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Felicity the Humiliatrix
Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:25pm

i love this chapter so much. There are so many great and excruciatingly humiliating scenes in Blondie's stories, but this is one of my favorites. Devious, precocious (and hairless) Felicity has a promising future as a dominatrix, i think! i absolutely adored the way she made Blondie recount his Victoria's Secret fitting room humiliations in detail, so he could relive the shame in double by having to relate it to a thirteen year old girl. And forcing him to sing Happy Birthday to her as she lowered his panties and exposed his teeny weenie to her, as though he were a slutty sissy Marilyn Monroe...

My only disappointment was that Felicity didn't make Blondie surrender his virginity to her for her birthday. For him to lose his virginityto Felicity, especially if he'd been wearing his lingerie or a white "wedding night" ensemble... Even better if it had happened with the other girls cheering her on, and giving Blondie embarrassing orders, or slapping his bottom in time, reinforcing his sexual inadequacy as he experienced his very first sexual intercourse...

i also secretly hoped that, at the story's end, he would confess that he and Felicity would eventually marry years later - that this was how he first met the girl who'd become his wife. Ah, well...

  • Chapter 15: FelicityBlondie., Sat Feb 9 9:42pm
    Alone With a Little Devil While I was being put through my paces in the awful party dress, I noticed with a bit of trepidation that Julie was reaching for the dreaded bag again. “Come with me,... more
    • Felicity the Humiliatrix — pixiemuledonkey, Sat Mar 12 4:25pm
      • Humiliatrix IndeedBlondie., Mon Mar 14 1:34pm
        Considering how effective Felicity's off-the cuff humiliation techniques are at the tender age of 13, one can only imagine the magnitude of humiliation she would impose on her victims with a little... more
        • I agreelongitude, Sun Nov 6 7:13pm
          I agree with what both of you are saying here. This is one of (hard to choose) my favorite chapters. I too, can put myself in the shoes of any character, and it is a fun dynamic, either way. I like... more
          • Re: I agreeBlondie., Mon Nov 7 10:36am
            Thanks for the comments, longitude. As far as TR goes, I'm really trying not to take so long between chapters, but right now it's beyond my control. I could do a hurry-up job, but I hate to put... more
            • awesomelongitude, Mon Nov 7 10:59am
              Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.
        • Further Femdom Feats of Felicitypixiemuledonkey, Sun Apr 3 12:55am
          i would welcome any further stories about Felicity and her adventures in dishing out erotic humiliation! i suppose that went without saying, but just in case you might not have gotten the impression... more
          • Joy of Felicitylongitude, Wed Nov 9 1:44pm
            Evil her, brings us joy (ha). These stories are so good, they make me want to eat, drink, and be Mary (couldn't resist the joke). At one time, I thought some of the stories being acted out would be... more
          • Good Ol' FelicityBlondie., Mon Nov 7 10:32am
            I'm happy to see that one of my favorite characters (if not the favorite) has elicited these responses. I really should reintroduce her some day. Somehow I missed this post and just now caught up... more
    • Chapter 15: FelicityBlondie., Sat Feb 9 9:44pm
      Naked on the Bed Felicity grinned wickedly at me for a few seconds. I stood there on the stool, still bent over at the waist. Without a word, she lifted one leg, then the other, freeing the panties... more
      • Chapter 15: FelicityBlondie., Sat Feb 9 9:44pm
        Blondie, Blondie Had No Hair “Now be a real sweetie and help me find a pair of scissors.” She started rummaging through the nightstand drawer. I stood there, stunned at what was about to... more
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