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Tommy's Retribution
Sat Sep 3, 2016 4:21pm


    • Chapter 1: Tommy Meets His MentorBlondie., Sat Sep 3 4:22pm
      It had been a little over two years since that regrettable day when Tommy was debased to the extreme degree. It was a day he would never forget; for that matter, it was a day he didnít want to... more
      • Re: Chapter 1: Tommy Meets His MentorTabby Enf, Mon Sep 5 8:10pm
        You're back, and with a bang! Give us a bitcoin address to thank you for these.
        • Much AppreciatedBlondie., Mon Sep 5 10:18pm
          Ah, your comments are payment enough. Thanks!
      • Chapter 2: Stripped Topless by the PoolBlondie., Sun Sep 4 1:27pm
        Even though over two years had gone by since that fateful Humiliation Day, Tommy was still haunted by the memory. The problem was, the people involved wouldnít let him forget about it. The primary... more
        • Chapter 3: Sally Forced to Bare AllBlondie., Wed Sep 7 2:01pm
          Tommy was just getting started. After stripping the top off his sister using his recently discovered time-stop power, he knew he had the world wrapped around his fingers. More importantly, he now had ... more
          • Chapter 3: Sally Forced to Bare All, cont.Blondie., Sun Sep 18 10:16pm
            Literature class was the one class Tommy and Sally shared. Sally sat in the row by the window, in the second seat from the back, while Tommy was a row to her right in the very back seat. Sally, a bit ... more
            • Is this cancelled?Caleb123, Sat Oct 15 4:36am
              Are we having another tommys debasement where we have to wait another year for a chapter? You havnt posted on a while and Im curious.
              • No!Blondie., Sat Oct 15 12:01pm
                No, it is not cancelled. I just haven't had time of late to do the next chapter justice. It will be at least a couple of weeks before I'll be able to start on it. But thanks for asking----it is nice... more
                • thank youlongitude, Sun Oct 16 6:11am
                  I don't think you realize how many look forward to what you write, because they don't want to register, to comment. You write extremely well, and I look forward to new chapters. I hope Tommy's... more
                  • Many ThanksBlondie., Sun Oct 16 2:09pm
                    Thank you very much for the nice comments.
                    • Re: Many Thankslongitude, Mon Oct 31 9:23am
                      I'm still checking in every day. Please write, and thank you, again, for the great stories. I'm looking forward, to Tommy getting revenge on Sally, and others.
            • Chapter 3: Sally Forced to Bare All, cont.Blondie., Sun Sep 18 10:19pm
              While Sally struggled frantically and unsuccessfully against her bonds, her new neighbor, while initially taken aback by her restricted motion, saw something to completely turn her attention away... more
              • Chapter 4: Cindy's HumiliationBlondie., Fri Dec 9 2:26pm
                Tommy really didnít have a master plan as to how he was to go about seeking revenge on all of his tormentors. Much like Sister Ruth, he enjoyed the fact that even he wasnít quite sure what he would... more
                • Chapter 4: Cindy's Humiliation, cont.Blondie., Fri Dec 9 2:28pm
                  Cindy was hoping beyond hope when she successfully replaced her cups for the second time that she could leave the class unencumbered. She had her books in her hands and was out of her chair. Then the ... more
                  • Chapter 5: Stripped Naked in a Movie TheatreBlondie., Mon Feb 20 1:33pm
                    It had been a couple of weeks since Tommy had utterly humiliated Cindy in literature class. Since then he hadnít taken care of any new members of his tormentors from two years before, but that didnít ... more
                    • Chapter 6: The Naked MarchBlondie., Wed Mar 8 6:48pm
                      Tommy had been keeping himself thoroughly amused with his humiliations of his sister for the better part of two weeks. He figured he could continue on with this treatment of Sally, but there were... more
                      • Chapter 6: The Naked March, cont.Blondie., Wed Mar 8 6:49pm
                        Tommy, having completed all of his preliminaries, was just about to start time when he turned to Nick and said, ďHey, buddy, maybe we should have our own private show. How would you like our happy... more
                        • Chapter 7: The Humiliation of the Lexus LadyBlondie., Sat Mar 11 12:27pm
                          After taking care of Linda, Nancy, Michael and Danny in the cafeteria during study hall, Tommy was nearly finished with the retaliation of his tormentors from three years before. He still had Karen,... more
                          • Chapter 8: The Cheerleader's ComeuppanceBlondie., Sat Apr 22 4:50pm
                            Tommy was sixteen now, and had entered his junior year in high school. It would be late September when he would settle his account with Karen, one of the major players in Tommyís debasement when he... more
                            • Chapter 9: The Topless TwelveBlondie., Thu Sep 21 6:40pm
                              Carlene," Tommy thought to himself. "What to do with Carlene?" As the reader may recall, Carlene played no small part in Tommy's humiliation three years prior. The now 19-year-old niece of the... more
                              • Chapter 10: Carlene's Frenzied FlightBlondie., Wed Sep 27 11:33pm
                                Carlene laid gloomily on her bed in her dorm room. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend. Carlene appreciated the solitude, but she really needed to talk to someone. She called her friend Paula. ... more
                                • Chapter 10: Carlene's Frenzied FlightBlondie., Wed Sep 27 11:35pm
                                  "So then what? Was that it? "So then it was time to board. I thought surely he was done. No way he would be on my flight." "And?" asked Paula. A small part of her was actually hoping there was more... more
                        • Tommy's Retribution topix1, Thu Mar 9 2:45pm
                          Love the story but the humiliations are not extreme enough. The first story had it right being tied up waiting to be set free with interaction with everyone around. I don't presume to know more then... more
                          • Amazing butCaleb123, Sat Mar 11 3:13pm
                            This is one of my favourite humiliation stories of all time but I have one small suggestion, being forced to strip infront of other people compared to a few in the time stop would be amazing! One of... more
                            • ThanksBlondie., Sat Mar 11 10:05pm
                              Thanks for your interest and suggestions. I agree, there is added humiliation when the victim is forced to strip in front of a crowd, as opposed to suddenly being naked with time-stop use (although... more
                              • Tommys retributionIrving, Sat Apr 15 1:15am
                                Has this story continued? Hope I didn't miss it. It is my all-time favorite.
                                • Still ComingBlondie., Sat Apr 15 12:45pm
                                  My apologies for taking so long for the next chapter. I just need to find another hour or two to get it right. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or two. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm so... more
                  • greatlongitude, Sat Dec 10 3:41am
                    This is excellent. The time stop idea is a good one, and a good way to make them do as told, when fully conscious. Great writing. I enjoy it. Thank you.
              • hope you are writinglongitude, Tue Nov 29 12:03am
                What I want for Christmas is more story.
        • very good. Thank you Blondie! We are very happy to see you have found the time to write again!
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