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Chapter 10: Carlene's Frenzied Flight
Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:33pm

Carlene laid gloomily on her bed in her dorm room. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend. Carlene appreciated the solitude, but she really needed to talk to someone. She called her friend Paula.

"Carlene," answered Paula. "How are you doing?"

"Well, I've been better."

"Uh oh," retorted a concerned Paula. It was unusual for the normally chipper Carlene to sound downcast.

"He got me," was all she could temporarily muster.

"Who?" Then it dawned on her. "Tommy? Say it's not him."

"It was him. Do you have a few moments? I haven't told anybody about this, and I need to talk about it with someone. It might be cathartic for me."

"Oh, gosh, of course!" said her friend. "Oh, I'm so sorry. What did he do to you?"

Carlene took a deep breath. "Well here goes. I flew back here last Sunday afternoon. I was at the airport. I had been really worried that he would do something while I was back home, so I stayed home pretty much the rest of the week after what happened at the restaurant."

Paula needed no reminder of her awful experience at the restaurant. "Oh my God, did he go all the way to your school?"

"No...I'll tell you. Once I got to the airport I figured I was home free. And then..." her voice tailed off.

"Take your time, Carlene. I know it's hard. I still have trouble talking about that night."

"Okay. Well, first off, I can tell you that you and Ginger were right. He has supernatural powers."

"Shit! I knew it!"

"It's crazy. The guy actually can stop time. That's what he did when he took all your blouses and bras off. Then he starts it again, and it's like you were right where you left off, except...."

"Except we were naked from the waist up," interrupted Paula.

"Exactly. Can you believe this? It's nuts!"

"It's surreal. Preposterous! I can't believe it's even possible."

"Well, it is, that I can assure you," said a convinced Carlene.

" what did he do?"

Carlene took another deep breath. "So I'm at the airport. I got there a couple of hours early, just because I was so anxious to get out of Dodge and be free from him. I was standing in the long security line, and then, the next thing I knew..." Again, her voice trailed off.

"No, don' tell me!" exclaimed an animated Paula.

"No, he didn't strip me. Well, I take that back, he did, because the next thing I knew I was standing there wearing just my volleyball uniform."


"Yeah, no shit! It was the weirdest sensation. Oh, and it was just the sports bra and bikini bottom, like the ones we would wear when we played beach volleyball. And he took my shoes and socks, too, so I'm standing there barefoot."

"Oh, my God!" shouted Paula. "You poor thing!"

"I know. I mean, normally I would be fine wearing that in the proper setting, but at the airport, with all those people around? It was the most embarrassed I'd ever been in my entire life. Think about it. I'm over six feet tall, so I stand out anyway, but then? My face felt like it was on fire!"

"I can imagine! So what did you do?"

"Well, that's the thing. My first thought was to grab my bag and make a run for it to the ladies room. But then I figured that would bring even more attention to myself, so I started to reach into my bag for a pair of jeans."

"Yes, probably the best way to go. Jeez."

"But there was a bright pink piece of paper sitting on my bag. He left a note."

"Him and his f*cking notes!"

"Oh, it wasn't the last note I got that day. Anyway, it said....hold on, I saved them. Don't ask me why." There was silence while Carlene grabbed several pieces of bright pink paper from the bottom of her underwear drawer. "It said, 'Don't even THINK about covering up. I want you to get on your flight as you are. Any effort to cover up and you will immediately find yourself bare-assed naked.

By the way, I hope you like the color of this paper. I picked it out myself, figuring it would match the color of your face right now. Love, Tommy
'. That was it."

"So you had to go through security dressed like that?"

"I did. I mean, what else could I do? It was awful, Paula. It took forever, and everyone, I mean everyone was staring at me. Guys were grinning and leering at me. The TSAs were having the time of their lives. And my face was beet red, so I'm sure it was obvious to everyone that I was embarrassed, which made it even worse. They had to be thinking, 'Why is she dressed like that if she's so embarrassed by it?' Oh, Paula, I'm turning red right now just talking about it."

"Oh, you poor dear. I know the feeling, trust me."

"It gets worse. I still had an hour and a half until my flight, so I wanted to duck into a bathroom until it was time to board. But as I was entering the bathroom, I suddenly was no longer holding my bag. It was off to the side against the wall and it had another note. Same bright pink paper."

"Oh, jeez. What did it say?"

"Here it is: 'If you have to pee, go ahead. I'll give you three minutes. Then you are to proceed to your gate, take a seat and wait for your flight.' Anyway, I didn't have to pee, but three minutes in a stall by myself was better than nothing, so I did that. Then I had to take the long walk to the gate, with everybody staring. Some people stopped and took pictures of me. And there was even a group of young college guys that started following me."

"How awful, Carlene. So you had to get on your flight like that?"

"Yes, but there's more. I'm sitting in a seat in the waiting area at the gate. Oh, and it was cold. I had goose bumps all over me. Anyway, I'm acting like I'm reading a book, even though I didn't digest a word. Next thing I know there is another note on my lap. I looked around, but I couldn't see the little f*cker. I know he was looming somewhere."

"What, pray tell, did the note say?" asked Paula. Though she sincerely felt for her cohort, the mind-boggling tale had her rapt attention.

"Well, it was a long note, so I won't read you the whole thing. But I told you about those college guys that were following me. There were four of them, and they had been standing over by a pillar, pretty much staring at me the whole time I was sitting there. Anyway, the note told me to go over there and engage them. He told me exactly what I had to say. It wasn't good. It said I had to show my tits to them and count one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi before I could cover up."

"Oh, my God! Did you do it?" asked Paula anxiously.

"Well, at first I couldn't. I just couldn't. I started to get up, but I looked over there and I couldn't bring myself to go over there."

"I don't blame you! So what happened next? Did you get another note?"

"No, it was worse. I was suddenly completely naked. It only lasted for a split second and then I had the volleyball uni on again. It was so fast I don't think anyone saw it."

"Holy shit. I guess you got the message."

"Loud and clear. I mean, if I didn't do what he said I'm sure I'd be naked again, only this time for longer. So I forced myself to get up and walk over there and said exactly what he told me to say."

"Which was?" Carlene didn't know it, but Paula, to her surprise, was becoming somewhat titillated by Carlene's account. She would have thought after her own experience that she would be troubled by Carlene's travails, but in fact it seemed to have the opposite effect.

"I said, 'I saw you guys staring at me. Just so you know, I am very embarrassed by the way I'm dressed. This is not my choice. I am being punished for being a bad girl.' It was awful, Paula. My face was burning, and I couldn't look them in the eyes. I was staring straight down. Then I had to say, 'Part of my punishment is that I have to show you my breasts. Would you guys mind?'"

"Get out! I'm guessing they wouldn't mind," said Paula, actually stifling a giggle.

"No, of course not. I lifted the sports bra up to my neck and counted to three like he said."

"No! Those three seconds must have felt like an eternity."

"Ohhh, it was awful, Paula. They were staring at my chest with these shit-eating grins on their faces. They were so dumbfounded by their good fortune, they didn't know what to say. Although one guy snapped a picture just before I lowered my top."

"Oh, Carlene...."

"I know. Thank God they weren't on my flight."

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