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Chapter 7: The Humiliation of the Lexus Lady
Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:27pm

After taking care of Linda, Nancy, Michael and Danny in the cafeteria during study hall, Tommy was nearly finished with the retaliation of his tormentors from three years before. He still had Karen, Carlene, Sister Ruth and Miss Richards to deal with, and he would get to them in due time. Meanwhile, his sophomore year was coming to an end, so it looked like he’d have to wait until the next term to continue on his warpath. But that didn’t stop Tommy from keeping his time-stop and telekinetic powers sharp. He always had his sister Sally available to abuse, and there would be other occasions when a deserving soul would be a victim of Tommy’s power when they least expected it. During that summer, there were a couple of such occasions.

One day Tommy was next in line at the local supermarket. He was supposed to meet a friend shortly, so he was in a bit of a hurry. The checker, a pretty young brunette of about twenty, was taking her sweet time checking the groceries of the male customer in front of Tommy. She even stopped at one point and chatted with her bagger about her evening plans. Both Tommy and the customer were becoming exasperated with her, and Tommy asked her if she could please pick up the pace a bit. She looked at Tommy crossly, and turned back to chat with her co-worker, while slowly continuing with her checking.

Tommy felt this was a time for action. He stopped time and unbuttoned her blouse, slipped it off of her, and stuffed it in the bottom of the customer’s bag of food. She wore a bright, hot-pink colored bra. Tommy let out a soft whistle in appreciation. He then unbuttoned her pants, and slipped them, along with her matching panties, down to her ankles. Tommy admired her beautiful body. He then took off one of her shoelaces, tying one end around the bottom of her panties and the other end to a steel bar by her feet. The bar was part of the foundation of the checkout counter, and was immovable. Tommy made sure the double knots were tight and then he took his place back in line. He started time.

Tommy watched as the stunned checker screamed out, “OH MY GOD!” as she reached down to pull up her panties. Again she screamed “OH MY GOD!” then “OH SHIT! OH MY GOD!” as she quickly realized that she could only get her panties halfway up her shins before the string prohibited further progress. In her panic, she continued to pull on her panties, but this only succeeded in tightening the knots even more. She tried pulling her pants up, but this effort was also futile, as she couldn’t get them past her panties. The customer and the bagger (also a male) were looking on in enjoyable amazement, and other patrons and employees were beginning to get wind of the situation. The mortified checker, now whimpering, finally discovered the cause of the obstructed path of her panties, and frantically went to work on the knots. After about thirty seconds she recognized that this line of attack would not be successful---at least not in a timely manner. She would be forced to go to her last, unavoidable resort—she would have to strip herself. She furiously pulled off her shoes, then her pants, and finally her panties. In her flustered state of mind she didn’t think to put her pants on. She simply started running towards the storeroom at the back of the store. She was last seen by Tommy and the rest of her appreciative audience running down the frozen foods aisle, wailing while covering her sex, clad only in a pink bra and white anklets. Tommy was pretty sure she would treat her customers with a little more respect from that point forward.

Another time Tommy was walking around downtown on a beautiful mid-summer day. He was about to cross the street in the crosswalk. The light was green and the “Don’t Walk” light was flashing. Tommy knew he had enough time to cross the street before the light turned red. A buxom, fortyish lady in a new Lexus wanted to make a right turn, but had to wait for Tommy. As Tommy was walking in front of her car she leaned on her horn and screamed at Tommy out of her window, “You’re going against the Don’t Walk, you little shit!”

Tommy stopped, looked at her and said, “I’m guessing that you’ve had a tough morning and probably already regret what you just said. Kind of guy I am, I’ll give you a chance to apologize.” But the Lexus lady made a mistake she would regret until her dying day.

“F*ck off, asshole!” she yelled while hitting her accelerator.

Of course, this gave Tommy more than enough incentive to retaliate. After stopping time, he climbed in her car and stripped her completely nude.

“Not bad for a middle-aged lady,” he said to himself as he admired her body. Indeed, though just a little overweight, and with a bit of a sag in her breasts, she was certainly put together well enough to turn a few heads. And on this day, in her present condition, oh yes, she would turn a few heads.

