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Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball Player
Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:07pm

The Twelve Peeks

"Okay," continued Carlene. "Paula, would you like to do the honors?"

Without hesitation Paula advance toward Tommy. She knelt down on one knee and looked up at the beleaguered lad, who was now in the throes of wretchedness. The 16-year-old before him would play her scene to the hilt. She curled her eight fingers inside the front of Tommy's underpants. Tommy flinched when the cool fingertips touched his skin. This did not go unnoticed by Paula, who grinned wider at his involuntary reaction.

"This is so exciting, don't you think so?" she asked. Tommy, of course, was in no mood for conversation. This did not deter the effervescent Paula. "I'll bet you haven't even reached puberty yet, have you?" she asked. The only response was a slight twitch from Tommy's hips. "No, I don't think you have. Look at your pretty legs, for example. Smooth as a little girl's." She reached down with one of her hands and stroked one of Tommy's calves. She smiled. "How darling," she cooed. Tommy fidgeted a little more. "Okay, time to have a little peeky-weeky."

With that Paula stood up. She was a bit taller than her subject. She put two fingers under his chin and gently pulled upwards until Tommy was looking her in the eyes. The glimmer in her eyes purely contrasted the miserable expression emanating from his.

"Don't worry, Tommy dearest, I'll be gentle. I just want to have a little look-see down here, then I'll be done with you. No harm, no foul, as they say, right, Tommy?"

How Tommy wished that applied. As he looked down, all he could see was a mass of blonde hair. He was all too aware of a pair of eyes on the other side of that blonde hair, and of what the intentions were of the owner of those eyes. His senses were quite acute at the moment, and the aroma of shampoo permeated his nostrils. He felt a tickling sensation on his tummy, as the hair from the top of the young lady's head brushed against him. It was only a matter of moments before he felt the front of his underpants being pulled ever so slowly away from his midsection. No less disturbing was the sensation he felt inside his underpants, caused by the heavy breathing from his tormentor. But the most offensive aspect of the whole scenario was what he next heard: the sound of giggling, which gradually escalated into outright laughter, a sound which seemed to Tommy to go on for a very long time. It was all he could do to maintain his position as he endured quite the shameful indignity.

Eventually, Paula let go of the waistband, stood up and faced the crimson-faced teenager. She bent down slightly, took a pinch of his cheek between her thumb and forefinger and said, "Thanks, sweetheart, that was just delightful!" She patted his bottom, turned around and winked at the girl at the front of the line and said, "Next!"

The next girl unhesitatingly approached and stuck out her hand. "Hi, Tommy, I'm Ginger." Tommy quite unenthusiastically shook her hand without an audible response. He then obediently returned his hand to the back of his head. Ginger wasted no time in pulling out his underpants and peering inside. The inevitable giggling ensued. She had put her fingertips of one hand to her mouth while holding open the underpants with the other.

"Oh, I simply must have a picture of this," she said while letting the band snap back. She walked a few feet to retrieve her cell phone, and upon returning she asked," Could you please do me a favor, Tommy, and pull out your underpants for me? I have my hands full here, and would really like to get a perfect shot of your cute little package." (giggle)

Tommy, pretty much resigned to his dismal fate, reached down, hooked his thumbs in his waistband and pushed open his underpants. Ginger leaned forward with her camera aimed at her target.

"A little more, please," she instructed. Tommy pushed his thumbs out a little further. "A little more." Again he complied. "That's good, now go down a little bit." Tommy lowered his thumbs. He didn't look down, but he was quite cognizant of how much exposure this was creating for the photographer, who at this point was deriving considerable pleasure in her role in the boy's humiliation. "Ah, that's perfect! Hold it right there."

Ginger backed up a foot or so in an attempt to capture the subject matter in a good frame. "How adorable. And we'll get a nice clean shot. It's a good thing you're so bald down there. Not a hair getting in the way anywhere." Tommy cringed while listening to the laughter echoing throughout the hallway. In a matter of seconds, three separate flashes went off. The photographer wasted no time in retrieving the pictures. The first two were close-ups at different angles of pre-pubescent male genitalia. The third was a full body shot of a young teenager, clad only in his underpants, holding said underpants open just enough to expose the same previously described genitalia. The pink bow atop the head was a considerable shade lighter than the color of the cheeks of the teenager in the picture.

