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Chapter 3: Sally Forced to Bare All, cont.
Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:16pm

Literature class was the one class Tommy and Sally shared. Sally sat in the row by the window, in the second seat from the back, while Tommy was a row to her right in the very back seat. Sally, a bit nervous over Tommy's comment that he might make the class interesting for her, had taken a couple of furtive glances back at her brother. Though she had no idea what he might do or how he would go about doing it, the fact that on two separate occasions she had found herself suddenly and inexplicably minus a few articles of clothing—well, let's just say that her level of anxiety was as high as she could ever remember.

Sure enough, about ten minutes into the class Tommy decided to make his move. He froze time and approached his sister. He was about to unbutton her blouse when the thought occurred to him that it would be a much more effective humiliation if she could experience her own disrobing. He concentrated very hard on the idea of bringing his sister out of her “pause” mode, while keeping the rest of the world frozen. He was just about to give up on this concept when Sally suddenly looked around and said “What the hell?” Tommy was standing over her, quite elated at his success. She started to get up, but felt invisible hands push her back down by her shoulders.

“That’s right, Sally, I was indeed responsible for your missing clothes. Right now, everybody but you and I are frozen in time. Pretty neat, huh?”

Sally was agape as she slowly took in what was transpiring. She was speechless, and she listened in horror as her brother continued.

“Here’s the gig, Sis. You’re going to take your blouse off for me right here and now. In fact, from now on, you’re to do everything I say. If you fail to obey me, I will freeze you as I have before and remove all of your clothes myself, then restart time and watch how you react to being naked in public." Tommy watched the countenance of his sister, and smiled at her look of incredulity. Undeterred, he continued. "Now take your blouse off, please.”

For Sally, the reality and magnitude of her dire situation was slowly starting to sink in, but she couldn't quite believe that her brother was capable of performing such a supernatural feat, even as she sat amid the eerie stillness.

" can't really do that, can you?" she asked, with a hope that was rapidly deteriorating.

"Tell you what, Sis, why don't I give you a little example of what I'm capable of."

He approached the desk of a student to Sally's right, a couple of rows up. Tommy's reasons for choosing this soon-to-be unfortunate student were twofold. First, Tommy didn't particularly care for the guy. He was an arrogant sort, and he had always treated Tommy like he was a lesser human being. Second, his sister would have a prime seat to witness the unlucky student's indignity.

Under Sally's watchful eye, Tommy proceeded to remove every article of clothing from his body. He gathered the pile of clothes and laid them on the floor in the back of the classroom.

Under normal circumstances Sally, who had already exhibited her predilection for humiliation—as long as it is imposed on someone other than herself—would be salivating over the impending fate of the naked boy. But the horrified look on her face revealed her comprehension of the ramifications of what she was witnessing.

"So, what do you think, Sis?" asked Tommy. He's got a pretty big dick, doesn't he?" Tommy had pulled the student's legs apart so Sally could get a full view of his nakedness, and indeed Sally was staring at the lad's rather large member. "But I'll bet he's not anxious to show it off to everyone here." Sally, who could now foresee herself in the same ill-fated predicament, was at a loss for words.

"Okay," he continued. "You asked if I could really have you stark naked in the middle of the classroom. As you are about to see, the answer is, 'absolutely!' Are you ready? Now, as you watch his reaction, I want you to picture yourself in his place, suddenly finding yourself completely nude, with your clothes nowhere in sight. How do you think you would react?"

"Oh, Tommy, please, don't do....."

But she cut off her words when class suddenly resumed as normal. Well, normal save for one panic-stricken young student who was thrashing about in his seat as though he was possessed by a mad demon. He seemed to be looking around for something he was missing, as though his life depended on its recovery.

Almost as quickly as the bizarre scene started, it came to a halt. Tommy had stopped time again; he had let it play out only for a couple of seconds, which was long enough for the frantic lad to experience his nakedness, but not quite long enough for it to register for anyone else. Tommy was saving his best for his sister, who was sitting stunned at her desk. If Tommy didn't know better, he would have thought she was frozen in time with everyone else.

