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Chapter 18: The Final Humiliation
Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:52pm

The Disrobing Begins

That is because the intrepid Karen, who had made no secret of her desire to see Tommy dance naked for her, had decided to take matters into her own hands. She had belly-danced to a position directly behind him. To secure his top, she had earlier tied two bows: one around his neck and one around his back. She was about to undo her handiwork, starting with her tie around the neck. She put her fingers around the string and looked over to Miss Richards. To Karen's delight, she was smiling mischievously at her. Apparently there would be no objection, and she was free to do what she pleased. And so she pulled.

Tommy was brought out of his fascination of Cindy's erotic hip gyrations when he felt a tug around his neck. He turned back to see the devilish Karen pulling at his clothing. He reached back in an attempt to thwart her endeavor.

"ARMS UP!" commanded Miss Richard. "Keep dancing, and turn around to face your audience!"

The beleaguered lad turned around, freeing Karen up to continue disrobing her ill-fated victim. Karen put her mouth right in Tommy's right ear and teased, "I'm about to render you topless, Tammy. Then aaaall that's keeping you from dancing naked for me will be your pretty skirt. And that has only one bow on it just like these." With that she grasped a dangling string from the bow on Tommy's neck with her right hand and a string from the bow on his back with her left. With a smirk on her face she deliberately and assuredly pulled with both hands until the bows were completely untied. She then simply pulled the material free from the wretched lad's body. Sister Ruth dutifully stepped up to the podium and retrieved the top and added it to her collection. Tommy was indeed rendered topless, with only a skirt protecting him from the prospect of public nudity.

When Tommy felt the sensation of the top being released from his chest he shuddered. The cause of this spontaneous reaction was twofold: One, there was a draft from the open windows of the gymnasium, and he actually felt the breeze on his newly-exposed nipples. Two, he was well aware that previously there were two garments shielding him from nakedness, and that number had been swiftly cut to one. And, try as he might, there was absolutely no scenario he could imagine that would give the normally optimistic Tommy any rationale to think that the fiend behind him would stop short of his complete disrobing.

Indeed, Tommy first felt the warm, small fingers around his hips. Then he felt Karen's mouth tickling his ear once again. "Are you ready to dance naked for me?" she said in a throaty voice directly into his ear canal. Tommy reached down and pushed her hands away from his hips. Of course, Betty Richards would have none of it.

"Tommy, I'm not going to tell you again, keep your arms up! From this point forward, under no circumstance are you to drop your arms lower than your shoulders." She was all too aware of what was about to transpire, and she fancied having the skirt drop to the floor unimpeded.

"You heard Miss Richards, Tammy," continued Karen. "You have to keep your girly arms up." She paused and giggled to herself. "Now I can undo the bow in your skirt. Then your skirt will fall. Then you'll be naked." She giggled again, and repeated her new favorite word, this time with more gusto." Naked! Think about it, Tammy. You'll be naked. And you'll be dancing for me. Your little goodies will be bouncing around for all to see. Are you as excited as I am, Tammy?"

Karen's level of excitement was matched only by Tommy's sense of trepidation. His breathing got heavier, as he fully comprehended that barring some miracle (a meteor falling from the sky?) in a matter of moments he would be doing this ridiculous belly dance completely nude. In front of everybody. At least, he figured, his erection had subsided. But that was a very small consolation—with "very small" being the operative words.

Karen Finishes the Dirty Deed

On cue, Tommy felt Karen's hand fidgeting with the bow. He flinched slightly, and while continuing to dance he braced himself for the inevitable. He took in the facial expressions of his audience, which did nothing to assuage his high anxiety, as every single person was either smiling, grinning, or was open-mouthed and wide-eyed in anticipation. He then felt the fateful pulling on his garment from behind, accompanied by a playful giggle emanating from the sprightly girl who made it happen. And then, much to the enjoyment and amusement of his admirers, Tommy was naked.

It took no more than a second or two from the time Karen pulled the string taut for the skirt to pool around Tommy's feet. The sight of a crimson-faced, hairless and suddenly naked thirteen-year-old boy gyrating his hips in the form of a belly dance caused quite the commotion. The uproar and the laughter could probably be heard throughout the school. It was a visual that would remain forever in the consciousness of all who were there.

Sally exuberantly swooped up the garment before Tommy would have any chance to even think about pulling it back up. It only took a tap on each of Tommy's legs for him to almost involuntarily lift them one at a time to accommodate his sister's intent. She teasingly stretched out the skirt and held it in front of him, momentarily covering his nudity. She winked at Tommy and immediately whisked it away. After a short toss to the outstretched arms of the thoroughly entertained Sister Ruth, all vestiges of Tommy's clothing (save for a pretty pink bow on the top of his head) had disappeared.

Karen, quite anxious for a frontal view of the results of her efforts, had wasted no time after untying the final bow to plant herself in front of her victim. While the other two grinning girls continued their belly dancing throughout their entertainment, Karen was doubled over with laughter, such was her state of merriment.

As for Tommy, well, "throes of wretchedness" only begins to describe the state he was in. Even though he knew the moment was coming, it was still a shock to his system to be suddenly rendered naked, with his tiny, hairless penis out there for all to see. When Sally pulled the skirt from his feet and he saw it disappear into the arms of Sister Ruth, he knew there was no turning back. And now here he was, stripped naked and doing this silly belly dance while eighty-seven people reveled in his humiliation.

He looked at Karen, who had tears of laughter streaming down her face as she ogled him. Sally was having the time of her life as she mimicked her brother's belly dancing. He could only imagine the lifetime of teasing that this day would generate. And Cindy...gosh, Cindy had somehow escalated her gyrations, and Tommy once again could not take his eyes off of her. He slowed down his dancing as he became captivated by—well, as Miss Richards was fond of saying, her sensual dancing. He was almost at a standstill, which was not going over well with the dance instructor.

