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Chapter 3: Sally Forced to Bare All, cont.
Sun Sep 18, 2016 10:19pm

While Sally struggled frantically and unsuccessfully against her bonds, her new neighbor, while initially taken aback by her restricted motion, saw something to completely turn her attention away from her own predicament. A grin broke out on her face.

"You're naked!" Katie keenly observed, while looking Sally up and down.

"I know! Oh, shit!" cried Sally as she looked at both of her wrists in a desperate hope that she could find a way to free herself. She bent over and clenched her knees together while recklessly trying to pull her arms free. Her athletic three-second exit plan had gone out the same window as her clothes.

"Why are you naked? asked Katie.

"It's not my choice, you stupid cow!" It was a statement that did not go a long way towards gaining any sympathy from Katie, but it did contribute to her increasing enjoyment of Sally's dire situation. Then Sally spotted the key on her desk.

"The key! For the handcuffs! Get us loose!" Sally directed.

"I can't," said Katie, with a certain amount of pleasure. "Take a look," she said, while motioning with her head to her right. Sally followed her gaze, and when she discovered what her brother had done she nearly went ballistic.

"What the...? Oh my God! This can't be happening!"

With all the attention on the bizarre sight of five students tethered together, up until this point only Tommy, Katie and Sally were aware that one of those five students was sitting naked at her desk. That was about to change.

"Look! She's naked!" shouted a male student as he stood up from the middle of the classroom and pointed at Sally. Suddenly over thirty sets of eyes were focused on the mortified, crimson-faced girl near the back corner of the classroom. This was followed by a loud uproar as several of the students stood to attain a better view of the naked girl.

Sally was near hysteria. She looked anxiously to her right and attained a modicum of relief to see that the guy in the fifth row had untied his wrist, and that the girl on his left was working on hers. Eventually, she figured, Katie's right hand would be freed, enabling her to reach the key to the handcuffs and free her. But it wasn't moving nearly fast enough, from Sally's perspective. And the girl on her right wasn't helping matters.

"You have really nice tits," she said. Sally didn't know how to respond. And she didn't appreciate that this girl was looking at and admiring her breasts. "Everybody can see them," she continued to tease. "They're just hanging out there, and you can't cover them up." Again, Sally had no response to the obvious but biting remarks. "You must be really embarrassed," she continued. Sally was fit to be tied (yes, pun intended) as Katie continued her relentless mocking. "I'm sure glad I have all my clothes on."

"Help me! Please, can somebody help me?" screamed Sally. She looked over. The girl in the fourth row had freed her wrist, and the guy in the middle row was working diligently on Tommy's tight knot. He seemed to be having trouble with it.

"I mean," continued Katie, "I can't even imagine. This must be like your worst nightmare. But it's really happening."

"Shut the f-ck UP, would ya'? Please, somebody help!"

Most everyone was either too mesmerized to move or were enjoying the scene way too much to intervene. Most fell into the latter category. But there was one Good Samaritan in the bunch. A girl wearing horn-rimmed glasses had slipped from her desk and was walking briskly towards Sally. Tommy raised his hand to catch her eye. When she looked up at him he waved his index finger back and forth and shook his head. The girl ignored this directive and reached for the knot on Sally's left wrist.

"Oh, God, thank you!" said a relieved and appreciative Sally.

But before she could continue, time suddenly stopped.

Tommy sighed. "Eventually these people will get the picture and start listening to me," he thought as he approached the girl. Tommy unsnapped her jeans and slid them down to her ankles, exposing her ice blue cotton panties and her pale, skinny legs. Figuring that should do the trick, he sat down and restarted time.

The Good Samaritan was just about to go to work on the knot when she felt a coolness on her legs. She looked down to see her pants bundled at her ankles.

"What the....!?" said the startled girl in the horn-rimmed glasses as she reached down and swiftly pulled up her pants. Red-faced, she looked around to see if anyone had noticed. All eyes were staring in her direction, but she couldn't determine if they were focused on her or the naked Sally. For her own peace of mind she decided that it must be the latter. Brushing off her embarrassment, she again approached Sally. She did catch Tommy's eye, and again saw him shaking his head. Again she ignored him. She seemed hell-bent on helping out her poor fellow coed.

Tommy was starting to get annoyed. It was time to step up the humiliation. "Unbelievable!" he said out loud as he jumped from his seat and paused time once again. He was starting to get into the habit of talking to himself out loud when time was stopped, probably for the purpose of breaking the unnatural silence. "Well, if she really likes my sister so much," he said, "maybe I'll let her get up close and personal with her." The Good Samaritan was about to find herself in a Bad Situation. Tommy again lowered her jeans to her ankles, but this time he stripped them all the way off, along with her sandals. He decided to leave her panties on—after all, the Sally Show was to be the main event—but for good measure he pulled off her long-sleeved sweater. He was surprised to discover that she was not wearing a bra, though her breasts were small enough that Tommy figured she probably didn't need one. He was pretty sure that she would not be particularly thrilled to put them on display for her already raucous fellow students.

