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Amazing but
Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:13pm

This is one of my favourite humiliation stories of all time but I have one small suggestion, being forced to strip infront of other people compared to a few in the time stop would be amazing! One of the best parts of humiliation is when the target is forced to slowly (or quickly!) strip infront of a large crowd often including the opasit sex. You could mix Tommys powers in it to make it seem like they're wanting to do it rather then being forced! No matter what this is an excellent series and I do hope you continue.

  • Tommy's Retribution topix1, Thu Mar 9 2:45pm
    Love the story but the humiliations are not extreme enough. The first story had it right being tied up waiting to be set free with interaction with everyone around. I don't presume to know more then... more
    • Amazing but — Caleb123, Sat Mar 11 3:13pm
      • ThanksBlondie., Sat Mar 11 10:05pm
        Thanks for your interest and suggestions. I agree, there is added humiliation when the victim is forced to strip in front of a crowd, as opposed to suddenly being naked with time-stop use (although... more
        • Tommys retributionIrving, Sat Apr 15 1:15am
          Has this story continued? Hope I didn't miss it. It is my all-time favorite.
          • Still ComingBlondie., Sat Apr 15 12:45pm
            My apologies for taking so long for the next chapter. I just need to find another hour or two to get it right. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or two. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm so... more
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