"Tommy!" she shouted. But no admonition was necessary, as a familiar disciplinarian was about to take control. Sister Ruth had hopped up to the podium, carrying a switch. The wide-eyed Tommy saw it coming, but she was too quick for him. Whap! Whap! Whap! came the three stinging blows in rapid succession. The nun stepped aside, but decided to remain onstage in case her services would be needed again.

When the pain registered, Tommy jumped up and down a couple of times (much to everyone else's hilarity), then started dancing again, more fervently than ever before. The laughter was bountiful. The audience, now fully enthralled with the proceedings, were clapping to the beat of the drum while the naked boy shimmied his hips to the same beat. The energy level was through the roof.

And, just when Tommy thought his humiliation had reached the maximum, there was another development that would dispel that belief. And the object of his puppy love had everything to do with it. Her sultry dance was about to become sultrier.

Cindy's Erotic Dance

Cindy was quite cognizant of her effect on the now-naked dancer in front of her. Earlier, she thought she might have detected a small protuberance in the front of Tommy's skirt. Though she was enjoying watching Tommy's little penis and balls bouncing around, she thought it would be interesting for her—and, just as significant, more humiliating for Tommy—if she could somehow bring about the response she had elicited earlier. "I want to see him dance with his little stiffy," she thought to herself with a sly grin.

Tommy managed to pull his gaze from Cindy to turn his head for a quick glance at the clock. There were only five minutes left, and then his nightmare would be over. When he turned back he noticed that Cindy was making an adjustment to her clothing. He watched with fascination as she rolled her white blouse up to her chest, where it came to rest just below her breasts. She then tucked her thumbs on either side of her skirt and eased it downwards, exposing a good amount of the silky, white flesh of her belly. She continued her erotic dance.

It was probably the sexiest thing Tommy had ever seen. The pictures in Playboy that he had masturbated to were no match for the vision before him. Once more he became aroused, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. It was only a matter of seconds before, to Tommy's extreme mortification, his little penis became fully erect. Sally and Karen squealed with delight, as did most of the crowd.

Cindy, now very much full of herself, was ready to go in for the kill. She clasped her hands behind her head, pointing her elbows frontwards. She moved in a few steps, and now was only a couple of feet in front of Tommy. Many in the audience had moved off to the side to get a clear view of the naked dancer. All were still clapping to the rhythm of the drum. The atmosphere was electrifying.

Tommy slowed his movements, momentarily forgetting his participation while lost in fascination. Miss Richards made eye contact with Sister Ruth and nodded her head. Quickly the nun administered two rapid swats with her switch to Tommy's backside. The young lad yelped and resumed his naked belly dance. Miss Richards jumped in front of Tommy, grabbed his wrists and forced them behind his head. She positioned his elbows forward, so he was in the same provocative pose as Cindy. Sally and Karen had stopped dancing, rendered spellbound by the extraordinary performance by the two remaining belly dancers.

Tommy, while continuing to dance passionately—mostly to avoid the sting of that nasty switch—was totally enraptured by the seductive dancing of the teenage girl. His breathing became heavier, and as he stared at the gyrating bare midriff, he felt like he was on the verge of ejaculation. Cindy, somehow aware of this, moved a step closer to Tommy and gave him a coquettish smile.

Those in the gymnasium who thought it was impossible for a person to achieve orgasm without physical stimulation were about to be proven wrong.

The ever-aware Cindy noticed Tommy's hips change direction and jut outward. She deftly stepped out of the way just in the nick of time as the small spurts of liquid shot directly towards her vacated spot and landed harmlessly on the podium floor. Tommy heard the squeals emanating from the surprised Karen and Sally, and their ensuing laughter. The uproar in the gymnasium reached a pinnacle while Tommy dutifully continued his belly dance routine throughout what will probably go down as the most embarrassing and public orgasm in the history of mankind.

Finally, mercifully, the music ended. The boy of the hour received a standing ovation from the most appreciative crowd. Tommy was red from head to toe, both from embarrassment and physical exertion. Miss Richards, with tears of laughter dripping down her face, blotted her eyes and cheeks with a Kleenex as she handed Tommy his school uniform. “Tommy, you’ve outdone yourself. I hope you've learned a good lesson. I’m sure none of us, especially you, will ever forget what has transpired here today. Thank you for a very entertaining demonstration.”


Tommy pulled the bow from his head and started putting on his clothes. While he buttoned his shirt he was suddenly overcome with a sensation that momentarily made him stop in his tracks. As he looked around the room at his tormentors, a feeling of loathing overcame him. “Miss Richards is right,” he thought to himself, “I’ll never forget what transpired here today.” At that precise moment, he vowed to himself that some day—he did not know exactly when or exactly how—but some day he would seek retribution on every last soul who had participated in his hideous degradation. With that conviction, for the first time all day, despite the tremendously humiliating ordeal that he had endured, a slight, almost eerie smile of satisfaction surfaced on his lips.


  • Chapter 18: The Final HumiliationBlondie., Thu Aug 25 1:50pm
    Belly Dance Instruction Tommy's mortifying trek down the gymnasium steps came to a momentary halt when he felt a tug on the back of his skirt. He turned around to see none other than Laura holding on ... more
    • Chapter 18: The Final Humiliation — Blondie., Thu Aug 25 1:52pm
      • I Just Love That School!Hooked6, Sat Aug 27 3:50am
        Great ending to a marvelous story. I'm glad you added to it. Looking forward to reading more stories from you soon. You have such a wicked talent for humiliation and fun! Hooked6
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