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Chapter 8: The Cheerleader's Comeuppance
Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:50pm

Tommy was sixteen now, and had entered his junior year in high school. It would be late September when he would settle his account with Karen, one of the major players in Tommy’s debasement when he was in the seventh grade. The reader may recall that Karen was in the eighth grade at the time, and she delighted in teasing and tormenting her junior classman. It was Karen who slowly and sadistically removed Tommy’s underpants in the gym during dance class, and reveled in every moment. She was also instrumental in removing Tommy's belly dance costume, rendering him naked while he was forced to dance.

Karen was now in her senior year. A beautiful 17 year-old blond, she was very popular with the guys in her class. She had a couple of girlfriends, but most of the girls found her on the haughty side. Her parents were well to do, she knew she was gorgeous, and she carried herself like she was in a class above the rest, a trait that her fellow female classmates despised. She was a flirt, if not a tease. Paradoxically, she was very shy about showing off her body—no male, short of her father when she was a baby, had seen her naked. Even in gym class, Karen was very self-conscious when she had to shower with the other girls.

Karen and Tommy both went to Washington High School. Karen was a cheerleader, and Tommy, with his newfound powers, was becoming a cheery leader (sorry).

Washington High had a solid football team that year, and that Friday night in late September they were playing against Lincoln. The rivalry between the two schools was unsurpassed anywhere in the state. They truly didn’t like each other.

The game was an intensely fought affair. Several skirmishes broke out on the field, and the two rooting sections were exchanging barbs with each other at opposite sides of the field. Tommy was sitting in the Washington rooting section, watching the game with one eye, and watching Karen bouncing up and down in her skimpy cheerleading outfit with the other.

Tommy had an agenda planned for Karen, one he would implement a little later in the game. Momentarily, though, he decided to have a little fun at her expense. During a timeout in the second quarter, Karen and the other cheerleaders were doing a number on the track in front of the rooting section. Tommy, utilizing his TK power, raised Karen’s skirt above her hips, exposing her blue panties.

“Hmm,” thought Tommy, “She’s got school spirit, wearing the school colors underneath her uniform.” Karen was so concentrating on her routine that she was unaware of the extracurricular entertainment she was providing.

After a few seconds, Tommy allowed the skirt to drop back down. Then he figured out a way to get her attention. While she was dancing and waving her pompons high in the air, Tommy concentrated on lowering Karen’s panties down her legs. Before Karen could react, she discovered to her horror that her panties were hanging below her knees. Shocked, Karen immediately dropped her pompons to the ground and hurriedly pulled her panties back up. She hastily picked up her pompons and continued her number, trying to act as if nothing had happened, but her scarlet face betrayed her keen embarrassment. Tommy afforded himself a smile.

It was halftime when he decided to make his move. He stopped time and eagerly made his way down to the track. He picked Karen up and started walking while carrying her, when he fortuitously found a wheelbarrow. Laying Karen in the wheelbarrow, Tommy wheeled her over to the Lincoln side of the field. He then picked her up and carried her to the very middle of the Lincoln rooting section, where he placed her in a sitting position. She looked quite out of place in her blue and gold outfit amidst a large throng predominately clad in red and white. Tommy pulled off his blue shirt, exposing the red one he had on underneath. He sat down next to Karen and started time just for her, leaving the rest of the world in the pause mode.

Karen was appropriately shocked when she took in her surroundings. She suddenly found herself in the middle of what she recognized could be a very hostile crowd, and the friendly blue and gold seemed miles away. She was about to get up when Tommy broke the eerie silence.

“Well, hi, Karen, how are ya’?”

Karen, startled, almost jumped out of her shoes. When she recognized Tommy, she was overcome with an overwhelming feeling of apprehension. She had heard the stories of Tommy’s retaliations of last term, and felt relieved when the school year had concluded without her participation in Tommy's dirty deeds . It was apparent now that her feeling of relief was premature.

“Uh, h-hi, Tommy, what are you doing?” She didn’t really need an answer. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

“It’s payback time, darling. I just wanted you to get an idea first hand of what you put me through a few years ago. In a moment I’m going to bring these people out of their state of rest. There’s no telling how they might react, but I think it’s a good bet that your little blue and gold dress will have to go.” The look of fear in Karen’s eyes gave Tommy a feeling of redemption.

“Tommy, please, I beg you, I’ll do anything you say. Please, Tommy, don’t do this to me.” Tommy had heard the desperate pleading before, and he was unaffected by it, except for the feeling of satisfaction he had from the knowledge that he had her under his power. He allowed her to beg for mercy for a while longer before starting time.

