlene, who grabbed him by his shoulders and held him in place.

"Okay, girls, here's what I'd like to do. If you could all line up in single file, you can all take turns peeking inside his underwear." The girls eagerly gathered in formation, while Tommy, decidedly not so eager, stood in front of Carlene, apprehensively awaiting the impending intensification of his humiliation.

"Tommy, I'd appreciate your cooperation, please. As you can see, your new friends are very anxious to get to know you a little better. (giggle) Now I'd like you to put your hands behind your head."

Tommy grudgingly removed his hands from in front of his underpants and interlocked his fingers behind his head. His arms covered his ears, with his elbows as close together as possible. This won't do, thought Carlene.

"Move your elbows out, please, instructed Carlene." More. More. Straight out to each side. There you go, that's a good boy. Perfect."

Tommy shivered in his increased state of vulnerability, while the girls were figuratively licking their chops in their increased state of stimulation.

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        • Re: Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball PlayerTerwiliger, Fri Dec 19 1:36pm
          Wow. Just found this board today and this has got to be one of my favorite stories Ive read. You write REALLY well, cant wait to see how this all pans out
          • Thank YouBlondie., Fri Dec 19 4:40pm
            Thanks so much for the feedback. It is much appreciated.
            • Amazonian Antagonistpixiemuledonkey, Thu Aug 11 9:09pm
              Up until this point, Karen had been my favorite character, but Carlene is the one who would have been my dream girl in school: nearly six feet tall, auburn hair, athletic, dressed in skimpy spandex... more
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