He dropped the discarded clothes on the floor by the window and lifted Good Samaritan up. She probably didn't weigh a hundred pounds. He set her on Sally's lap so they were facing each other. There wasn't a lot of room between Sally and her desk, but there was just enough to wedge her in. It was a snug fit. "Perfect," thought Tommy. "It'll take a little effort for her to get out." Before walking away, he wrapped Good Samaritan's arms around Sally's back, giving the appearance that she was giving her a lover's hug. He positioned her face so that she and Sally were mouth-to-mouth. Their breasts snuggled together. Tommy thought it was quite an erotic sight.

He sat back in his chair, smiled, and started time. He was very much looking forward to watching the scene unfold.

Sally's sense of pending relief had suddenly taken a drastic turn. It took a few seconds for the altered setting to sink in for her. Her Good Samaritan was no longer attempting to untie her wrist. In fact, she was sitting on her lap. Wearing only her panties. Their naked breasts were touching. Was she kissing her?! She pulled her mouth away in disgust.

"GET OFF! GET OFF! GET OFF ME!" she screamed. Her shrieks could barely be heard over the eruption from her shocked, but thoroughly entertained fellow students.

Meanwhile, it took even longer for Good Samaritan to comprehend her most awkward situation. Her first sensation was a draft on her backside, which was in complete contrast to the warmth she felt on the front of her torso. She could feel her lips in close contact with something, and could feel and smell the breath of another human being. A split second later she heard the screaming in her ear. She looked down and to her horror, discovered her state of undress, along with her extremely close proximity to someone even more naked than she.

"AAAGGH!" was as profound an utterance as she was capable of as she feverishly tried to extricate her arms from behind Sally's back. Sally was hindering this maneuver, as she was leaning back as far as she could to separate herself from her involuntarily intimate partner. It was now her turn to yell in Sally's ear.

"Lean forward!" Sally accommodated as best she could and Good Samaritan managed to free her arms.

"Get off me, goddamnit!" screamed Sally, but Good Samaritan's frenzied attempts to extricate herself went for naught, much to the amusement of her classmates.

"Oh, God! I'm trying! Oh! Lean back!" she implored. "I can't squeeze out of here! Ohhhh!"

"I am!" Sally answered. "You lean back!"

"I can't! This desk...ohhhh!" She tried to lead forward from the desk to free up some space, but there was interference on her other side, too. "And your big...oh!...your tits are in the way!"

To the delight of the witnesses, the two girls continued to wriggle and writhe against each other in a furious effort to separate each other from the humiliating entanglement.

"I don't know what the hell is going on here, but this just gets more entertaining by the second," remarked Katie, who had an approximal view of the proceedings, one that she was enjoying to the fullest degree.

At long last, Good Samaritan finagled a way to get her right foot on the ground, giving her enough leverage to squeeze her way out of Sally's lap. In the process, their nipples brushed each others', and the two girls made eye contact, much to their mutual embarrassment.

"That was such a sweet moment for you two," observed the increasingly sarcastic Katie.

Much to Good Samaritan's relief, she spotted her clothes in a pile on the floor, and made a sprint towards them. Sally, whose own situation was not nearly resolved, saw that the key to the handcuffs had remained undisturbed on her desk. She called after her.

"The key! Please, come get the key!" she cried out desperately.

But Good Samaritan was about to leave the party. As she hurriedly pulled on the last of her clothing, she took one look back at Sally and shook her head, realizing that her best bet would be to get as far away from her as possible. She grabbed her backpack and sped towards the door. She had one last obstacle to negotiate. For some reason the teacher's desk was blocking the door. She climbed onto the desk and from her hands and knees she worked the doorknob, slid off the desk and scampered out the door. It would be a full two weeks before she would find the nerve to return to school.

The enthralled audience now turned their attention back towards the far corner of the room, where the tormented Sally still had a predicament on her hands (to go with the manacle on one of her wrists). She looked to her right, and to her relief the guy in the middle row was in the process of untying Katie's right wrist. When Sally saw it was freed, she saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

"Oh, thank God!" she said. "Quick! The key! Unlock the cuffs!"

But Katie seemed to be in no rush to do Sally's bidding. Instead she used her free hand to reach into her desk for her cell phone, and after a couple of clicks she turned towards the anguished Sally.

"I simply must get some pictures of this," she said as she held her phone out as far as she could and pointed it at Sally's face and chest. As she clicked several photos, Sally closed her eyes and turned her face away as best she could.

"NO! Please, stop! Stop it, you bitch! Get me out of here!"

