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Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:22am

I'll have to brush up on my automotive repair knowledge before starting my next story. I can already picture a helpless victim fastened to the lift. As the lift ever so slowly rises, her/his clothes remain secured to the ground. Or maybe the other way around...the wardrobe is fastened to the lift as again, it rises ever so slowly while his/her level of panic escalates with each inch of exposure.

Man, you really got me going there with this automotive idea.

Thanks for assuaging at least a little of the guilt I carry for the unfinished stories.

  • Re: Technicality NotedTabby Enf, Wed Dec 30 3:45pm
    I speak for absolutely every single one of your loyal fans when I insist that nobody cares about whether or not a particular story is finished. Follow your muse. If you're stumped on a story, set it... more
    • Lol — Blondie., Thu Dec 31 10:22am
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