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Sissies Get Kissies, Pokies Get Strokies,Dickies Get Lickies
Wed Feb 1, 2017 12:02pm

i agree, full-on tongue-on-tongue, drooling wet French kissing would be excruciatingly humiliating for poor Blondie and Sam. Especially with girls watching. Especially if it's their first actual kiss. All of their youthful hopes and young teen desires of winning a girlfriend and beginning to navigate the mysteries of love and sex at long last, dashed on the rocks as the Gang of Six force them to behave in increasingly perverted displays of sissyhood, convincing all other girls that these two would be the last boys on earth they'd ever consider going out with, even if only to preserve their own reputations! What girl would want to be seen holding hands with or kissing a boy who would willingly, meekly consent to being bullied by a girl, stripped and pantied by them? Even a girl who felt pity for them would want to avoid becoming an addition to the Gang's stable of victims. Witness Francine...

Oh, poor Francine, and her lovely barely-there breasts put on display! i can imagine Francine, who sounds a little like the runt of the litter, being subjected to further humiliations. For a moment in the story, i wondered if maybe Francine would be forced to participate in Blondie and Sam's emasculation in a more direct and intimate way. Part of me loves the idea, though i can't decide if i enjoy more the sweetness of Francine coming to pity Blondie and offering some form of mutual affection that would add the spice of pathos to the cruelties they're subjected to, or the intensity of Francine resenting her newly-appointed "boyfriend" to the degree that she makes his life even more fraught with humiliation, including and exceeding verbally stripping him of his vestigial notions of manhood even at the very same moment as she is forced by the Gang to engage in physical intimacies with him.

Back to the main course, while a coerced blowjob is certainly emasculating, i think forcing the boys to simply handle each other's penises, especially in front of a feminine audience, would be a more appropriate step at this point in their torment. The deep, overriding shame they would naturally feel at the thought of even touching their own genitals, much less fondling them for perverted pleasure, would surely be tripled by touching that of another boy. And for the purpose of stimulating sexual pleasure? While both boys are dressed only in girls' panties (or, even worse, dolled up in lingerie)? Feeling another boy's most private place, betraying his trust as a friend while simultaneously giving him pleasure, would be excruciating for them both. And what if he is successful at his appointed task? What if his embarrassingly expert touch (as every boy of masturbating age is an expert at providing his own pleasure) or the exposure to girls he's likely had private thoughts about, or a combination of factors, should cause him to grow erect in front of their tormentors? There would be no surer sign of their sissyhood than getting a hard-on in another boy's fingers. What if the experience caused the boy in the role of masturbator to similarly spring an erection in his panties? There could be no hiding such arousal in girl's underthings, no matter how small the penis.

And then the inevitable command to stroke. To pump. To simulate sex with his hand. To engage in the actual act of "self-abuse" on another. It would be a sick but familiar action, sure to elicit catcalls and mockery and shaming encouragement from these humiliatrices. And bringing him off to a gooey public climax...what would that entail? What would it require in order to bring his friend to ejaculation and mercifully end their torment? What would he have to do, or to say, to help his friend to cum? Which is the sissier slut - the one who cums from his friend's handjob, or the one who coos erotic encouragements to bring his friend off?

What if the unthinkable happens, and the mere fondling touch of his friend proves too strong a tease for his inexperienced, virginal penis to endure? What if he were to prematurely ejaculate his cream messily and powerfully, at the first intimate tickle of his friend's fingertips, in front of these jeering girls? i'm sure that in his mind, he'd always expected that his first orgasm with another person would be initiated by a girl... But by another boy, in panties? Even in his most puberty-addled erotic fantasies, even in his most secret masturbatory reveries and wet dreams, he might not have wanted to consider that. Surely nothing could be a surer indication of his sissyhood than that!

  • Kiss vs. Oral SexBlondie., Mon Jan 26 5:18pm
    You probably have something there, Rick. Face to face, tongue on tongue---indeed, pretty damn humiliating for a couple of straight guys. I'll definitely keep it in mind whenever I find the time to... more
    • Sissies Get Kissies, Pokies Get Strokies,Dickies Get Lickies — pixiemuledonkey, Wed Feb 1 12:02pm
      • Great IdeasBlondie., Fri Feb 3 10:26am
        Thanks, pixiemuledonkey (can't help but smile as I type that) for the great ideas. You make me want to continue this story. Some time down the road, I hope! I agree, being forced to handle each... more
    • Kiss vs. Oral sexsammiboyduchams, Tue Jan 27 8:05am
      Doesn't have to be an either or situation! Straight sissy (a) takes a loaded mouthful from a Jock's big dick and transfers it straight to straight sissy (b) in a long wet french kiss. It's good to... more
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