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Chapter 4: Cindy's Humiliation
Fri Dec 9, 2016 2:26pm

Tommy really didn’t have a master plan as to how he was to go about seeking revenge on all of his tormentors. Much like Sister Ruth, he enjoyed the fact that even he wasn’t quite sure what he would do next, or, for that matter, whom he would do it to. He knew with his special powers that he could take situations as they came along, and just go with whatever whim came upon him. One thing was for sure—he was really enjoying himself since his most worthwhile meeting with Owen. The scars from his debasement were gradually becoming less painful as he continued settling his old scores.

It so happened that Cindy and Tommy were in the same geometry class. Cindy, as the reader may remember, was a major player in Tommy's humiliation two years before. Tommy had assured himself that she would be on the receiving end of a major humiliation somewhere down the line.

It was a Friday, and Tommy was in a jovial mood as he sat and listened to Mr. Dalton drone on about the angles of an isosceles triangle. It had been a little over a week since he had humiliated his sister Sally in literature class. He was still savoring the delicious scene of her sitting naked at her desk, pleading with him not to start time and have everybody witness her forced nudity. It felt good to be in total control, and he planned to ride this tide to the finish.

Word of Sally's complete humiliation had traveled around the school, though most of the students were still unaware of Tommy's involvement. Cindy was Sally’s best friend, though, and Tommy could sense that Sally had informed her of his newfound talents. For the last two years she had been teasing him relentlessly about his ill-fated humiliation day. “Tommy, when are you going to walk around naked for us again?” was a common refrain. Just last month she looked down at his crotch and asked, "Do you still have a hairless little pee-pee?" She seemed to revel in Tommy's inevitable embarrassment and his blushing cheeks.

But during the last week she had made a complete turnaround. She would see Tommy in geometry class and would go out of her way to be nice to him, even offering to help him with his homework. Well, Tommy wasn’t buying into her insincere attempt at placation. If anything, it only reminded him of her betrayal. After a week of being subjected to Cindy’s patronization, Tommy was ready to claim his next victim.

And he was quite looking forward to this particular act of vengeance, for more than one reason. First of all, Cindy had taken quite a bit of pleasure in and had played a major role in his humiliation. Also, Tommy had always had a secret affection for Cindy, although since that day he had no intention of pursuing that fancy—nor would he expect it to be reciprocal if he did. But, strictly from a prurient standpoint, he very much wanted to see her naked. He’d always been in awe of her body, and was looking forward to seeing her lovely feminine curves in the flesh. The fact that it would be against her will would only add to his pleasure.

It was a warm spring day, and Cindy was wearing a yellow, flowery summer dress. Her three-inch white high heels set off her long, slender legs very nicely. She sat in the very front of the middle row, and Tommy was watching her from his seat by the window. Tommy froze time and approached the pretty blonde. He unzipped the back of her dress, and slowly peeled it down over her shoulders to her waist. He stepped in front of her and let out a low whistle as he admired her newly exposed smooth skin.

It was when he anxiously unhooked the front of her white bra that he became aware of an aberration. A major aberration, at that. Two foam pads spilled out of the cups and onto Cindy’s lap. Her bra was a C-cup, but upon close inspection, Tommy figured that her breasts would have trouble filling out an A-cup.

“Holy shit!” Tommy exclaimed to himself.

Cindy Goodwin had always had things her way. She grew up in a posh home, and her parents had seemingly always given her everything she asked for. She was very popular in school, attained good grades, and had an active social life. But her one burden that she carried was the fact that her breasts hadn’t filled out past the stage one would expect from an eleven-year-old. She was so obsessed with her flat chest that she talked her mother into taking her to a doctor. The doctor assured her there was nothing wrong, that either she would be a late developer or that she would have to learn to live with her deficiency.

Cindy found this totally unacceptable. When she was thirteen, she started stuffing her bra, gradually increasing the size as she got older. Now, two months shy of her sixteenth birthday, she had everyone in her circle fooled into believing that she had a well-developed chest. It was her secret…until now.

Tommy decided to have some fun with this most surprising discovery. He replaced Cindy’s bra and zipped up her dress. He laid the two foam pads on Cindy’s desk and returned to his seat. He started time, and smiled when he heard a gasp coming from his victim as she quickly snatched the foam pads from the top of her desk. He watched Cindy shift uncomfortably in her seat and as surreptitiously as possible reach down the front of her dress and return the pads to her chest. She nervously stole a glance around the room to make sure her unpleasant incident had gone unnoticed. It was when she made eye contact with Tommy that a wave of fear swept throughout her entire body. The grin on his face told her all she needed to know.

