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Chapter 6: The Naked March
Wed Mar 8, 2017 6:48pm

Tommy had been keeping himself thoroughly amused with his humiliations of his sister for the better part of two weeks. He figured he could continue on with this treatment of Sally, but there were still some other scores to settle. Besides, Sally would always be around if he wanted to keep his time-stop powers sharp, or even if he was just looking for some cheap entertainment to idle away the time. In fact, just recently, soon after the movie theater incident, Tommy did indeed indulge himself in some self-gratification. He was walking by the local drugstore, and through the window he spotted Sally shopping for a greeting card. On a lark he stopped time, took off Sally’s sweater, jeans, tennis shoes and socks, and left her standing there in a very sexy looking magenta-colored bra and panties. He walked back to the window, started time, and watched his sister’s reaction to her near nakedness.

“Oh my God!” it looked like she said. She promptly threw the greeting card behind her and frantically ran down the main aisle looking for her clothes. Fortunately for her the store was not crowded, and only a couple of entertained customers took in the pretty red-faced girl running around hysterically in a public store in her underwear. To her relief, she found the rest of her clothes hanging up next to the prescription window, where the pharmacist watched her, bug-eyed, as she yanked her clothes from the window and hurriedly put them on.

But, as amusing as these whimsies were, Tommy was ready to move on. One day he was in sixth period study hall, which took place in the school cafeteria. There were about 65 students in the study hall, fairly evenly divided between the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. Tommy actually had a game plan on this particular day. He surveyed the cafeteria and noticed that Linda and Nancy, two of the eighth grade girls who played a big part in his previous humiliation, were sitting together. They were very popular among their junior class, especially among the boys, due to their attractiveness. Linda was a tall, slim, well-proportioned blonde, and Nancy was a little shorter, somewhat on the chunky side, but with a pretty face and very large breasts. As Tommy looked at her, her aforementioned breasts were resting comfortably on the table in front of her as she read from her textbook. Tommy pointed the two girls out to his friend.

“Remember them, Nick?”

“Yeah,” Nick responded, “You owe them big time.”

“You’re right, and today’s the day they get their payback,” agreed Tommy.

Tommy continued to peruse the cafeteria, and at the table next to Linda and Nancy, he spotted Michael and Danny. Out of all of the boys who harassed Tommy three years ago, these two stood out above the rest. It was Michael who constantly teased Tommy when he was forced to wear the girls’ school uniform during recess and lunch, and it was Danny who continually taunted Tommy about his hairless crotch. He was now ready to carry out his scheme to get back at all four of them at the same time.

Tommy stopped time for everybody except Linda, Nancy, and his friend Nick.

“You’ve been good to me, Nick. I thought I’d let you sit back and enjoy the show.”

A most appreciative Nick grinned as his anticipation swelled. The two girls were momentarily perplexed, and then they heard the voice of Tommy from a nearby table.

“How ya’ doin’, ladies?” offered Tommy.

By now word had spread about Tommy’s powers, so the two sixteen year-olds were extremely apprehensive. Linda looked around nervously and said, “What’s going on, Tommy?”

“Oh, not much. I just thought it might be kind of fun to see if you find getting stripped naked in front of a bunch of people as embarrassing as I did."

Linda looked at Nancy, and the look of terror on her face matched her own.

“Tommy, that was a long time ago,” reasoned Linda, “I’m truly sorry. If I could take that day back I surely would.”

“Well, you’re going to wish you could take today back, ‘cuz you’re in for a some serious humiliation. Nancy, I’d like you to go first. You can start by taking off all your clothes.”

Nancy shivered involuntarily, but otherwise remained frozen in her seat. Tommy was prepared for her tentativeness.

“If I have to stop time for you and strip you myself, you’re going to wake up finding yourself in an compromised position with one of the freshman boys. Either way, you’re going to be naked, so I suggest you do as I say. Now strip.”

“Oh, God,” Nancy whimpered. It was plain for her to see that she was at Tommy’s mercy. She slowly, laboriously peeled off all of her clothes under the watchful, appreciative eyes of Tommy and Nick. Her extra large breasts were quite conspicuous, and under the circumstances were a mighty source of embarrassment for her. Tommy promptly gathered Nancy’s clothes, and she looked on horrified as he calmly sauntered a few steps away and dropped them down the garbage chute.

At this point Tommy brought Michael and Danny out of their time stop. Once they recovered from their shock, they both stared at Nancy, who was desperately covering her nudity as best she could with her hands and arms.

“Welcome to payback, guys.”

They both looked at Tommy with a sense of foreboding. Tommy wasted no time.

“Nancy, would you do the honors and relieve Danny of all of his clothes? Just dump them down the garbage chute when you’re done. Danny, I expect you to cooperate here, if you know what’s good for you.”

Danny was well aware that the consequences could be much more severe if he didn’t do the bidding of the vengeful Tommy. He stood submissively, red-faced and miserable as Linda slipped off his shirt, shoes and socks, and then his pants. When she slipped down his boxer shorts, Danny’s smaller-than average penis was still in a flaccid state. What normally might be an erotic experience for a guy to be undressed by a pretty naked girl instead was filled with dread of whatever humiliations his tormentor had in store for him. He watched disconsolately as all of his clothes disappeared down the chute.

