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Sun Nov 6, 2016 7:13pm

I agree with what both of you are saying here. This is one of (hard to choose) my favorite chapters. I too, can put myself in the shoes of any character, and it is a fun dynamic, either way. I like the idea of a 'one year later' birthday update. Maybe taking Blondie's virginity. or two virginities, while others taunt. Blondie's revenge is interesting too, but I am hoping for more in Tommy's Retribution, for now. This is great writing, and just plain fun. Please write soon. Don't make us get out the paddles (ha).

  • Humiliatrix IndeedBlondie., Mon Mar 14 1:34pm
    Considering how effective Felicity's off-the cuff humiliation techniques are at the tender age of 13, one can only imagine the magnitude of humiliation she would impose on her victims with a little... more
    • I agree — longitude, Sun Nov 6 7:13pm
      • Re: I agreeBlondie., Mon Nov 7 10:36am
        Thanks for the comments, longitude. As far as TR goes, I'm really trying not to take so long between chapters, but right now it's beyond my control. I could do a hurry-up job, but I hate to put... more
        • awesomelongitude, Mon Nov 7 10:59am
          Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.
    • Further Femdom Feats of Felicitypixiemuledonkey, Sun Apr 3 12:55am
      i would welcome any further stories about Felicity and her adventures in dishing out erotic humiliation! i suppose that went without saying, but just in case you might not have gotten the impression... more
      • Joy of Felicitylongitude, Wed Nov 9 1:44pm
        Evil her, brings us joy (ha). These stories are so good, they make me want to eat, drink, and be Mary (couldn't resist the joke). At one time, I thought some of the stories being acted out would be... more
      • Good Ol' FelicityBlondie., Mon Nov 7 10:32am
        I'm happy to see that one of my favorite characters (if not the favorite) has elicited these responses. I really should reintroduce her some day. Somehow I missed this post and just now caught up... more
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