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Great story, so humiliating!
Sun Jan 25, 2015 1:15pm

Blondie, I'm enjoying this story so much! I'm eager for the next installment.

I have one idea for you to consider. In Chapter 1, there was a line "...asked if the two lovebirds would like to give each other a kiss."

I think Sheila should make the boys French kiss each other! I think that for two straight guys to be forced to kiss, well, that would be even more humiliating than if they had to give each other oral sex. Kissing is so intimate!

Think about it, and please hurry with your next story!


  • Chapter 2, continuedBlondie., Sun Nov 20 1:35pm
    ďAll right, my little Samantha, letís see how pretty you look underneath those boy clothes of yours. You can start by taking your shirt off.Ē Sam just stood there, momentarily frozen in place.... more
    • Great story, so humiliating! — rickkink, Sun Jan 25 1:15pm
      • Kiss vs. Oral SexBlondie., Mon Jan 26 5:18pm
        You probably have something there, Rick. Face to face, tongue on tongue---indeed, pretty damn humiliating for a couple of straight guys. I'll definitely keep it in mind whenever I find the time to... more
        • i agree, full-on tongue-on-tongue, drooling wet French kissing would be excruciatingly humiliating for poor Blondie and Sam. Especially with girls watching. Especially if it's their first actual... more
          • Great IdeasBlondie., Fri Feb 3 10:26am
            Thanks, pixiemuledonkey (can't help but smile as I type that) for the great ideas. You make me want to continue this story. Some time down the road, I hope! I agree, being forced to handle each... more
        • Kiss vs. Oral sexsammiboyduchams, Tue Jan 27 8:05am
          Doesn't have to be an either or situation! Straight sissy (a) takes a loaded mouthful from a Jock's big dick and transfers it straight to straight sissy (b) in a long wet french kiss. It's good to... more
    • blondieKraftty3, Wed Dec 17 7:00pm
      i hope more chapters are coming soon!! I have ha dmore than one runin with domme girls while in school!! thanks for the great stories paull
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