It took only about three seconds for the guy behind Karen to notice the anomaly. “Hey, what’s this?” he yelled threateningly. “What’s this girl doing here wearing blue and gold?”

All the Lincoln students within earshot were now staring at Karen, who started to make a panicky move to run away, but was roughly pushed back to her seat by a male student in front of her. Tommy decided to intervene before matters got too out of hand.

“Guys, guys, I think I may have a solution to this problem,” Tommy proposed. The rabid crowd momentarily settled, curious to hear what the young man had in mind. “I have a good feeling this pretty little cheerleader from Washington would be willing to trade her dress for your promise not to beat the shit out of her.”

This certainly appeased the Lincoln students while eliciting a look of trepidation from Karen. Tommy then reasoned with Karen. “You might as well face it, if you don’t take off your dress on your own, I’m sure these guys, and probably even some of the girls would be happy to remove it for you. And who knows what else they might do to you if you let them lay their hands on you. Now it’s up to you, but you might find that it works out better for you to strip down voluntarily.”

Karen, though near a state of panic, comprehended the hopelessness of her situation. One way or another, she would lose her dress. She might as well do it herself.

“Oh, God!” she cried out loud while reaching for the zipper at the top of her back. She clenched her eyes shut and lowered the zipper all the way down to the small of her back. The noise level from the crowd grew as they realized the pretty girl was actually going to strip.

"She's really gonna do it!" shouted one of the excited coeds.

“Oh, please, Tommy, I’m begging you, get me out of this! Please!”

“Keep going, you’re doing just fine,” the unsympathetic Tommy replied.

Resigned to her fate, to the delight of her most captive audience she reluctantly pulled the dress off her arms and let the top part of the outfit slip unimpeded to her lap, exposing a substantial chest, which was protected by a dark blue, lacy bra. The crowd was hooting and hollering now, and Karen leaned forward, staring at the ground with her arms clenched tightly over her chest. Her mortification was quite intense, and her blush extended from her forehead, down her neck, to the top of her breasts.

Tommy was sitting right next to her, just as he was when she mercilessly stripped him 3½ years before. Tommy cupped his hands around her right ear so she could hear him over the noise.

“Don’t stop now, darling, you’re putting on quite a show. Slip off your dress and give it to the guy behind you.”

Karen cringed, and to the glee of the cheering throng she lifted up her torso and pulled down her dress. She slipped it off her feet and halfheartedly handed it to the guy behind her, who proceeded to wave it high in the air before whirling it as far as he could. Karen watched in dismay as her dress landed far into the next section, and she realized hopelessly that she might never see it again. She was really feeling her nakedness now, as she sat there in a hunched over position, wearing only her bra with matching blue panties, white tennis shoes and white anklets.

Tommy, remembering the unbelievably horrible experience his current victim had put him through years before, planned on making the most of the moment. He put his arm around her back, leaned over and put his mouth to her ear.

“You’re looking pretty hot, sweetheart, but you’re still wearing the wrong colored uniform. Too bad you didn't put on your red or white underwear. I’m afraid you’re going to have to take everything off now.” Karen, now with tears dripping down her profusely blushing face, looked up pleadingly.

“Oh God, Tommy, can’t you see you’ve humiliated me enough? Please, stop this madness and get me out of here! Please!”

“In due time, my dear. In due time. But first you’re going to experience the humiliation of all humiliations: Public nudity, the forced variety. Your bra and panties, please.”

Tommy backed off and watched intently as the wretched, blubbering Karen reached behind her back for the hook of her bra. The noise level rose to a new decibel as the 17-year-old’s breasts were freed from their sanctuary. Karen leaned over with her chin on her knees as she covered each breast by crisscrossing her arms. Tommy snatched the bra from the tight clutches of her hands and threw it up to the appreciative crowd, where it was waved around like a trophy. Tommy again put his arm around his suffering victim, and leaned in to Karen’s ear, where he caught a most enjoyable glimpse of the tops of her naked breasts.

“You’re almost there, Karen darlin’. Now let's slip those panties off.”

Karen hesitated for a moment before doing Tommy’s bidding. Then, to the delight and amazement of the roaring mass, she grabbed the waistband of her panties and slid them down her thighs, her legs, and off her feet. Someone snatched the panties from her grasp and tossed them a few rows forward, where they were caught in the air by an outstretched hand. Karen’s humiliation was extreme as she leaned forward, clenching her breasts.


The relentless Tommy leaned forward and cupped his hands around his victim’s ear once again. “There’s no reason to be shy, sweetheart. Your audience adores you. Now sit up straight and put your hands behind your head.” The near- hysterical Karen complied, much to the enjoyment of her unbelieving audience.