The photographer clicked off her phone. The grin on her face suggested that she was quite satisfied with her effort.

"Thank you so much!" said Ginger. "You were a very good subject, and quite accommodating." She made a couple of clicks on her cell phone and held it out for Tommy. "Do me a favor and type in your e-mail address for me. The least I can do to repay you for your troubles is to send you these wonderful pictures." The miserable lad dutifully typed in his address and handed the phone back to the devilish volleyball player. He had considered typing in a phony address, but he realized that conceivably someone out there would receive them. Ginger deftly made a few more clicks, looked up at Tommy and said, "Done! You can check yourself out now anytime you want." With that she turned and faced one of her teammates, who was eagerly awaiting her turn. "Next!"

"Hi Tommy, my name's Heather."

And so it went. All twelve of the delighted girls took their turn peering inside of Tommy's underpants. It never got any easier for the lad, as each adolescent had their own unique way of contributing to Tommy's debasement. The laughter and joviality at his great expense is something the poor lad would never forget.

But it was time to enter the gymnasium, where Tommy's audience would increase significantly. Chances were pretty good that his humiliation would increase likewise.

When the last of the dirty dozen had completed their ritual, Carlene, who was quite pleased with her role in orchestrating the sordid proceedings, took charge again. "Ladies," she asked, "Would you like to join Tommy and I in the gymnasium?"

"YES!" was the resounding response.

"Okay, let's go, then. My Aunt Betty and Tommy's classmates are anxious to see us, I'm sure." She turned towards the door to lead the way, taking Tommy's hand. "Well, I don't know about the rest of us, but I know they're looking forward to seeing you."

A Naked Threat

When they were a few feet from the door, one of the volleyball players spoke up. It seemed that Ginger wanted to add a video to her collection before they went inside.

"Um, Carlene?" she piped up. Carlene stopped and turned toward her teammate. "Do we have a few more minutes?" asked Ginger.

"What did you have in mind, Ginger?" asked Carlene with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Well, um....this has been great....awesome, in fact." She looked at Tommy, whose expression betrayed his apprehension over whatever Ginger had in mind. "But, well, wouldn't it be even more awesome if we made him get naked?" There was a buzz in the hallway now. Evidently everyone was fully on board with Ginger's suggestion. Well, almost everyone. The lone male in the group wore an expression of anguish.

"Well, let's see," said Carlene as she checked the time on her cell phone. "We probably should be getting back in...."

But Carlene issued that statement with a total lack of resolve. She looked back at Tommy and used her vivid imagination to picture him a state of forced nudity, and felt a familiar stimulation in her loins.

"I think we can squeeze that in," declared Carlene, a statement that created quite a bit of hoopla in the hallway. When the noise died down, Carlene asked, "How shall we go about doing this. Any ideas?"

At least half a dozen of the girls spoke up at once. It seemed that many of the girls not only wanted to render Tommy nude, but they had ideas on exactly how they would like it done.

"Easy, girls, easy!" laughed Carlene. Let me see a show of hands. Ten hands sprang up. The two who didn't raise a hand were deep in thought on how they would like the plan of completely baring Tommy to come to fruition.

"Ginger, it was your idea; you go first," instructed Carlene. "Tell us how you would like the stripping scene to play out, and maybe you also have some idea on what you would like to do with him once he's naked."

"Absolutely. Let's get him naked---maybe take his underpants down gradually for a tantalizing unveiling---and then we can have him hold his hands behind his head like he did before and take a stroll all the way to the end of the hall and back. I'll record a video of the whole thing."

"Good one, Ginger. Anybody else? Paula, you were one of the first to raise your hand."

"Yes, I'd like to pull them down reeeal slowly to draw the fun out. And yeah, making him walk around naked for us sounds great!"

"All right, that's two votes for the slow takedown and the naked walk of shame. How 'bout you, Shelly?"

"I'd prefer someone holding him up off the ground and one of us just yanking them right off. Have him naked before he knows what hit him. I can do it if you like. (giggle) Then maybe we can let him play with himself. Or if he needs some help maybe one of us can play with him. I can do that, too. (giggle) It'd be fun to see if that little thing gets any bigger." More laughter ensued.

