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Chapter 1: Tommy Meets His Mentor
Sat Sep 3, 2016 4:22pm

It had been a little over two years since that regrettable day when Tommy was debased to the extreme degree. It was a day he would never forget; for that matter, it was a day he didn’t want to forget, for to forget might be to forgive, and at this point in time the word “forgive” was not in Tommy’s vocabulary. Someday, somehow, his tormentors were going to get their payback.

Last year, a few days before his 15th birthday, Tommy took his first, and most important step towards getting even with Sister Ruth, Miss Richards, Karen, Sally, Cindy, Linda, Nancy, Carlene, and whomever else he decided was deserving of his punishment. He had heard rumor of a lad named Owen, who supposedly had mastered the use of telekinetic powers. Tommy didn’t have to dig too deeply into his creative mind to understand the ramifications involved if he could somehow learn how to use such a power. He had to seek out Owen and pick his brain. With a little research, Tommy learned that Owen lived in the next county. One summer day he reached out to Owen by phone and set up a meeting. Tommy, with hopes aroused, hopped on a bus to meet with the blessed Owen.

It was a very fruitful meeting. It turned out he and Owen had quite a bit in common. Owen explained that his power came from within after a very humiliating experience that took place a few years before at his eighth grade school picnic.

As the story went, he was ambushed by several of his classmates right next to where many of the girls were playing volleyball. They stripped off his tee shirt, shoes and socks and tied his wrists to a branch above his head. Of course, the commotion and the scene attracted the attention of the girls. Then one of his classmates told Owen that he was going to strip off his jeans, and that if he offered any resistance then his underpants would come off, too. Owen was in no position to call his bluff, so he watched helplessly while the sadistic boy unbuckled his jeans and slowly, methodically pulled them down his legs and slipped them off. Owen was left squirming, clad only in his white briefs while the girls, though continuing their game, seemed much more interested in the near-naked boy tied to the tree. About ten minutes later one of the girls, a tallish blonde, whispered to some of the others. They looked over to Owen and giggled, and to his extreme apprehension the tallish blonde approached him as the others watched with keen interest.

“Sorry, Owen baby, but these are just begging to come down,” she said.

Before Owen could utter even a word of protest she grabbed the bottom of both sides of his briefs and yanked his underpants down to his knees in one swift motion. Owen’s prepubescent genitals were on display. The mortified victim frantically but futilely alternated lifting each leg in a furious effort to maneuver his underpants upwards. The spectacle had his audience in a state of hysterical laughter.

“To this day I can still hear the shrieks of laughter,” Owen told the sympathetic Tommy.

Owen was forced to remain in his sorry condition for over an hour while the entertained girls half-heartedly continued their volleyball game. They dispersed when they saw a faculty member rushing over to rescue the wretched Owen.

Needless to say, he was thoroughly humiliated, and it was an experience that left a large impact. It was soon after that he developed his special power, and he used it to the utmost to vindicate himself.

Tommy, now feeling a bond with Owen, opened up about his experience two years prior. He told the whole story of how Sister Ruth initially made him strip and throw his clothes out the window. After recounting the entire events of the day of his hideous debasement, Owen was full of compassion. Owen’s experience paled in comparison to what Tommy had to endure. After hearing Tommy’s account he was quite certain that he would have no problem acquiring the special power of telekinesis.

Owen was a very good teacher, and Tommy was a bright, willing, (and motivated, of course!) student. Owen’s best advice to Tommy was to dig deeply and relive his humiliation on that ill-fated day, while at the same time using mind control to move whatever matter he willed. Whenever Tommy concentrated in this manner, he was quite successful. It wasn’t long before Tommy was able to knock over a can of coke from forty yards away just by willing it to happen. Owen assured him that with practice, the power would become second nature.

At the end of the session, Tommy and Owen embraced. Tommy thanked his mentor profusely, and promised to keep him apprised of his retaliations on his adversaries. Tommy boarded the bus to take him home, grinning freely in anticipation of using this new ammunition.

Though a youngster, Tommy had the patience of a veteran. His plan was to perfect this newfound power before exacting his revenge. For the next few months, he practiced by himself with objects around the house. Slowly but surely he gained confidence in his power of mind over matter. He used it to his advantage, carrying out mundane tasks such as making his bed or cleaning his room, all accomplished with his hands in his pockets. Yes, he was just about ready for his enemies, but first he would test his new ability out on a stranger.

His first opportunity to “go live” came one Saturday at the local mall. He was standing in line at Burger King when an attractive young lady cut in front of him just as he was about to order.

“Excuse me, but I was here first,” said Tommy.

The rude young lady looked at Tommy briefly and dismissed him without a word before turning her attention back to the clerk and placing her order.

