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Sat Jul 18, 2015 4:20am

Any word on the next instalment at all Blondie?

  • Re: Alive and Kickinghufan, Sat Jul 5 6:49pm
    Not past this point, I guess ;) Would love to read any additional chapter, by whomever. The story so far is one of the best I've ever read. Nice to see you back Blondie (or so we hope :-))
    • Return? — Bitter_Arron, Sat Jul 18 4:20am
      • Just No Time These DaysBlondie., Sun Jul 19 11:47am
        I'm really sorry, but I just plain haven't had the proper time to sit down and write. I really do hope to free up some time and finish this story, but I can't honestly say when. Sigh.
        • UnderstandableBitter_Arron, Sun Jul 19 11:52am
          Fair enough. That makes sense, outside life very often takes presidence.
          • Re: Understandableblockster, Sat Oct 31 6:29pm
            Hopefully you find the time to pop a new chapter or two up eventually. It'd be a shame to never get a resolution to such a great story.
            • It Will HappenBlondie., Sun Nov 1 4:11pm
              Thanks, blockster. Trust me, it has bothered me to go such a ridiculously long time without adding to/finishing this story. I do see potential in the next few months to hopefully hunker down and bang ... more
              • Blondie!Bitter_Arron, Sun Jan 17 4:28pm
                Please come back Blondie, we miss your awesome work so much.
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