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Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:32pm

Technically shouldn't she (Nicky) be getting a repeat of the punishment tomorrow afternoon? I ask because she was told to stay in position until otherwise told to move and without being given permission to move she did so when she realized her panties were being cut.

Using the information given in the story this would earn her another punishment tomorrow...maybe it should be harsher for her inability to follow instructions so she would be forced to return to school tomorrow in the way she left it today (braless and with her panties in her mouth (that way all of the students in the school can share in at least part of her punishment by seeing her stuffed mouth)). That would also give the teacher more time to get needed supplies for more humiliation/embarrassment and come up with more punishing ideas... maybe tomorrow she gets punished more and is put in an impossible position to hold (one that she inevitably fails to hold) and is then punished for the rest of the month/school year, into next school year, etc.

  • A Bare-Bottomed Spanking, Part 3Blondie., Thu Feb 7 4:35pm
    Nicky clumsily—there was no graceful way to go about it, especially with her panties stretched out around her ankles—draped herself over Miss Davenport’s lap. Awkward didn’t... more
    • Technicality —, Sat Nov 21 8:32pm
      • Technicality NotedBlondie., Sun Nov 22 10:08pm
        Well, one could say that poor Nicky pretty much got what she deserved (and then some), and any more than that could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Then again, one could say that further... more
        • Re: Technicality NotedTabby Enf, Wed Dec 30 3:45pm
          I speak for absolutely every single one of your loyal fans when I insist that nobody cares about whether or not a particular story is finished. Follow your muse. If you're stumped on a story, set it... more
          • LolBlondie., Thu Dec 31 10:22am
            I'll have to brush up on my automotive repair knowledge before starting my next story. I can already picture a helpless victim fastened to the lift. As the lift ever so slowly rises, her/his clothes... more
    • class room spankingashcan90, Sat Feb 19 3:03pm
      Blondie, That BB spanking story had just about every fantasy I have about nude/ spanking humiliation. thank you. I self-spank in the shower and sometimes in the summer go out naked in my back yard..... more
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