"Wonderful! I'll take one more. Heather?"

"So, I'd really like to make him strip himself. He could do a nice little striptease for us. I have some dance music on my phone, and after his striptease he could shake his naked booty for us."

"Ha! Fantastic idea, Heather. I have a feeling my Aunt Betty might have something similar in mind, so maybe we'll save the best for last. But I think we should get him naked right now and go from there. We have two votes for the drawn out strip, so let's go that way."

She looked down at Tommy, who had been squirming uncomfortably as he listened to the fiendish teenagers plotting his destiny with nudity.

"Are you ready, Tommy?" asked Carlene, who was well aware that the lad was anything but ready for what was about to transpire. Of course, this only served to add to the young lady's enjoyment. "Yes," Carlene said teasingly, "I can see that you are." She smiled and shivered slightly, such was her state of arousal. "Okay, who would like to do the honors?" Carlene grinned as all twelve of her teammates raised their hands eagerly. "Well, you can't all do it." She grinned freely while surveying the animated scene in front of her. "Ginger, I really liked your description of how you would go about it---I believe you described it as a 'tantalizing unveiling.' That sounds delicious. Please come do the honors. Now Tommy, I'd like you to keep your hands right where they are while Ginger pulls down your little undies."

Carlene stepped back and joined the rest of the girls while Ginger knelt down in front of the miserable Tommy. She took hold of each side of the bottom of the underpants and looked up. "Here we go, dear boy. Are you ready?" That same question had now been posed to Tommy twice in a short amount of time. He was decidedly no more ready at that moment than he was the first time he was asked that question. "Just think, before long you'll be walking up and down the hall for us---completely naked!"

As the girls looked on in eager anticipation, indeed Tommy did feel a slight tug on his underpants. He looked down and noticed that Ginger had moved to his side, offering his captive audience an unobstructed view of the proceedings. He clenched his eyes shut, but he could not tune out his other senses. He felt his underpants ever so slowly descending, and the cool air he felt on his ever-increasing bare skin made him fully aware of his exposure. It was surprisingly quiet; the loudest sound in the room was his own heavy breathing. He opened his eyes momentarily and saw twelve fifteen and sixteen-year-old girls who seemed to be spellbound. Most of them had their mouth open, as if awestruck, and all were looking squarely at his midsection. Tommy closed his eyes again, awaiting his doom.

But the next sound he heard was completely unexpected. and the result would be an abrupt end to the proceedings, much to the relief of one, and the bitter disappointment of thirteen. The door to the gymnasium had swung open, and none other than Sister Ruth stood at the threshold. Ginger, a bit intimidated by the appearance of the nun, discontinued her undertaking and stepped back to join her colleagues. Tommy swiftly pulled up his underpants, which had descended enough to afford Sister Ruth a display of half of his naked behind. She smiled at the spectacle.

"It's time to bring Tommy back inside now," she said to no one in particular.

"Yes, Sister," answered Carlene, who took Tommy by the hand and guided him towards the door. "Follow me, girls," instructed Carlene.

While Sister Ruth held open the door, Carlene and Tommy, followed by the twelve volleyball players, proceeded into the gymnasium.

As the reader surely recognizes, the girls' disappointment and Tommy's sense of relief would prove to be short-lived.

  • Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball PlayerBlondie., Mon Dec 15 4:20pm
    Invasion of the Volleyball Players Just as Carlene was about to push the door to the gymnasium open, she had an idea. For her, it was a wonderful idea. Her companion, as he would soon discover, would ... more
    • Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball Player — Blondie., Mon Dec 15 5:07pm
      • Re: Chapter 15: Submission to a Volleyball PlayerTerwiliger, Fri Dec 19 1:36pm
        Wow. Just found this board today and this has got to be one of my favorite stories Ive read. You write REALLY well, cant wait to see how this all pans out
        • Thank YouBlondie., Fri Dec 19 4:40pm
          Thanks so much for the feedback. It is much appreciated.
          • Amazonian Antagonistpixiemuledonkey, Thu Aug 11 9:09pm
            Up until this point, Karen had been my favorite character, but Carlene is the one who would have been my dream girl in school: nearly six feet tall, auburn hair, athletic, dressed in skimpy spandex... more
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