Tommy wasn’t finished. He allowed Karen’s humiliation to continue for a few moments, and then gave her further instructions.

“Now I’d like you to get on your hands and knees on your seat, facing me.”

“Please Tommy, no! Oh God, please, I can’t take it any more!”

Tommy was merciless. “If you don’t do as I say right now I’ll stop time and handcuff you to one of the goalposts. With your hands above your head. Then I'll start it again, and all your friends will get to see you in all your glory. Now make your choice.”

The distraught Karen assumed the position Tommy had ordered. Hooting and catcalls ensued, as Karen created quite a sight on her hands and knees, her feminine charms on full display. She was face to face with her smiling tormentor, who was relentless in his psychological torture.

“Look me in the eyes, sweetheart.” She did so, and Tommy took pleasure in her look of panic and shame. “Tell me what you’re feeling right now, Karen,” offered Tommy. Karen simply whimpered without answering. “I’d really like to hear it in your own words, sweetie. Tell me how it feels to be naked on public display like this.” Tommy stroked Karen underneath her chin as he spoke. Karen answered, hoping it would help speed up an end to her miserable situation.

“It’s…it’s embarrassing,” was all she could muster.

“Embarrassing?” countered Tommy. “More like ‘humiliating,’ don’t you think? Completely and utterly humiliating. Say it.”

Karen responded, “Completely and utterly humiliating! Please, oh God, Tommy, find my clothes! Please!”

Karen felt a hand from one of the Lincoln students stroking her naked backside, and she was really panicking now. Tommy was temporarily satisfied, but he had one more debasement in mind for the wretched cheerleader.

He stopped time again for everybody but Karen so he could talk to her without yelling above the noise. He turned and straddled his bleacher seat, facing his hapless victim. He told her there was one last thing he wanted her to do, and that he would not put an end to her ordeal until she complied. Karen could be seen shaking her head vigorously back and forth, imploring “Please, no!” and "Oh, I can't do that!" but it was evident her tormentor would be unrelenting. If anybody else in the stadium was not in the stop mode, they would have seen a fully-clothed young man taking a naked young lady by the hand and leading her from one side of the field to the other. The young man was smiling brightly, while the pretty female had a very red face and a look of utter fear. When she reached the other side she could be seen picking up two pompons, one blue and one gold.

Tommy started time for the bandleader, who was a friend of his. He spoke to him, and they shared a laugh. Tommy took a seat in the middle of the stands, a couple of rows behind the cheerleaders. Karen stood alone on the track, naked but for shoes and anklets. The gold pompon covered her breasts and the blue one her crotch.

“Are you ready, darling?” yelled Tommy.

Karen, a beaten young lady, stared at the ground and nodded. Her sense of dread for what she was about to be forced to do was unfathomable.

“Okay, Ron,” Tommy called to the bandleader. “Help me with the countdown. Ready, TEN! Karen, hold those pompons high above your head. NINE! That’s a great look, sweetheart, they’ll love your tits. Spread those legs out a little more. EIGHT! That’s it, we can see your pussy now. SEVEN! SIX! Almost show time, Karen darlin’. You’d better be good, or I’ll leave you by yourself with the Lincoln crowd. FIVE! FOUR! Oh yeah, you look hot! THREE! TWO! ONE! Okay, sweetheart, you’re on! Enjoy the show, everybody!” yelled Tommy. He started time.

Ron waved his arms and the band began playing the school fight song. Karen started into her number. Somebody immediately yelled out, “Hey look, she’s naked!” The buzzing from the stands continued to mount, and somebody else yelled out, “Oh, my God, that’s Karen!” The band played on and Karen jumped up and down, waving her pompons back and forth. Her breasts were bouncing around wildly, out of control. She obeyed Tommy’s command and performed her number to the hilt. At one point, she hopped on one foot and kicked her opposite leg up and down, creating quite a provocative sight. She turned around and shook her hips, giving her audience a stimulating view of her curvaceous backside, much to their absolute amazement and glee. Of course, she was mortified beyond comprehension.

Finally, the band finished the number, and Karen, her humiliation absolute, could endure no more. With one pompon over her chest and the other over her sex, she made a beeline down the track, threatening Washington High’s record for the 440. She continued past the track and ran straight through the open gate, never breaking her stride. As Tommy watched her naked, bouncing cheeks disappear into the night he sat back, quite gratified now that he had exacted vengeance on yet another of his tormentors. He settled back to watch the second half, grinning widely to himself as he recounted the evening’s extraordinary events.

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