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Chapter 5: Stripped Naked in a Movie Theatre
Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:33pm

It had been a couple of weeks since Tommy had utterly humiliated Cindy in literature class. Since then he hadn’t taken care of any new members of his tormentors from two years before, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying the benefits of his newfound powers.

He wasn't close to being done with Sally, for myriad reasons. She played no small part in her contribution to his thorough, well-documented humiliation. Plus, practicing his new skill was so convenient for him since they lived under the same roof. And, he had to admit, he did enjoy looking at her naked body nearly as much as he enjoyed inflicting the payback humiliation. Because she had already been a victim of Tommy’s time-stop revenge, she was completely under his control. On more than one occasion, if their parents weren’t home and the mood struck him, Tommy would exercise that control.

For example, one evening Tommy was sitting in the living room studying, while Sally was taking care of her dusting and vacuuming duties. Out of the blue, Tommy said to his sister, “I think I’d like to see you do that naked.”

Sally blushed and flinched noticeably. She continued her dusting without acknowledging her brother, hoping he wouldn’t pursue this ghastly notion. But Tommy persisted.

“In fact, I know I’d like to see you do that naked. Kindly take your clothes off for me, Sis.”

“Tommy, you’ve already gotten back at me. Please. Let’s just call it even,” pleaded Sally anxiously.

“Ah, but we’re not even, my dear, soon-to-be-naked sister. I had to strip and dance in the gymnasium in front of the seventh and eighth grade classes. You were naked in front of one class for less than five minutes. Though they were probably the five most humiliating minutes of your entire life, when you think about it, you got off easily. So we’re not even. Now make your choice. It’s either get naked right here and now or find yourself naked when you least expect it. And look forward to a much bigger audience if that happens.”

Sally, ruing the day of Tommy’s debasement, took the lesser of the two evils. She turned towards the stairs.

“Where are you going?” asked Tommy.

“You win. I’m going upstairs to get undressed,” responded Sally. “I’ll be right back.”

“I don’t think so. There’s no need to be shy. I just saw you strip last week. You can do it right here.”

Sally’s shoulders slumped, and Tommy watched as she turned her back to him and lifted off her tee shirt, shorts, bra, and panties. She was barefoot to begin with, so now she was completely naked with her back turned to her brother.

“Carry on with your dusting, Sis. Don’t mind me.”

Sally did just that. Her face was beet red as she dusted the living room. She had been exposed to Tommy before, but she could really feel her shame, submitting to him this way. She had a helpless feeling, and could really feel her nudity while performing her duties under her brother’s watchful eyes.

Tommy relished the position of total power he had over his sister. Because of his telekinetic and time-stop abilities all he had to do was threaten her to render her into a state of submission. With minimal effort he had persuaded her to surrender her clothes and carry out her chores in the buff while he sat and enjoyed the naked display. Sally had a beautiful body, and even though she was his sibling Tommy couldn’t help but to be stimulated. She looked most delightful while she vacuumed, particularly when she leaned over to clean under the furniture. Her face was blushing brightly, and he took extreme delight in her embarrassment, especially when he reflected on how he felt constantly shamed during his own day of humiliation.

On another occasion Tommy was eating a bowl of cereal at the kitchen table. His parents had already left for the day. Sally was standing at the sink, and Tommy asked her to get him some milk. Sally was half-asleep, and not in a very good mood.

“Get it yourself,” was her response.

Tommy waited until she sat down to eat her eggs. Nothing creative here. He simply stopped time, removed all of her clothes and tossed them into the living room. He then returned to his seat and started time.

Sally first felt the cold chair on her ass and instantly recognized that she was naked. She gasped and instinctively covered her breasts with her hands.

“Now would you please get me some milk?”

“GOD DAMN YOU!” screamed Sally as she got up and retrieved the milk from the refrigerator.

Tommy made her finish her breakfast in her naked state, occasionally looking up from his sports section and smiling at his downcast, blushing sister.

On yet another occasion Tommy was upset with Sally for spending too much time in the bathroom one morning before school. This caused them to miss the bus and forced them to take a cab to school. Again, Tommy gained in pleasure what he lacked in creativity. He stopped time while they were in the back of the cab and again stripped off all of Sally’s clothes, laying them on the front seat next to the driver before starting time.

“OHMIGOD!” Sally cried out, startling the cab driver. He looked wide-eyed into his rear view mirror and grinned lecherously. Sally turned her now-familiar shade of red and clutched Tommy’s bicep, shaking it vigorously.

“Please, Tommy, where are my clothes!?”

“Well, since you don’t see them back here you might want to take a look in the front seat.”

Since neither of her companions made any effort to assist her Sally was forced to lean over the front seat to retrieve her clothes, giving Tommy an unobstructed view of her round buttocks and the serendipitous cab driver an eyeful of her well-endowed chest. She hastily redressed herself, well aware of her captive audience. When they reached their destination, the driver refused the tip, thanking the humiliated Sally for “the most entertaining fare I’ve ever had.”

As they were walking to the front of the building, Sally lost her temper and read Tommy the riot act, using every foul word in her vocabulary. Tommy just looked at her and said, “Thanks, I’ll just file that one away for later.”

Sure enough, he got his chance that weekend. Tommy heard his sister tell their mother that she was going to walk down to the movie theatre and take in a matinee by herself. He smiled to himself as he conceived his plan. He smiled even wider as it dawned on him that he had a friend that was manning the projector that day. "Perfect," he said aloud to himself.

Tommy waited about half an hour before he arrived at the theatre, stopped time, and walked inside. He found Sally sitting in the middle of the theatre, which was only about a quarter full. He sat down a few rows behind her and concentrated very hard.

