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Joy of Felicity
Wed Nov 9, 2016 1:44pm

Evil her, brings us joy (ha). These stories are so good, they make me want to eat, drink, and be Mary (couldn't resist the joke). At one time, I thought some of the stories being acted out would be good, but they'd have to find 18-year-olds who look younger, and are attractive, and I'm positive our imaginations are better. Hentai maybe? Doubt it. I'm just passing time, while passing through, as I do every day, waiting for the gift of a new chapter, on a story (not rushing you at all).

  • Further Femdom Feats of Felicitypixiemuledonkey, Sun Apr 3 12:55am
    i would welcome any further stories about Felicity and her adventures in dishing out erotic humiliation! i suppose that went without saying, but just in case you might not have gotten the impression... more
    • Joy of Felicity — longitude, Wed Nov 9 1:44pm
    • Good Ol' FelicityBlondie., Mon Nov 7 10:32am
      I'm happy to see that one of my favorite characters (if not the favorite) has elicited these responses. I really should reintroduce her some day. Somehow I missed this post and just now caught up... more
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