"Alrighty then," he said a little louder than normal. Startled, Sally snapped her head to look at her brother. Tommy looked at the naked student, who was frozen with a wide-eyed look of panic. He chuckled to himself at the sight. "Before we progress to your participation today, give me a hand getting this poor chump's clothes back on." Sally reluctantly slid out of her desk to help her brother. "He'll probably think it was some weird panic attack or something. Imagine how relieved he'll be when I start time and he'll have his clothes back on." Tommy started to put the underwear on his victim when a thought occurred to him. He shoved the underwear in the desk of the student behind him. "I'll give him something to think about. When he realizes he's going commando he may have doubts about it being a panic attack," he said as he pulled the student's pants on with the help of his now very apprehensive sister. "Especially after he sees what happens to you." Sally's breathing became faster as she considered her imminent fate. The two of them continued their task, and when Tommy tied the boy's shoes he was ready to move on.

"So, my dear sister, what's it gonna be? Are you going to take your blouse off for me, or do I have to stop time and strip you completely nude?" he asked almost nonchalantly, as if he was asking her if she'd rather have pizza or a sandwich for lunch.

“Oh God, please don’t do this to me, Tommy. Please. I’ll do anything. I'll do your chores and your homework for you whenever you want! Anything!” she pleaded desperately.

"That's a very nice offer, thank you. And I just might take you up on that. But I'd still like you to take off your blouse.

"Tommy, pl...."

“Last warning,” Tommy interrupted.

Sally had no alternative. Sniveling softly, she slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. She slipped it over her shoulders and off her arms, revealing a beige, non-descript bra. About a C-cup, Tommy figured. Tommy pulled the blouse from Sally's grasp

“I’ll take the bra, too.”

Sally flinched, though she was anything but surprised by the command. She reached back and unhooked her bra. She watched in shock as Tommy took the blouse and bra and tossed them out the window, where they dropped to the ground two stories below. Tommy had no doubt that his sister had to remember how Tommy was forced to throw his own clothes out the window just over two years before.

Sally had her arms crossed tightly over her chest.. “Please, Tommy, I’m begging you, please, PLEASE let me go get my clothes before you wake these people up.” Tommy's response gave her momentary hope.

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance. We’re going to play a little game. Stand up, please, and clasp your hands behind your head.”

Sally reluctantly complied, and Tommy, to Sally’s chagrin, produced from his desk two large feathers, similar to the one Sally used to tease Tommy two years before, contributing to the ultimate loss of his underpants.

“Here’s the deal. If you can withstand these feathers without moving for only three minutes, I’ll give you your clothes back. If you lose, you lose all your clothes. Pretty simple, it's all up to you." Sally didn't respond, but the look on her face was not one of confidence. "Okay, here we go," Tommy said. "Try to stay still now, Sis. Otherwise you'll be naked."

With that, Tommy took one feather in each hand and proceeded to tease his sister, starting by softly stroking each of her ears. He continued down her face until reaching her chest, when he then started encircling the feathers around her breasts. Sally started grimacing. Already. Tommy toyed with her, brushing the feathers back and forth across the tips of her nipples. Sally now had tears welling up in her eyes. Only a minute in, and it was starting to look pretty bleak for her. The feathers ran down her stomach, then started up her sides. When they reached her armpits she could stand no more. She pushed the feathers away with both hands.

“Oh, bummer,” chortled Tommy. “I guess that means we all get to see you naked. You can take your jeans off now and toss them out the window.”

Sally stood there, dumbstruck and motionless. Tommy was starting to lose patience.

“Okay, here’s the deal. You do as I say right now, or you’re naked tonight at center court of the basketball game against Jefferson in front of both student bodies. Trust me, I have ways of getting you there and doing just that to you. Now make your choice. Do you want to be naked in this class for as long as it takes you to run outside and retrieve your clothes, or for a much longer period in front of a lot more people? Hey, either way, I can just freeze you right now and strip you naked myself. But you can make it easier on yourself by cooperating with me.”

“Please, To…” Sally started to plead, but realized it would be futile. Tommy watched as she reached down and deliberately removed her sandals. Tommy took them from her and promptly tossed them out the window. Sally, with tears starting to drip down her red cheeks, unzipped her jeans and slipped them off. She now was left wearing only a pair of hip-hugging, white nylon panties. She hugged the jeans against her chest and looked at Tommy pleadingly.

But he wasn’t backing down. Without a word, he simply pointed to the open window.

“Oh, God,” whimpered his sister as she dropped her jeans through the window and watched helplessly as they fluttered to the ground.

“That a girl. You can take off your panties now.”

