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Chapter 17: The Moment of Truth
Sat Aug 6, 2016 5:28pm

A Minor Reprieve

But once again an unlikely source saved him, at least temporarily, from furthering his humiliation.

"Hold it!"

It was the voice of none other than Miss Richards.

Betty Richards had a plan. Up to this moment her plan had played out quite successfully, and her pleasure that she derived thus far from the sordid proceedings had far exceeded her expectations.

There was no question in her mind that she was going to have Tommy cavorting around naked for her. Just the picture in her mind of forcing such a humiliation on one of her students caused a stirring in her loins. "Such a sadist I am," she admitted to herself. But there was no guilt in that assessment, as her prurient desires far overwhelmed any such feelings of self-reproach.

It would have been easy to have Tommy simply turn around upon Karen's demand. She certainly would have enjoyed the scene, and especially the young teenager's humiliation. But she recognized that the longer she could draw this out, the greater the reward. "It's all about the journey," she thought as she smiled to herself.

Tommy stopped in his tracks when he heard the authoritative voice of Miss Richards. He was still facing the now slightly disappointed Karen, whose brow was furrowed because of the unwelcome interruption. As it was, her direct involvement of Tommy's naked torment would be put on hold.

"I don't want to run out of time, and we still need to have a lesson today on the art of belly dancing," said Miss Richards. She stepped down from the podium and walked up the bleacher steps towards Tommy and Karen as she spoke. She carried a garment in each of her hands. It looked like this, only a little more of a lighter pink shade:

All eyes were on Miss Richards as she approached Tommy and Karen. She handed the two garments to Karen, being quite careful not to peek at Tommy's privates. "Saving the best for last," she chuckled to herself.

"Karen, would you mind helping Tommy into this lovely belly dancing outfit? He would be a wonderful subject to demonstrate the art of belly dancing, don't you think so?"

Karen's disappointed countenance slowly transformed into a smiling one as she realized that Tommy's humiliation, though different, would continue unabated.

"I'd love to!" responded Karen. While the grinning Betty Richards returned to the dancing podium, Karen held up the top, smiled, then put it on her lap. She then held up the skirt, looked up to the dismal Tommy and gushed, "Oh, Tammy, you're going to look just divine in this." She held out the skirt at Tommy's feet. He needed no prodding, as he was resigned to the fact that any resistance would be useless. He stepped into the skirt and Karen pulled it up to just below his belly button. It was a bit loose on his waste.

"Hmm," said Karen. "Turn around for me, Tammy, we need to tighten this up a bit." Tommy turned around more readily this time. He took in the grinning faces below him, while they took in his newly adorned pink skirt and his very red face. "You certainly wouldn't want this falling down while you're doing your belly dance for us," teased Karen while she tied a bow on the back of the skirt. "Then everybody would see your bald little wee-wee," she said, loud enough for all to hear. Tommy somehow flushed brighter as giggling ensued.

Karen stood up holding the matching top. She took Tommy by the shoulders and turned him back around to face her. "Let's get your pretty top on, Tammy," said the animated Karen. "Oh, it fits your little breasts perfectly," she taunted. She reached around the back of his neck to tie one of the bows. Her face was so close to his that he could feel her breath. "I do hope you plan on thanking Miss Richards for picking just the right-sized breast cups for you." She finished the bow and reached for two more loose parts of the top that dangled at Tommy's side. She reached around with both hands to tie the last bow. "One more bow here in the middle of your back and.....there! You're all set!" She leaned back to admire the fruits of her efforts.

"Oh, Tammy, you look absolutely adorable! And the color matches your pretty bow! Don't you just love it?"

Tommy did not love it. In fact, he was beginning to wonder if being naked in front of a Karen and a few girls would be less objectionable than what was in store for him. Now it appeared he would have to go down to the dance floor and perform for everyone, thus taking an active role in his humiliation. Plus, he would be wearing this dreadful outfit---and he didn't know if the coverage of his nakedness would be temporary or not.

Tommy's sense of trepidation was almost overwhelming as he heard the inevitable directive from Miss Richards.

"Tommy, would you come down here, please? It's time to show off your pretty new outfit and to demonstrate your expertise on the art of belly dancing."

Tommy felt like his face was on fire as he made the dreaded walk down the gymnasium steps toward the eagerly awaiting Miss Richards.

  • Chapter 17: The Moment of TruthBlondie., Sat Aug 6 5:26pm
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    • Oh, Karen...pixiemuledonkey, Thu Aug 11 9:53pm
      How i do love her. The delicious build-up to this moment was entirely worth the wait. As she said, it's all about the journey - i've loved her ever since she first tugged down the rear waistband of... more
      • Karen, Oh KarenBlondie., Fri Aug 12 3:50pm
        She is definitely one of my favorite dominant, humiliation-loving characters I have written about. I can feel her unbridled enjoyment as she inflicts her debasements on her chosen victim. Wouldn't... more
    • Chapter 17: The Moment of Truth — Blondie., Sat Aug 6 5:28pm
      • Re: Chapter 17: The Moment of Truthcaughtoflore, Tue Aug 16 10:42am
        Thanks for committing to return to this story. Not a single instalment has failed to bring me immense enjoyment.
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