Sally had needed a break. Her humiliations at the hands of her brother were starting to prey on her mind. A matinee would be a good diversion, and she figured that at least she’d be able to escape from her brother for a while. She was just getting lost in the movie when a strange and disconcerting thing transpired. The shirttail of her tee shirt was working itself out of her jeans. She tried to reach down with her hands, but some unseen force was restraining her arms. She looked fretfully to either side, and was somewhat relieved to see that no one else was sitting in her row. What a helpless feeling it was for her when her shirt lifted above her head, down her arms and onto the seat next to her. She tried to reach over to pick it up, but was rendered powerless. It was obvious to her that Tommy was somewhere in the theatre. Unnerved, she tried to get up, but was unable to extricate herself from her chair. She was also unable to prevent her jeans from being unbuttoned and the next thing she knew they were sliding down her shapely legs. She looked around nervously, and fortunately for her everyone seemed to be engrossed in the movie. She knew, however, that her brother was watching her from somewhere in the darkened theatre. She felt her sandals loosening up and coming off, then experienced the sinking feeling of having both legs of her jeans pulling simultaneously until they were completely stripped off. The jeans and sandals joined her shirt in the seat next to her. She still was unable to move her arms to retrieve them, but there was the small consolation in the knowledge that they were close at hand. She sat in her seat in trepidation, clad only in her bra and panties.

[It was at this point that Tommy temporarily stopped time and retrieved Sally’s jeans, shirt, and sandals and returned to his seat. He promptly restarted time.]

When Sally looked over and discovered that her clothes were gone she started to become panicky. But not as much as when the clasp in the front of her bra suddenly snapped open, followed immediately by the straps sliding down her arms. She watched helplessly as her bra came to a halt in the empty seat next to her. She tried desperately to cover herself but her arms remained fixed to the armrests as if they were tied down.

She braced herself for what she knew would ensue, but a full fifteen excruciating minutes elapsed before she felt the inevitable tug on her panties.

“Oh God, please, no,” she whispered into the darkness.

But her panties continued their inexorable path off her hips, past her thighs, down her calves and off her feet before coming to rest on top of her discarded bra.

She was now stark naked in the middle of a public movie theatre.

[Tommy watched from a distance while he methodically stripped his sister. When she was naked he concentrated and released the restraints he had on her arms. When he saw her immediately reach for her underwear he stopped time and retrieved the bra and panties. He returned to his seat, and, smiling smugly, he restarted time.]

The naked Sally was quite relieved to discover that she could finally move her arms. But, much to her horror, just when she was about to grab her underwear, “poof!” they disappeared.

“Oh, God, no, this can’t be happening!” she whispered aloud, with a noticeable crack in her voice.

She leaned over slightly, her hands clasped between her legs, her knees clenched together and her elbows tucked tightly to her sides. She was shivering, partly from being exposed to the cool temperature of the large room, but more from the fear of the very real possibility that her fellow patrons would discover of her state of naked humiliation.

Sally was close to losing control of herself. She looked anxiously about the theatre. On the one hand there was a sense of relief that (at least for the time being) the other patrons were too absorbed in the movie to be aware of her condition, but on the other hand there was a feeling of helplessness that she couldn’t see her brother, who was her only hope out of her dreadful predicament.

She nervously considered her options. She could run to the bathroom, but it was located all the way on the other side of the building, and there were far too many people milling about in the foyer. She could get up and search the theatre for Tommy, but that would only bring attention to her nakedness, and even if she found him she doubted he would show her any mercy. She squirmed fretfully in her seat, at a loss for what to do. She sat there, feeling a chill, definitely feeling her nudity and mostly feeling a sense of profound dread over the scenario of the movie ending and the lights coming on before she could recover her clothes. She felt her face burning at the prospect.

“Oh, God,” she whispered to no one, hoping the humiliation gods would have pity. “Please, please help me!”

A few minutes before the movie was to end, Tommy, showing just a wee bit of compassion, carried out the rest of his diabolical plan. He stopped time and approached the front of the theatre. He climbed the stage and pulled from his pocket a long piece of string, tying one end to of it on the left of the screen, about eight feet high, and the other on the right side at the same height. He then took two clothespins and hung a piece of Sally’s lingerie that he had taken from her drawer. It was a lacy, black teddy. Tommy centered it in the middle of the screen and returned to his seat. He started time.

Sally heard the commotion and looked up to see the outline of her teddy hanging in front of the screen.

“Oh, shit!” she screamed out loud.

Sally immediately knew what she had to do, and she recognized that she had to act quickly. She mustered up all her courage and pulled her naked body out of her seat and darted out of her row and down the aisle towards the stage. She was whimpering as she ran as fast as she could, her left hand over her crotch and her right arm across her chest.

The noise increased, as there was just enough light to make out a naked, teen-aged girl—a well-put-together one, at that—climbing onto the stage. The thunderstruck audience watched in amazement as a spotlight zeroed in on the hysterical girl just as she reached up and snatched the lingerie from the makeshift clothesline. The look of alarm on her face and her momentary hesitation when she turned around was quite reminiscent of a deer caught in the headlights of a car. The enthralled audience roared as they watched the girl hop along the stage while frantically and clumsily stepping into her skimpy teddy and pulling the spaghetti straps over her shoulders. The spotlight followed her down the steps, up the aisle, to the side door, until she was gone, the door slamming shut behind her.

The noise gradually subsided, the spotlight dimmed, and the anticlimactic conclusion to the movie played out on the screen. By then, a smiling fifteen year-old boy with a bundle of clothes under his arm had left the theater and was following his beleaguered sister home.

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