Tommy then reached into his backpack and produced three sharp electric razors and a pair of shearing scissors (the day before he had stopped time and entered a barber shop and borrowed three of their best razors, to be returned when his deed was done). He plugged the razors into the wall and handed Danny the scissors. Danny had a look of wretchedness on his face. He then handed one razor each to Linda, Nancy, and Michael.

“I’m sure you recall, Danny, how you razzed me mercilessly that day about my hairless body. Well, now it’s your turn to find out just what I felt like. Although it’ll probably be a little worse for you, seeing as you’re fifteen years old. Now please raise your hands high in the air. Nancy, I’d like you to relieve Danny of the hair under his arms.”

Danny didn’t move. He was stunned, and was having trouble digesting his horrific circumstances. “B-but Tommy…”

“Here’s your choice,” interrupted Tommy. “You either follow directions like a good little boy, or I freeze you while you get shaved. The only difference is, when you come to you’ll be tied to the shower in the girls’ locker room. I believe the junior and senior girls both have P.E. this period, so you should be quite a hit.” Tommy paused momentarily to let Danny’s grim situation sink in. “So what’s it gonna be, Danny boy?”

Danny grudgingly raised his arms in the air. Nancy approached him while turning on the electric razor. The whir of the razor filled the otherwise silent room. It was quite a bizarre scene, that of one naked girl shaving the armpit hair off of a naked guy, both of them blushing crimson.

The electric razors were industrial models, so it took Nancy only a minute to complete her task.

“Okay,” said Tommy, “I’d like the rest of you to turn on your razors. Linda, you take care of his arms and that small amount of hair on his chest. Nancy, you make his legs all pretty and smooth. Michael, I’d like you to shave his ass. And make sure you get inside his crack. Danny, you can use those scissors to cut off your pubic hair. Cut it as close to the skin as you can. Chop, chop, let’s go!”

Three electric razors were now going full blast. Danny, after a moment’s hesitation, started cutting off his precious pubic hair, incredulous at what was happening to him. In less than five minutes, the task was completed successfully, and the three electric razors were turned off.

“Excellent,” smiled Tommy. “Now Linda, I’d like you to give your razor to Danny. Danny, please finish off what you started, and make sure you get all the hair off your balls.”

Danny, under the watchful gaze of his audience of five, sullenly shaved off the last remnants of his bodily hair. Tommy took a slow walk around Danny, scrutinizing him very closely, much like a drill inspector would with one of his recruits. He looked his hairless victim in the eyes and smiled.

“Well, Danny boy, you look much like I did two years ago. ‘Course, I was only thirteen years old at the time.” Tommy laughed, and for the first time, Danny covered his genitals with his hands, much to Tommy’s delight.

Meanwhile, Linda and Michael were anxiously wondering if they would be victims in Tommy’s depraved plan. As it happened, it was not a question of “if,” but a question of “when.”

“Linda, I don’t know why you’re not naked yet,” Tommy said. “Why don’t you strip for us?” Tommy’s creativity was growing as he continued his orchestration. “Michael, you come stand in front of Linda. Linda, every time you remove an article of clothing, I’d like you to remove the corresponding garment from Michael. Just drop them all in a pile here on the floor.” Linda took a stab at attaining some mercy from Tommy.

“Please, Tommy, don’t do this. I feel bad about what happened, really I do.”

Tommy, remembering Linda teasing him while running her hand across his naked thigh during his day of torment, would have none of it. “Why do you still have your blouse on? We don’t have all day here.” Tommy chuckled to himself, realizing they literally had all the time in the world.

Linda submissively unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a black lacy bra. She obediently dropped her blouse on the floor, and proceeded to lift off the tee shirt of the compliant, quiet Michael, dropping it on top of her blouse. She then removed the two pairs of shoes and socks, adding them to the growing collection of clothes on the floor. She unbuttoned her jeans, closed her eyes and lowered them past her knees. Her matching black satin panties created an arousing sight, as her tall, lean, tanned body gradually became unveiled. Now whimpering softly, she pulled off her jeans and went to work on Michael. He obediently lifted each of his legs to facilitate the removal of his pants. Only his white briefs remained.

Tommy broke the silence. “Now, Linda, when you remove your bra, I’d like you to place it on Michael’s chest.”

Michael winced noticeably at this suggestion, and Nancy giggled in spite of her own predicament. When Linda unhooked her bra, her flawless breasts popped out in all their glory. Nick let out a low whistle from his perch at the table. She instinctively covered her chest with her hands, but was forced to pull them away in order to dress the red-faced Michael in her bra. Tommy handed Linda the pair of scissors.

“Here, let’s make it easy. Just cut off his underpants with these.”

Linda cut off the right side of Michael’s underpants from the band to the bottom and watched them spring to his side. She then cut the other side, and the undergarment fell unceremoniously to the floor. Michael’s penis had shriveled up in his shame, the tip barely visible through his pubic hair. Again Nancy giggled in spite of herself.

“Linda, now I want you to dress Michael – or is that Michelle – in your panties.”

Linda, blushing brightly, lowered her panties, exposing her blond bush. She quickly slipped the panties up Michael’s legs, hoping to distract attention from herself. Michael now made for a rather ridiculous sight, made even more ridiculous when Tommy produced a couple of false breast pads and proceeded to stuff them in the bra.

“Well, Michelle, I must say, you look much prettier than I did when they tried to dress me up. I didn’t get a bra and panty set, and I certainly didn’t have any tits.” Michael turned a deeper shade of red and stared dolefully at the floor.

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