For Tommy, it brought back memories of his helpless feeling on Humiliation Day. Only now he had some recourse, and it was the perfect time to use it.

“Time to teach this bitch a lesson,” he whispered aloud to himself.

He let the young lady purchase her burger and soda, then he followed suit. He took a seat across the aisle from her and watched her eat for awhile. She was wearing a white tank top and jeans, and Tommy could tell by the way her breasts jiggled when she walked that she was not wearing a bra. He watched as she picked up her coke to take a sip. As she brought the full cup to her lips, he concentrated very hard.

Much to his delight, the tilted cup pulled away from her lips, causing the liquid to spill. Most of it landed on the protrusion on her chest. Instantly her nipples and areola were visible through the soaked-through material. The startled girl let out a yelp as she scrambled for a napkin in a futile attempt to dry it off. She looked up to catch Tommy’s grinning gaze and blushed crimson. As she reached for her purse, obviously intent on exiting the premises as quickly as possible, Tommy wasted no time in focusing on her tank top. It was short enough so that an inch or so of skin was already exposed above her jeans. He was elated when it quickly began to rise up her torso. His glee increased as her shapely breasts became completely exposed while the gathering of her top came to rest under her armpits. Again she let out a shriek, much louder this time, attracting the attention of the other patrons. She frantically grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled downward, but to her utter distress and bewilderment she ran into an uncontrollable resistance and was unable to pull it down. Tommy couldn't help but laugh out loud as the now near-hysterical girl grabbed her purse, covered her chest with crossed arms, and made a mad dash for the exit as her half-eaten hamburger splattered to the floor. As she disappeared from view into the mall, her shrieks of anguish could be heard over the laughter of the customers.

There was a buzz in the air as Tommy finished his lunch, feeling quite satisfied with himself. “Ah, yes, life is good—and it's about to get even better," he thought, smiling in anticipation.

  • Tommy's RetributionBlondie., Sat Sep 3 4:21pm
    • Chapter 1: Tommy Meets His Mentor — Blondie., Sat Sep 3 4:22pm
      • Re: Chapter 1: Tommy Meets His MentorTabby Enf, Mon Sep 5 8:10pm
        You're back, and with a bang! Give us a bitcoin address to thank you for these.
        • Much AppreciatedBlondie., Mon Sep 5 10:18pm
          Ah, your comments are payment enough. Thanks!
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            • Is this cancelled?Caleb123, Sat Oct 15 4:36am
              Are we having another tommys debasement where we have to wait another year for a chapter? You havnt posted on a while and Im curious.
              • No!Blondie., Sat Oct 15 12:01pm
                No, it is not cancelled. I just haven't had time of late to do the next chapter justice. It will be at least a couple of weeks before I'll be able to start on it. But thanks for asking----it is nice... more
                • thank youlongitude, Sun Oct 16 6:11am
                  I don't think you realize how many look forward to what you write, because they don't want to register, to comment. You write extremely well, and I look forward to new chapters. I hope Tommy's... more
                  • Many ThanksBlondie., Sun Oct 16 2:09pm
                    Thank you very much for the nice comments.
                    • Re: Many Thankslongitude, Mon Oct 31 9:23am
                      I'm still checking in every day. Please write, and thank you, again, for the great stories. I'm looking forward, to Tommy getting revenge on Sally, and others.
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                        • Tommy's Retribution topix1, Thu Mar 9 2:45pm
                          Love the story but the humiliations are not extreme enough. The first story had it right being tied up waiting to be set free with interaction with everyone around. I don't presume to know more then... more
                          • Amazing butCaleb123, Sat Mar 11 3:13pm
                            This is one of my favourite humiliation stories of all time but I have one small suggestion, being forced to strip infront of other people compared to a few in the time stop would be amazing! One of... more
                            • ThanksBlondie., Sat Mar 11 10:05pm
                              Thanks for your interest and suggestions. I agree, there is added humiliation when the victim is forced to strip in front of a crowd, as opposed to suddenly being naked with time-stop use (although... more
                              • Tommys retributionIrving, Sat Apr 15 1:15am
                                Has this story continued? Hope I didn't miss it. It is my all-time favorite.
                                • Still ComingBlondie., Sat Apr 15 12:45pm
                                  My apologies for taking so long for the next chapter. I just need to find another hour or two to get it right. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or two. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm so... more
                  • greatlongitude, Sat Dec 10 3:41am
                    This is excellent. The time stop idea is a good one, and a good way to make them do as told, when fully conscious. Great writing. I enjoy it. Thank you.
              • hope you are writinglongitude, Tue Nov 29 12:03am
                What I want for Christmas is more story.
        • very good. Thank you Blondie! We are very happy to see you have found the time to write again!
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