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Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:05pm

Thanks for your interest and suggestions. I agree, there is added humiliation when the victim is forced to strip in front of a crowd, as opposed to suddenly being naked with time-stop use (although there is something to be said for that, too).

As it happens, the Karen character will be Tommy's next victim. I still need to work on the rewrite, but indeed she will be stripping in front of a large crowd. I hope to post it sometime during the week.

  • Amazing butCaleb123, Sat Mar 11 3:13pm
    This is one of my favourite humiliation stories of all time but I have one small suggestion, being forced to strip infront of other people compared to a few in the time stop would be amazing! One of... more
    • Thanks — Blondie., Sat Mar 11 10:05pm
      • Tommys retributionIrving, Sat Apr 15 1:15am
        Has this story continued? Hope I didn't miss it. It is my all-time favorite.
        • Still ComingBlondie., Sat Apr 15 12:45pm
          My apologies for taking so long for the next chapter. I just need to find another hour or two to get it right. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or two. Thanks a lot for your comment. I'm so... more
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