Cindy hastily gathered her books and stood up from her desk. Tommy again froze time. This time, he reached down the front of Cindy's dress and removed the pads. He looked in Mr. Dalton’s desk drawer, and fortuitously found a box of safety pins. He proceeded to pin the pads over Cindy’s breasts on the outside of her dress, using several pins for each cup. He stood back and chuckled to himself at this most humorous sight. He returned to his seat and started time.

Cindy realized when she saw her fake breasts on her desk that she was in serious trouble. She knew how much she had humiliated Tommy, and she had continued to tease him about it until she heard what happened to Sally. Since then, she has had a feeling of foreboding, and it was beginning to look like that feeling was well founded. She decided it would be in her best interests to get the hell out of the room before things got out of hand. She nervously replaced the pads, gathered her books and started to rise. But then, to her alarm, she noticed the pads hanging on the outside of her dress. She nearly dropped her books in her haste to sit back down. Her face now burning, she leaned over and tried to pull off the pads, but to her consternation she discovered they were fastened to her dress. She looked around anxiously, and turned bright red when she saw the girl next to her staring at her chest. She was grinning, wide-eyed in disbelief. She felt somewhat fortunate that she and Tommy were the only two in the room who were aware of her embarrassing predicament. It took her almost two panicky minutes to unhook all the pins, remove the pads, and sneak them back under her bra. She was sweating now, as she again gathered her books to make a quick exit. Tommy waited until she stood up before he again stopped time.

Tommy was ready to take matters a step further now. He took the books from her hands and placed them on her chair. He unzipped Cindy’s dress and lifted her arms high in the air. He was amazed how cooperative her body was in this state. He lifted the dress over her head. Leaving her arms raised in the air, he unhooked her bra. With the pads still inside the bra, he stashed the bra and pads inside the empty desk behind her. He then took the opportunity to appreciate the sight he had created. Cindy was standing there, arms to the sky, in a pair of skimpy white cotton panties and a pair of white high heels. Her long legs were golden tan, and she wore no nylons. Except for her small chest, she had a beautiful body—an hourglass figure, with a perfectly rounded ass. Tommy was becoming aroused at the sight. He was just about to lower her panties when he decided that, at least for now, her humiliation would be quite extensive just having her tiny tits exposed for all to see. He found a coat hanger by the door. He put Cindy’s dress on the hanger and hung it on a hook just above the blackboard in the front of the room. He returned to his seat and restarted time for everyone except Mr. Dalton.

Cindy’s scream was music to Tommy's ears. He watched her immediately cover her breasts with her hands. For a moment she stood there, quite disoriented. Then she saw her dress and made a beeline towards it. Just before she got there Tommy again froze time. He chuckled to himself as he casually took the dress off the hook, walked to the very back of the room and hung it up against the wall. He sat down and again started time.

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              • Tommy's Retribution topix1, Thu Mar 9 2:45pm
                Love the story but the humiliations are not extreme enough. The first story had it right being tied up waiting to be set free with interaction with everyone around. I don't presume to know more then... more
                • Amazing butCaleb123, Sat Mar 11 3:13pm
                  This is one of my favourite humiliation stories of all time but I have one small suggestion, being forced to strip infront of other people compared to a few in the time stop would be amazing! One of... more
                  • ThanksBlondie., Sat Mar 11 10:05pm
                    Thanks for your interest and suggestions. I agree, there is added humiliation when the victim is forced to strip in front of a crowd, as opposed to suddenly being naked with time-stop use (although... more
                    • Tommys retributionIrving, Sat Apr 15 1:15am
                      Has this story continued? Hope I didn't miss it. It is my all-time favorite.
                      • Still ComingBlondie., Sat Apr 15 12:45pm
                        My apologies for taking so long for the next chapter. I just need to find another hour or two to get it right. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or two. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm so... more
        • greatlongitude, Sat Dec 10 3:41am
          This is excellent. The time stop idea is a good one, and a good way to make them do as told, when fully conscious. Great writing. I enjoy it. Thank you.
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