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A Sisterly Squeeze
Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:46pm

Ohh, are so skilled at raising the tension and raising the stakes of humiliations. i absolutely adored it when Cindy had Tommy straddle her lap and played with his teenie weenie while teasing him for having a crush on her - plainly considering herself so far out of his league that she didn't even hesitate to feign intimacies and affections toward him while belittling him. Such excruciating humiliation...

But i LOVED that one of the few times Tommy's actually gotten an erection was in front of everybody, while laid out over his own sister's lap. Sally's "sisterly squeeze" was almost more than i could take. Her recitations of his shameful behaviors while giving him a bare-bottomed spanking/counting off his ages when he committed them was delicious, and Cindy cupping and teasing his stiffie even while he's across his sister's are a master at describing these escalating predicaments!

i found myself wondering if he would become so aroused that he would be pushed past the point of no return and ejaculate right between Sally's thighs at that point. You've resolved that question in later chapters, of course - and i'm eagerly reading on to see what happens next - but i must admit i've also fondly imagined what insults, punishments, and reactions Tommy might have been the recipient of if he had been so perverted as to finally spurt his cummies not in Cindy's lap, but between his own sister's thighs.

  • Chapter 16: A Sibling SpankingBlondie., Sat May 14 1:53pm
    “Oh, you naughty boy!” shrieked Cindy when she became aware of Tommy’s elevated state of arousal. She looked up at Sally and grinned wickedly. “He’s getting a little stiffy!” While giggling, she... more
    • A Sisterly Squeeze — pixiemuledonkey, Thu Aug 11 9:46pm
    • morelongitude, Wed Jun 8 4:22pm
      ...and I'll beg for the next chapter if it will help.
    • brilliantlongitude, Sun May 29 9:49pm
      I've read some of these stories here, and elsewhere, but this is by far, my favorite. I was happy to check in and see new chapters. The sister angle is brilliant and increases the humiliation factor. ... more
      • Re: brilliantBlondie., Mon May 30 5:40pm
        I do see your point about making Tommy a little larger. Either way would be a huge source of embarrassment. It's already been established, though, that Tommy is lacking in the penis department, so... more
        • Re: brilliantlongitude, Wed Jun 1 11:41am
          I agree. It's been established. Maybe a zoom lens would help. LOL. I hope you write more soon. It's very good.
          • re: brilliantsailorbarsoom, Thu Jun 16 6:47am
            I suppose the boy could be more of a grow-er instead of a show-er, but yeah, he can't be sporting Big Wood.
    • Oh, the poor boy!sailorbarsoom, Sat May 28 10:10pm
      But I'm enjoying it. And looking forward to more! Any chance of Carlene's teammates getting into the gym just before the panties come off? This would not only be more people to see him naked (which... more
      • Re: Oh, the poor boy!Blondie., Sun May 29 1:59pm
        Carlene's teammates will definitely have to find their way into the gym. Like you say, the more that see him naked, the merrier, and the greater the humiliation. It's already been documented that... more
        • Tommypecs4, Sun Jun 29 6:40am
          Hi Blondie, I hope you are still alive. I am working on a "missing chapter" for Tommy's humiliation. It will involve the principal of the school, and other things. It will occur before the dance... more
          • Alive and KickingBlondie., Thu Jul 3 4:15pm
            I'm happy to say that yes, I am very much alive. Not writing much these days, but eventually that will change. Sure, I'd look forward to reading your "missing chapter." Please post it on the... more
            • Link to Stripping & Humiliation sitepecs4, Mon Dec 8 8:34am
              Hi Blondie--It's been awhile but I'd FINALLY like to post the "missing" chapter of Tommy's debasement. However I cannot access the website you mentioned in your last post to me. Could you provide a... more
              • S&H LinkBlondie., Mon Dec 8 9:37am
                Looks like you found it, but here is a link for anyone having trouble:
            • Re: Alive and Kickinghufan, Sat Jul 5 6:49pm
              Not past this point, I guess ;) Would love to read any additional chapter, by whomever. The story so far is one of the best I've ever read. Nice to see you back Blondie (or so we hope :-))
              • Return?Bitter_Arron, Sat Jul 18 4:20am
                Any word on the next instalment at all Blondie?
                • Just No Time These DaysBlondie., Sun Jul 19 11:47am
                  I'm really sorry, but I just plain haven't had the proper time to sit down and write. I really do hope to free up some time and finish this story, but I can't honestly say when. Sigh.
                  • UnderstandableBitter_Arron, Sun Jul 19 11:52am
                    Fair enough. That makes sense, outside life very often takes presidence.
                    • Re: Understandableblockster, Sat Oct 31 6:29pm
                      Hopefully you find the time to pop a new chapter or two up eventually. It'd be a shame to never get a resolution to such a great story.
                      • It Will HappenBlondie., Sun Nov 1 4:11pm
                        Thanks, blockster. Trust me, it has bothered me to go such a ridiculously long time without adding to/finishing this story. I do see potential in the next few months to hopefully hunker down and bang ... more
                        • Blondie!Bitter_Arron, Sun Jan 17 4:28pm
                          Please come back Blondie, we miss your awesome work so much.
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