The miserable Sally, reconciled to her fate, slipped out of her panties. She held her hands between her legs, while the last vestiges of her clothing dangled from her fingertips. She stared straight down to the ground. It felt to her like her face was on fire.

“I’ll take these,” said the smiling Tommy as he snatched the panties from his sister and stuffed them in his pocket. “We’ll find something creative to do with these.”

[Sally would not see her panties until the following day. After word had quickly spread throughout the school of the incredible scene in the previous day’s literature class, the panties could be seen in their glory, hanging from the top of the school flagpole, flapping in the wind. By that time just about everybody in the school knew who they belonged to.]

“Take your seat now, Sally, it’s time to get things rolling.”

Sally was covering her pussy as she walked back to her seat. She was extremely embarrassed for her brother to see her this way, but she knew this was like a walk in the park compared to what she was about to endure. She tried one last time to gain her brother’s compassion.

“Tommy, please don’t wake these people up! I’ll do anything, I’ll give you anything! You name it. Please!

“Number one, you should have thought of that two years ago,” Tommy responded. “Number two, yes, you will do anything I want you to. From now on, you have no choice. I own you. And one of the things you’ll do is run out of here naked for all of us to see. Are you ready? Here we go…”

“NO!” screamed Sally as she crouched down in her desk.

But instead of restarting time right away, Tommy froze Sally. There was still a bit he needed to tend to first. He reached into his desk and pulled out some rope and a pair of scissors. "Time for Sally to bond with some of her classmates," he said out loud. Giggling to himself, he took a few minutes (well, in real time it was a grand total of exactly zero minutes) to complete his task, then took his seat. He started time for everyone except the instructor.

When Sally had taken her seat, she was pretty sure she knew what was coming. Her main goal was to limit her exposure as much as possible. She had planned her exit strategy: Grab her books, slip out of her desk and make a beeline for the door, and do it as quickly and quietly as humanly possible. Heck, she tried to convince herself, with my athleticism I can be out of here in about three seconds. Maybe they'll hardly notice.

But when time started, Sally could tell right away that something was terribly wrong. Well, aside from the fact that she was completely naked amidst three dozen or so of her fellow classmates. When she tried to reach for her books, she was unable to move either of her arms. She quickly discovered that her left arm was completely stretched out, a condition attributable to a piece of rope that was tied to her wrist. The other end of the rope was securely tied to a pole that was conveniently located next to the window that Sally's clothes had disappeared through.

But even more to her disconcertion, her right arm was also immobilized, and the desk to her right had been pushed flush against her own desk. Sally then made the horrifying discovery that her right wrist was handcuffed to the left wrist of the student occupying that desk. The chain of the handcuffs was draped around the backs of their desks, rendering their respective arms immobile.

(For the reader's edification, while time was stopped Tommy was an industrious young man. Using the rope and scissors, after careful measurements he had cut five lengths of the rope so they would have just the right amount of slack for his purposes. There were five rows of desks, with Sally in the row by the windows on the far left. Tommy started with a student in the row on the far right, in the second desk from the back, equivalent to his sisters'. He took one of the lengths of rope and tied it to his left wrist, then tied the other end to the right wrist of the student to his immediate left. Both of their arms were completely outstretched. He then tied her left wrist to the right wrist of the student next to her. He continued the process until reaching the student on Sally's right. After tying her right wrist to the left wrist of the student to her right—using a length of rope about a foot longer than the others—he pushed her desk to the left until it was flush with Sally's before handcuffing their respective hands together behind their desks. Tommy knew this girl a little bit—her name was Katie—and he just had an inkling that having her up close and personal with Sally would add a little spice to the whole experience [a perception that would prove to be even more spot on than he could have imagined]. He then tied Sally's left wrist to the fortuitously planted pole, which meant that of the five students that Tommy had selected, only the guy on the far right had a free hand. And only one of the five was naked, and it was not the one with the free hand. For his finale, he placed the key to the handcuffs squarely on the middle of Sally's desk. Then he was done, knowing that all he had left to do was to start time, then sit back and watch the chaos begin.)

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              Thank you very much for the nice comments.
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            • greatlongitude, Sat Dec 10 3:41am
              This is excellent. The time stop idea is a good one, and a good way to make them do as told, when fully conscious. Great writing. I enjoy it. Thank you.
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          What I want for Christmas is more story.
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