Katie pulled the phone back and calmly inspected her most recent photographs.

"Oh, these are nice," she said with a smile. "Very nice. Care to see for yourself?" She held up the phone for Sally's appraisal, but there didn't seem to be much interest.

"No! Please, I'm begging you, get the key!"

Katie proceeded to roll through the pictures one more time for her own entertainment. "Just lovely," she said. She turned to Sally. "Did I mention that you have really nice tits?"

Sally was beyond exasperation. "Just get this f-cking key, would ya'?! PLEASE!"

"Oh, you mean this key?" she asked as she reached over and picked it up from Sally's desk.

"Yes! Please, now unlock the cuffs!"

"Hmm," said Katie as she held up the key and stared at it with a confused look on her face. "I'm not sure I'd know how to do that. After all, I'm just a stupid cow, remember?"

"Oh please, I'm sorry! I didn't mean that! Just get me loose!" she pleaded.

"So who's the stupid cow now?" asked Katie. Sally knew what she had to do, and she was willing to do whatever it took to escape from the room as quickly as possible.

"I am," said Sally.

"Say it."

"I'm a stupid cow."

"Good girl. Actually, you're a stupid naked cow, aren't you?"

"Yes. Please...!"

"Say it."

"I'm a stupid, naked cow. God, please!" screamed Sally as she eyed the key in Katie's fingers.

"That's not quite right. Your forgot to accentuate the word naked."

"Oh, Jesus! I'm a stupid naked cow. Alright?"

"I believe you also called me a bitch." Katie was enjoying her control over the anxious girl immensely, and wasn't quite ready to relinquish her dominance.

"Oh, shit. I'm SORRY! Please, just do it! I'm begging you!"

"Okay, if you get on your hands and knees and beg, I'll unlock the handcuffs." Sally would absolutely have been willing to do just that, but of course they both knew that was impossible.

"I ca...please, you know I can't! Oh God, please just....please!"

"Did I mention that you have really nice tits?" Sally, on the verge of tears, had no response. "Can you say it?"

"Oh jeez...I have really nice tits!"

"And you're naked."

"Yes! Please!"

"Say it."

"I'm naked!" Sally yelled in exasperation.

"You forgot the really nice tits part."

"Oh, for Christ's sa...I'm naked and I have really nice tits!"

"Yes, you do! said Katie as she reached over with her free hand and tweaked one of Sally's nipples with her thumb and forefinger, causing Sally to jerk her body as much as her bounds would allow. "Okay, let's see what we can do here," said Katie as she inserted the key into the keyhole. Sally watched wide-eyed and expectantly as Katie turned the key, finally liberating Sally's right arm. Sally wasted no time sliding out of her chair.

"Hey, where are you going?" asked Katie. "Is it something I said?"

Ignoring her antagonist, Sally started to work on the knot on her wrist, but had enough wherewithal to realize that it would be quicker to use both hands on the knot attaching her to the pole. With her naked backside to her captivated audience, she feverishly worked on the knot. It was not coming undone easily.

"Oh God, please! Oh God, please! Oh God, please!" she said to herself over and over as she worked the knot while anxiously dancing back and forth on each foot. Her jiggling buttocks only added to the amusement of her highly entertained fellow students.

Finally, the knot was undone and Sally, eschewing her books, ran up the aisle, both hands over her sex. She looked like a running back (albeit a naked one with bouncing breasts) when she made the turn towards the door. She was slowed by the defense, though; namely, the teacher's desk. She would have to climb up there, as did Good Samaritan before her. Only this time around it proved to be much more entertaining for her fellow students. On all fours, as she reached down for the doorknob she gave them an unguarded display of her secret charms. Then the doorknob turned, and Sally slithered off the desk and disappeared. She could be heard blubbering freely as the splattering of her bare feet echoed down the hallway.

As she gathered her clothes in the bushes and began to get dressed, she heard an uproar emanating from above. She looked up to see Tommy and the rest of her class peering down at her from the second story window, cheering wildly in appreciation.

In the aftermath, Tommy sat back at his desk, hands clasped behind his head, basking in his latest triumph. “One down, many more to go,” he said out loud, affording himself a wide smile of fulfillment.

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            Thank you very much for the nice comments.
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              I'm still checking in every day. Please write, and thank you, again, for the great stories. I'm looking forward, to Tommy getting revenge on Sally, and others.
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                      Thanks for your interest and suggestions. I agree, there is added humiliation when the victim is forced to strip in front of a crowd, as opposed to suddenly being naked with time-stop use (although... more
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                          My apologies for taking so long for the next chapter. I just need to find another hour or two to get it right. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or two. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm so... more
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            This is excellent. The time stop idea is a good one, and a good way to make them do as told, when fully conscious. Great writing. I enjoy it. Thank you.
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        What I want for Christmas is more story.
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