Tommy then scooped up her clothes and looked around her car to make sure she had nothing available for her to cover her nudity. Satisfied, he turned off her engine and slipped the keys in his pocket. He then threw all of her clothes except her bra and panties into the nearest trashcan. Tommy then spread her white bra and panty set across the hood of her car. He licked his lips and restarted time.

The lady in the Lexus was beside herself when she realized she was naked inside her car in a bustling downtown area. Panic-stricken, she looked around the inside of her car for her clothes, but they were nowhere to be found. The lady in the car behind her was honking her horn, and the Lexus lady slammed on her accelerator, but her car didn’t move. She reached for her keys and was horrified to find them missing. She frantically searched the floor, then under her seat, but to no avail. More people were impatiently honking their horns, and some of the pedestrians were starting to look in her direction to see what the fuss was all about. That’s when Tommy yelled out to the crowd.

“Hey look, she’s naked!” he shouted.

To the Lexus lady’s horror, the young man she had screamed at a few moments before was peering at her through the passenger window, with his hands on either side of his face to block the glare. Other curious pedestrians of both genders were right behind him, leering through her window with grins of amusement and disbelief.

She had nowhere to hide.

“F*CK! OH, F*CK ME! Please, help me! Oh, for the love of GOD!” she screamed out while leaning forward on her steering wheel with one arm over her breasts and one hand between her legs.

She then spied her bra and panties lying on her hood. She sat there for a moment, sizing up her grim situation. The longer she sat there, the more attention she would attract. She ultimately decided she would be much better off sitting in her car wearing her bra and panties than being completely nude. Desperate, she opened her door and reached around the front of her car. She reached out to grab her precious underwear, but just as she was about to grasp them they mysteriously slid out of her reach to the passenger’s side of the car. “What the f*ck?!” she said out loud. There was no wind, how was this happening?

Hell-bent on attaining her goal, she created quite a sight by jumping out of her car and climbing on to the top of the hood. A small crowd had now gathered, and they were being treated to a thoroughly entertaining show. Again she reached for her bra and panties, and again they slid away from her, this time onto the ground on the other side of the car.

“Oh, shit!” the Lexus lady exclaimed. She crawled to the other side of the car and looked down to the ground at her bra and panties. She then looked up and noticed that the size of the crowd on the sidewalk had grown considerably. She blushed crimson. At this point she was willing to forget her bra and panties, as the sanctity of her car was much more appealing to her than the thought of climbing down in front of all these people to again try to retrieve her underwear. She frantically turned around and crawled back to the other side of her car, treating her enthralled audience to another provocative sight. She jumped down to the ground amid a cacophony of horns, honking now out of enjoyment and amusement rather than impatience.

Matters only got worse for the now hysterical Lexus lady. Just as she got to her door, it closed shut, seemingly with a mind of its own. Then, much to her horror, she heard the unmistakable sound of the locks clicking in. She tried the door frantically, but of course her efforts were fruitless. Now she was really in a pickle. With a frenzied look on her face, she surveyed the area. The only possible escape was a public bathroom halfway down the block on the other side of the street. But first she would make one more attempt to retrieve her bra and panties. She made a mad dash around the front of her car, covering herself up as best she could with her hands and arms. Her bra and panties were on the ground, near the passenger door. But just as she bent down and reached for them (only three feet from Tommy and a very entertained audience of at least twenty-five), the undergarments mysteriously slid under the car, out of her reach. The thoroughly distraught victim briefly bent to her knees and tried to reach under the car, her plump ass on full display and her sex exposed in all its glory. She couldn’t quite reach her elusive underwear. She looked back and much to her chagrin she realized the display she was putting on for her audience. The completely mortified Lexus lady rose to her feet and started dashing towards the public bathroom, using the very crosswalk that Tommy had started to use earlier before he was rudely interrupted.

Above the noise of the cheering crowd and honking horns, she could just make out Tommy’s bellow, made through cupped hands: “You’re going against the Don’t Walk!”

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